SOE Live 2013: Have you Picked your Panels?

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When the SOE Live 2013 schedule was released, I started reading. And reading. Before long, shock set in. Two hours later, I was discovered in the fetal position, mumbling something about sleep and time paradoxes. Despite consultation with a number of scholars, including Dr. Samuel Beckett, Dr. Emmett L. Brown, and the Doctor, as well as consulting the writings of Ray Bradbury, Mrs. Helena Wells, and so forth, I am no closer to a solution to attend ALL of the EverQuest II and EverQuest Next panels. However, I will make every effort.

One panel I certainly won’t miss is the “EQ2U & Dragon’s Armory – Leveraging EQII Data Feeds” panel hosted by Dedith of Dragon’s Armory and myself. I’m proud to say that our little panel was called out not only on the SOE Live Blog, but on the EQ2 Forums!

Gather your guildmates, divide up the roles, and get ready for a seriously epic encounter. No, it’s not a raid: it’s the sheer volume of awesome panels just announced for SOE Live 2013. With this much must-see content, you’re going to have to divide and conquer to make sure you get all the juicy details!

Full panel descriptions are still in the works, but based on these titles, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few of your options:

For the Norrathians: Players of EverQuest and EverQuest 2 have a lot of enticing choices this year. Be the first to learn about the newest content at the EverQuest and EverQuest II: Expansion panels happening on Friday. For those interested in game mechanics, EverQuest II Tradeskills & PvP and the EQ2U & Dragon’s Armory – Leveraging EQII Data Feeds player panel both sound intriguing. For the crafters, there’s the EQ/EQII Crafting & the SC Marketplace player panel. Those who want to boost their RL crafting skills should pre-register for Metal Embossing with Brasse: So Easy an Elfink Can Do It.

For everyone: Admit it, you’re curious about EverQuest Next. No matter which SOE game you call home, get a front row seat to gaming history at the EverQuest Franchise Keynote Address on Friday morning. Various EQN panels are scheduled throughout the weekend, but SOE is keeping the topics secret for now, so keep an eye out for updates after the big reveal.

For a complete list of panels, check out the SOE Live Lineup page and start making your schedule today!

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