SOE Live 2013 Schedule Update! EQNext, EQ2 Panels Named

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Although vague, we now have a little more info about the EQNext and EQ2 panels at this year’s SOE Live convention. Dexella has posted an update to the SOE Live 2013 Schedule which moves the Maxwell Drake panel, as well as adding names for the EQ2 and EQNext panels…

First up, EverQuest II will have panels about the game’s 10th Expansion, Mechanics (Systems), Itemization, Art & Animation, an informal Coding & YOU! panel (ie the Geek panel), and more, as well as two panels that allow players to test a new Secret feature:

The EQ II team will be doing a full reveal on the new secret project that they’ve been working on for the Expansion. Developers will be showing off a currently unannounced feature, and gathering feedback from folks who have had a chance to play during one of the open play sessions. If you’re an EverQuest II player, you don’t want to miss this one!

EQ2U and Dragon’s Armory are proud to be presenting the first EverQuest II panel of the weekend (right after the EQNext reveal!) about our sites, unveil some new features, and talk about our plans for the future!

Speaking of EverQuest Next, it will have panels for Showing Off Your Creativity, Classes, Lore, Q&A part one, Q&A part two, as well as an unknown panel on Sunday at 1pm. This is, of course, in addition to Friday morning’s two hour worldwide reveal of EverQuest Next starting at 11am.

With so many panels overlapping, and the EverQuest II Q&A panel taking place on Sunday after I’ve already left, time travel technology and/or human cloning can’t be invented soon enough.


SOE Live: Last Chance Live Cast!

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From the Community site:

SOE Webcast Banner

SOE Live! It’s the event of the year, our annual family gathering, and we can’t wait to see you!  Linda “Brasse” Carlson (Director of Global Community Relations) and Jen Belfield (Marketing Services Director) plan to talk about the schedule, the pool party, tournaments, the Costume Contest, the Player Got Talent event, and so much more!  They will also share details on how to connect with us during the event via social media and our livestream channels!

Join us on Thursday, July 11, 2013, at 5:30 p.m. PDT (8:30pm EDT, 1:30am BST, 2:30am CET) on Twitch TV! This webcast is expected to last about 20 minutes.

This is your last chance to see us live before SOE Live!

SOE Player Direct: Get your Youtube and Twitch Videos Featured by SOE!

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From Player Studio, to Census-driven player sites like EQ2U and Dragon’s Armory, to the player-made content we’ll be able to create in EQNext using tools from StoryBricks, SOE is showing an increasing interest in player-made content and fan sites. And now, they want to do the same thing with player-made videos!



We have long admired the videos that our players have made. Some make us giggle, some make us proud, and some make us just stare in open-jawed amazement. in short, you guys have become terrific video directors.

We just can’t get enough – literally – we come across most of your SOE Game videos while randomly surfing the web, by accident. We want to celebrate your work, on purpose! Enter, SOE Player Direct!

We made a cool logo. We set up a special page, and an email address for submissions and questions. All we need now are more of YOUR VIDEOS!

EverQuest II: Super Secret Testing Feedback Panels on Fri, Sat, and Sun

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There have been some changes to the SOE Live 2013 schedule, including some reshuffling of LoN, DCUO, and Dragon’s Prophet panels. Most notably, the addition of 3 2 new panels:

  • Friday 5-6pm — EverQuest II: Super Secret Testing Session 1
  • Saturday 2-6pm — EverQuest II: Super Secret Testing
  • Sunday Noon-1pm — EverQuest II: Super Secret Testing Feedback Panel

SOE Live 2013: Have you Picked your Panels?

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When the SOE Live 2013 schedule was released, I started reading. And reading. Before long, shock set in. Two hours later, I was discovered in the fetal position, mumbling something about sleep and time paradoxes. Despite consultation with a number of scholars, including Dr. Samuel Beckett, Dr. Emmett L. Brown, and the Doctor, as well as consulting the writings of Ray Bradbury, Mrs. Helena Wells, and so forth, I am no closer to a solution to attend ALL of the EverQuest II and EverQuest Next panels. However, I will make every effort.

One panel I certainly won’t miss is the “EQ2U & Dragon’s Armory – Leveraging EQII Data Feeds” panel hosted by Dedith of Dragon’s Armory and myself. I’m proud to say that our little panel was called out not only on the SOE Live Blog, but on the EQ2 Forums!

Gather your guildmates, divide up the roles, and get ready for a seriously epic encounter. No, it’s not a raid: it’s the sheer volume of awesome panels just announced for SOE Live 2013. With this much must-see content, you’re going to have to divide and conquer to make sure you get all the juicy details!

Full panel descriptions are still in the works, but based on these titles, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few of your options:

For the Norrathians: Players of EverQuest and EverQuest 2 have a lot of enticing choices this year. Be the first to learn about the newest content at the EverQuest and EverQuest II: Expansion panels happening on Friday. For those interested in game mechanics, EverQuest II Tradeskills & PvP and the EQ2U & Dragon’s Armory – Leveraging EQII Data Feeds player panel both sound intriguing. For the crafters, there’s the EQ/EQII Crafting & the SC Marketplace player panel. Those who want to boost their RL crafting skills should pre-register for Metal Embossing with Brasse: So Easy an Elfink Can Do It.

For everyone: Admit it, you’re curious about EverQuest Next. No matter which SOE game you call home, get a front row seat to gaming history at the EverQuest Franchise Keynote Address on Friday morning. Various EQN panels are scheduled throughout the weekend, but SOE is keeping the topics secret for now, so keep an eye out for updates after the big reveal.

For a complete list of panels, check out the SOE Live Lineup page and start making your schedule today!

SOE Live Schedule with Developer and Player Panels is Now Posted!

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The time has arrived at last. The SOE Live 2013 schedule including all the events, announcements, official Developer, AND Player Panels has been released.

New Venue, Player Panels, No Problem!

Not only is SOE Live taking up a new venue this year at Planet Hollywood (SOE Community and Events team folks were in Vegas this week enduring 117°F/47.2°C temperatures to scope the place out and ensure that the events go smoothly), but this year is only the second year of the highly popular Player-run Panels. Not only is SOE Live unveiling a totally new game — EverQuest Next — but organizing these Player Panels so that they do not overlap Developer panels that those same players absolutely cannot miss is like a jigsaw puzzle inside a Rubik’s Cube.

I will once again be hosting a Data panel to talk about EQ2U, and I am proud to share the stage with Dedith who will be talking about his site Dragon’s Armory. We are both feverishly working on new features for our sites as well as collaborating on a feature which will hopefully blow everyone’s socks off!

EverQuest II and EverQuest Next

EverQuest II will, of course, be talking in depth about its 10th expansion coming this fall which should have some very interesting announcements for all play styles.

EverQuest Next has been a complete mystery, other than the 11:00am reveal which we’ve been told to expect on Friday, August 2nd, we didn’t know until today how many panels we might expect. The Events team have worked hard to try to mix up EQ, EQ2, and EQN panels so that even players of all 3 will be able to get something from all of them, but conflicts were inevitable. We don’t know the names of the EQN panels, but now we know there will be a whopping SEVEN of them.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the SOE Live 2013 Schedule and start putting together your own personal list of the panels for your favorite games!

Game Update 67: Darkness Dawns — July 30th

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From the EQ2 Forums:

We are pleased to announce our next Game Update titled “Darkness Dawns” coming on July 30! For our 67th game update we have great stuff in store for you!

We are really excited about a new story quest line that will pick up from our last game update in April (GU66: Scars of the Awakened). We can tell you that there is an EPIC event brewing in Cobalt Scar that could turn the world on its head and YOU are the catalyst.

SPOILER: At the end of GU66, players uncovered an artifact of power — a Tear of Veeshan — that will lead into the story quest line in Darkness Dawns. The events you will experience are jaw-dropping and the team has been pouring its energy and passion into making this very special — from art to dialogue. You, our hero, will be central to the story that will change the world!

Here are some of the features we have lined up for Darkness Dawns!

SOE Live Recruiter Program — Earn a Free Trip to SOE Live

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The Early Bird special on SOE Live tickets is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a discount, or even a free ticket, hotel, or even airfare! The SOE Live Recruiter program is a great way for guilds to send members of their guild who want to go but just don’t have the finances to, as well as a great way for EQ2 players to support Fan Sites.

From Brasse’s Blog on the SOE Live site:

How to Win Friends and Influence People…And Get To SOE LIVE for FREE!

by Brasse

Over the next few days, you will see some guild leaders, fan site operators and prominent members of the SOE community posting about a mysterious discount code for SOE Live. Maybe you missed the Early Bird pricing, but with your Recruiter friend’s special discount you’ll get $20 off the current badge price, so you still win!

Waaaaaiiiiit a minute… what’s in it for the Recruiter? I am SO glad you asked… because now you’re going to want to be one too! NO problem, just email us and tell us your name, character name, guild, primary SOE game, and how many friends you plan to push, pull, or drag to the event with you: [email protected] Please put RECRUITER in the subject line so that it does not get lost in the daily email avalanche!

Please read the OFFICIAL RULES HERE. I am not kidding – you need to read these. Now!

SOE Live Player Panel Submissions Open until May 31st

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Calling All Player Panelist Hopefuls!

SOE LIVE Player Panel submissions are OPEN!

The biggest hit of SOE Live last year was the inclusion of player panels for the first time. We loved ’em, YOU loved ’em, and they’ll be back for 2013! We’ll have panels on Friday, Saturday, and now Sunday as well!

We are looking for panels on any subject that will be of interest to SOE Live attendees. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Managing a Guild
  • Guild Leaders Support Group
  • How to run a raid without losing your mind
  • L337 gameplay tactics (in any SOE game!)
  • How to win in PvP
  • Roleplay in the 21st century
  • Running an in-game event
  • Cosplay tips and tricks
  • Why SKs are overpowered (just kidding!)
  • Player Studio
  • Fan Sites
  • Livestreaming – how to!
  • Making videos
  • Fan Art and/or Fan Fiction
  • Mastering the art of… ?
  • Another amazing topic that we’ve never thought of!

SOE Live Registration Opens!

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It’s official! SOE Live 2013 Registration is now OPEN!

SOE Live Gains a Few Hours

The planned events will sound familiar to SOE Live/Fan Faire veterans, but the schedule is a bit different.

The popular Player Panels are returning this year. But due to their popularity, and how crunched for time the devs have been in years past trying to squeeze everything in, you’ll notice that SOE Live activities will spill out well into Sunday afternoon this year, with Developer and Player Panels stretching until 2pm. I’m booked to fly out at 12:30pm so hopefully there aren’t any crucial panels I will miss. As it is, I’ll have to duck out of the Dev Brunch early to hail a cab.

Give it a Rest!

It looks like SOE listened to us about the dueling Keynotes last year which meant that we were busy with activities on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday night, so the second Keynote has been pushed to Friday morning. Friday evening we have from 5pm-8pm completely free before the Pool Party starts.

SOE Live Moves to Planet Hollywood

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If you didn’t immediately rush to Google Planet Hollywood and explore their website when the new venue was announced for SOE Live 2013, well, SOE has put together some facts about this year’s locale…

From the EQ2 Forums:

Join us this summer at our new SOE Live venue – Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas! Here are some highlights about our new home for these four fun-filled days in August:

  • The Pleasure PoolOur annual pool party will be taking place at Planet Hollywood’s pool, “The Pleasure Pool,” located on a sixth-floor rooftop! The pool area offers breathtaking views of the Las Vegas strip, including sights of the famous Bellagio fountains, located across the street.
  • Miracle Mile ShopsPlanet Hollywood is connected to the Miracle Mile of Shops, a grand shopping experience with a variety of stores and dining options, as well as live shows in the V Theater.
  • Convention Area + CasinoThe main convention area, where SOE Live will be held, is closely integrated with the casino area of the resort, so guests will be able to be part of the Vegas action while still staying close to SOE Live events!
  • Central Strip Location Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino is centrally located on the Las Vegas strip, which makes visiting other nearby hotels, restaurants, and attractions easy for all guests!

Upcoming Webcast: EQ2 Scars of the Awakened & SOE Live Registration to Open

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From the Station forums:

On Thursday, April 25, 2013 we have two exciting webcasts scheduled for you:

4:00pm — EQ2 Scars of the Awakened and More!

4:30pm — SOE Live Registration Opens!

Our first broadcast is at 4 PM! We’re just a few days away from the launch of EverQuest II’s 66th game update, Scars of the Awakened! Host and EverQuest II Producer Holly “Windstalker” Longdale will interview Akil “Lyndro” Hooper (Creative Director), Tim “Haohmaru” Heydelaar (Art Director), and Dave “Maevianiu” Kish (Senior Programmer) to share a few final details about “Scars,” as well as talk about what else the EQ2 team will be working on next! Have a question for the team? Make sure you share it on the EverQuest II forums!

Then at 4:30, you’ve been asking us for months and now we’ve got it for you… registration is opening for SOE Live! Brasse will chat with Jen Belfield (Marketing Services Director) and Casey Roberts (Marketing Services and Events Specialist) to give you the details on registration, tournaments, panels, Live Quests, in-game items, the Keynotes, and MORE! Do you have SOE Live questions for the gals? We’ve got a place for you to ask them.

Join us on Thursday, April 25, 2013, at 4:00 p.m and 4:30 p.m. US Pacific Time* on Twitch TV! These webcasts are expected to last about 20 minutes each.

SOE Live Video Contest: Win a Trip to Vegas

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If you’re still on the fence about SOE Live, or just haven’t made all your arrangements yet, have you considered making a short video about your preparations for the event?


SOE Live is just around the corner. What are you looking forward to? How are you preparing for it? How do you spend your time once you’re there? Whether you’re a first-time attendee or a seasoned veteran, share your best conference “survival tips” in a short video, and you may be chosen to win a trip to SOE Live!

Video Assignment:

  • Come up with an original idea for a video about how you plan to prepare for or participate at SOE Live. This can be in-game, out-of-game, or a combination. You can make it funny or serious — whatever you want it to be! Just make it your own, and make it stand out!
  • If you’ve never attended SOE Live, you can still participate! Your video can also focus on general travel or convention attendance tips.
  • Create a 30-second video showcasing your “Survival Tips” for SOE Live.

Read more about this Video Contest.

Alas, I’d make such a video but it would consist of searching the house for all my camera batteries, chargers, cables, accessories, etc.

Scars of the Awakened Raid Beta FAQ

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From Gninja on the EQ2 Forums:

Just thought I would drop a few notes in here before everyone starts asking.

Q: How can I access the new raid zones?
A: The raid content in this update is closed beta. You will not be able to access this content as general population.

Q: How can I join the closed beta?
A: Feel free to shoot myself or one of the other developers a private message on what sort of raid content you would like to test and what you can offer in terms of times and players/classes. If we feel you are good fit we will extend the invite. Keep in mind not everyone will be accepted.

Q: Are the any X2 zones in this update?
A: Short answer, no. Long answer, There are two contested X2 encounters out in Cobalt Scar but no full X2 zones.

UPDATE from Gninja on why Siren’s Grotto Raid Beta Testing is private, and a count of the number of names within the zone:

There are 7 main bosses and 2 sub bosses. Yes trash drops loot. The zone buff packages are tougher then normal mode stuff in CoE all the way up to hardest in game for the challenge mode (of which there are 3) We are limiting this to invite only because we do not want folks in there just learning the fights. Instead we will be testing the different aspects of the fights with different guilds to make sure everything is working.


SOE Live: Caesars Hotels Tack on $20/night Fee After March 1

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If you are attending SOE Live this summer (August 1-4, 2013 @ Planet Hollywood Las Vegas) and haven’t booked your room yet, there’s another reason to book early.

It looks like Caesars Entertainment wants to do their part to sabotage the economic recovery in Vegas by tacking on $15-25 extra Convenience Fees PER NIGHT on all of their hotels.  They claim that these fees will include internet access (wired only), a daily newspaper (25 cents), the printing of boarding passes (doesn’t everyone just use the airport kiosks or show their e-mailed pass to the person at the gate?), and local phone calls (I don’t even).

Brasse Talks New Venue, Returning Events, Player Panels, and More

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Today, along with the Press Release announcing SOE Live, we saw the first blog post by Linda “Brasse” Carlson about the new venue, some of the reasons why it was selected, and things we can look forward to improving and returning such as the Bazaar “phat loot” store and Player Panels.

HURRAH! SOE Live 2013 planning is underway! We will release regular updates every month, or even more often as we get closer to the event. Tell us what you want to know about on our forums, on Twitter (@SonyOnline) and on Facebook – we’ll get you the answers.

SOE Live is an unparalleled opportunity to exchange information and ideas with all of you and it’s just plain FUN – a weird and crazy sort of family reunion every year, each better than the last.

We warmly invite all players of our SOE games, but we’d love to have former players as well, whether you want to meet up with guildies or simply check out what’s going on with your old game. Bring along people who have not played our games yet – your extended friends and family are equally welcome to attend! This event is truly a “the more the merrier” gathering.

Kids will get in free again this year, so bring them along!

SOE Live 2013 Announced — August 1-4th @ Planet Hollywood

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News of the new dates and venue for SOE Live 2013 leaked due to a file being pushed early by the SOE Web Team, but now we have an official Press Release from SOE:

SAN DIEGO – Feb. 6, 2013 – Sony Online Entertainment, LLC (SOE) today announced that its annual community fan event, SOE Live, will take place at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino inLas Vegas on Aug. 1 – Aug. 4, 2013. An annual SOE-sponsored event, SOE Live is set to be the ultimate gathering for the SOE community, and provides players an opportunity to celebrate their favorite free-to-play SOE games, including: DC Universe OnlineDragon’s Prophet™EverQuest®,EverQuest® II, Free Realms®, PlanetSide®2, PoxNora®, Star Wars®: Clone Wars Adventures™, Vanguard® Saga of Heroes, and a first look at the next game in the EverQuest franchise.

SOE is also playing up the first glance at EQNext with this banner image:

The Press Release continues after the jump…

SOE Live 2013 @ Planet Hollywood August 1-4

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So after we posted Brasse’s tweets about SOE Live news coming next week, some astute readers checked out the SOE Live webpage and discovered the venue and date had already been posted.

I’ve done some quick research reading reviews of Planet Hollywood online and while reviews typically trend towards the negative (most people who have a great experience don’t post about it), I saw the same type of comments enough times to warrant mentioning them.

  • Pro: Centrally located
  • Pro: Has a great view of the Strip
  • Pro: Easily accessible to Paris and Bellagio. Has decent restaurants inside.
  • Con: Rooms have not all been well maintained, specifically the linens.
  • Con: Rooms are substantially smaller than the cavernous Bally’s rooms.
  • Con: Casino is just average, and scantily-clad table dancers on the casino floor may be off-putting.
  • Con: At normal rates, WiFi is a heart-stopping $13.99 PER DAY PER DEVICE. For a laptop and phone that’s $160 $112 for 4 days.

Of course Bally’s had its problems too which led to SOE seeking greener pastures. The choice of convention dates were very limited, and it was rather uncool for some of the conference rooms to be bumped due to another event. The food at the Banquet was atrocious (ice cold hot dogs, burgers, and fried chicken). The sound quality at the venues was so bad that it led John Smedley to curse them out while on stage. The WiFi was only slightly less expensive — $11.99 per device per day. Thank Bristlebane for LTE.

We’ll have to see what the negotiated pricing is. The full price is $169 for Fri and Saturday nights.

SOE Live Hints — New Hotel, Not October, Danicia Leaves SOE

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It seems like we just left Vegas and already it’s time to start talking about this year’s event…

Also it looks like SOE Live will be operating without Community Manager Donna “Danicia” Prior who was heavily involved in planning the 2012 event. And because people seem to think I make things up:

SOE Live Video: “Making Data Sexah” aka the EQ2U Data Feeds Panel

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Dethdlr and I were very fortunate to make it to SOE Live this year and further, to present a panel on EQ2U, including the new Achievements feature, and talk a bit about what went into creating this site, what we plan for the future, and how SOE is going to shortly be burying us in a lot more data. 😉

The panel starts with Clif Bate, Director of Commerce Services & Web Presence, and Morgan Bonar Lead Web Developer and Web Producer, PlanetSide 2, and then at the 20 minute mark, we get to the EQ2U bits.

Chains of Eternity: CE Wyvern Mount & SOE Live Upgrade Price Break

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From Holly “Windstalker” Longdale‘s twitter:

We are excited to announce we’re adding an amazing Ethernere wyvern mount to the CoE Collector’s Edition!

and for SOE Live attendees who have been justifiably balking at the $50 upsell to get the Chains of Eternity: Collector’s Edition, it looks like there may be some movement on that price:

Also, our Community and Marketing team has exciting announcement coming this afternoon for SOE Live folks looking to upgrade CoE…

Glad to see these two changes based on player feedback.

UPDATE: Chains of Eternity: Collector’s Edition is now a $20 upgrade for SOE Live attendees.

From Dexella on the EQ2 Forums:

SOE Live attendees will be able to upgrade to a Collector’s Edition for $20.00 (or foreign currency equivalent). Please complete the pre-order purchase flow as normal; you will see the reduced price once your credit card is charged. You must pre-order the Collector’s Edition on the same account you registered for SOE Live with and you must pre-order before the deadline at 11:59 pm on November 12th.

EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity CE Items, AoD, and SOE Live

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When the Chains of Eternity expansion was announced, the Collector’s Edition goodies were revealed to include Krivix Honorclaw, a Werewolf Mercenary, a healer. Then at SOE Live, players suggested that it would be great to have a choice of healer or tank for the CE, and so the decision was made on the spot to offer a choice of Paladin or Templar for each person who claims the merc.

Today, Holly “Windstalkertweeted a screenshot of Krivok Honorclaw the Templar, who is a new Werewolf-like race, the Lujien:

Krono In-Game Currency Going Live Today!

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If you watched the SOE Live Keynote/Welcome Reception, or read our notes, you know that today October 29th is the day that Krono are being added to EQ2. This Plex-like currency allows players to trade platinum for a 30-day All Access Subscription (a $17.99 value).

At the Business of EverQuest Franchise panel (read our notes), Dave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson indicated that this new currency would be a safer option for players to bypass the whole nail-biting “handoff” associated with the current SC-for-Plat trading scheme. It would also help cut out gold farmers and fraud.

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