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The Early Bird special on SOE Live tickets is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still get a discount, or even a free ticket, hotel, or even airfare! The SOE Live Recruiter program is a great way for guilds to send members of their guild who want to go but just don’t have the finances to, as well as a great way for EQ2 players to support Fan Sites.

From Brasse’s Blog on the SOE Live site:

How to Win Friends and Influence People…And Get To SOE LIVE for FREE!

by Brasse

Over the next few days, you will see some guild leaders, fan site operators and prominent members of the SOE community posting about a mysterious discount code for SOE Live. Maybe you missed the Early Bird pricing, but with your Recruiter friend’s special discount you’ll get $20 off the current badge price, so you still win!

Waaaaaiiiiit a minute… what’s in it for the Recruiter? I am SO glad you asked… because now you’re going to want to be one too! NO problem, just email us and tell us your name, character name, guild, primary SOE game, and how many friends you plan to push, pull, or drag to the event with you: [email protected] Please put RECRUITER in the subject line so that it does not get lost in the daily email avalanche!

Please read the OFFICIAL RULES HERE. I am not kidding – you need to read these. Now!

Who can become a Recruiter?

Any SOE game guild/outfit/league leader, non-profit fan site operator, or a completely ordinary mortal who wants to organize a drive.

You can even organize recruitment to benefit a worthy friend or guildmate who might not otherwise be able to attend! We know you guys do this every year anyway, and this may help!~ When you reach an award level, just tell us whom to assign it to.

How it works:
The program runs from 12:01 am May 24, 2013 to 11:59pm on Friday, June 28th, 2013.

Every Recruiter code can be used for 100 discounted registrations, so give them out wisely! When your recruit registers for SOE Live with the code, it will be tracked under your code and they will receive a $20 discount off the total price.

What you can earn:

First 5 recruited:

  • Free All Access Pass (worth $149 at regular price) – does NOT include the Dev Brunch

For every 15 people recruited:

  • Free Hotel Stay at Planet Hollywood for Thurs/Fri/Sat (8/1 – 8/3), worth $337/plus tax

For every 25 people recruited:

  • Free flight within the continental US (SOE will book all flights) – this DOES restrict the award to the contiguous US states only – sorry AK, HI and all points abroad! If you’ve already booked your flight and earn this reward, email us at [email protected] and we’ll talk.
  • If you recruit 50 people, that’s two free trips. At 65 recruits, two free trips and a spare hotel room. For 75 recruits, three free trips! Sign up 100 folks and earnFOUR free trips! Yes, this is for real – Dwarf’s honor!

SIGN ME UP you say! Again, email us at soelive(at) with RECRUITER in the subject line, tell us your name, character name, guild, main SOE game and how many people you hope to recruit.

SOE Live is going to be a big event. We’ve already exceeded the number of registrations at this stage over previous years, and we hope to see even more of there!

Questions? Send them to the same email addy: soelive(at) or follow @Brasse and poke me on Twitter! SEE YOU AT SOE LIVE!

Yer loyal Dwarf,

and yes, I created that image when I first heard about this program and graciously provided to SOE (once I got over the shock that someone might share my twisted sense of humor!).

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Comments (6)

  • Vortix


    That’s a nice ass you got there. Does it come with junk in the trunk? ^^


  • Striinger


    Hrm. Is this an indicator that registrations may be a little short of their targets this year?
    More Eq2 peeps must sign up now. Where IS Fuzzy? I forgot to harass him again yesterday.


  • Landiin


    People are just having hard times these days, no surprise attendances is down if it actually is.


    • Feldon


      About 2/3 of SOE Live signups do so after Early Bird. I think they’d like to shift that number a bit.


  • Wanda_Clamshucker


    The only reason I’d go would be to hear the EQN release in person. Well, and maybe to push SJ into the pool. Seriously though, I guess I am more excited about the reveal than I thought. I hope it blows my mind with its amazingness.


  • Trueflight


    I considered going for the EQN info, but I can get it from live feeds at home and save a few thousand $. If the news is promising, Zan and I might get back into EQ and possible attend next year. the only way I can see one or both of us going this year would be if some kind soul paid for us to go (and the chances of that are rather slim).


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