Massively Overpowered: Guide to EverQuest II’s Days of Summer Reward Event

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2

From MJ Guthrie over at MassivelyOverpowered:

Did you hear about EverQuest II multi-month Days of Summer reward event? If so, lucky you! Here is an event that was launched with so little fanfare that even though I am playing every week. it completely slipped out of my mind — even after I learned about it the first week! It’s also an event that rewards players with some pretty snazzy rewards if they complete each of the weekly quests, so missing out entirely will make you lose out on a familiar, level 100 gear, housing decorations, a prestige house, and more. So many goodies! That may be because this summer event is akin to prelude events before expansions as it is aimed at helping people gear up for the upcoming expansion. Now don’t you wish you knew more about it? Well here you go.


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  • Case


    Wait…someone actually wrote a guide for that?


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