Editorial: Why SOE Should Reconsider Its “No Remote Positions” Policy

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Sony Online Entertainment has a rocky history with third parties. Whether the responsibilities weren’t well-defined, the contracts were not clear, or these companies grossly oversold their capabilities, we’ve seen example after example of relationships with external companies which have not paid off for SOE or for their customers.

  • LiveGamer — SOE contracted with this company to allow EQ2 players to buy and sell in-game items, currency, and characters. Controversially, the change was forced onto existing non-LG servers. Also, contacting LG customer service was always a gamble. The program was not successful and the partnership was dissolved to pave the way for Free-to-Play.
  • AFK Interactive — SOE hired this relative newcomer to mobile app development to develop an EverQuest II Mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The app barely worked, requiring repeated logins every few seconds, and was extremely limited in the quantity and quality of information displayed. The app stopped working altogether shortly thereafter. AFK Interactive is now defunct.
  • HP Print-On-Demand — SOE heard the call from players to make Posters and Art Prints available of some of the incredible concept art and artwork endemic to SOE’s games. To this end, SOE partnered up with HP to provide a print-on-demand service. However the poster choices never grew beyond a small pool, and the website went offline within a year.

After the jump, more partnerships, and a possible solution!

PSS1? Make Sure You’re Signed Up for EverQuest Next Beta

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Normally we don’t post EQNext or Landmark news here, but a lot of EQ2 players are likely looking forward to EQNext. From the EverQuest Next forums:

If you registered for Beta for Landmark, we already have your information and will include you in the pool for EverQuest Next. One Beta application puts you in the pool for both games. As it says on our Beta Registration:

“By signing up, you will be put into a pool of beta applicants for each respective program. For Landmark, when we are ready to allow more people into the Closed Beta phase, if you are selected by SOE to participate we will email you a time-limited beta key. Read more about Landmark’s beta program here. EverQuest Next is still in the early stages of development.”

If you did not apply for Landmark Beta and only applied for EQN Beta through ProSiebenSat.1 Games, you will need to re-apply for Beta through SOE. You can apply for Beta at www.everquestnext.com/beta-registration.

If you’re not sure if you’ve applied, feel free to try the Beta registration flow again and the system will let you know if you’ve already registered.

Any additional questions or comments should be made in the FAQ & Discussion thread.


SOE Divorcing ProSiebenGames; EQ2, PS2, DCUO Players Come Home July 1st!

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After over two years of drama, with SOE customers feeling cut off, marginalized, and second class just for living in Europe, the grand experiment of German media conglomerate ProSiebenSat.1 managing SOE customers in the EU region is finally over!

When it was announced that Sony Pictures had licensed their entertainment library to PSG to try to be the Netflix of Europe, the writing was on the wall that SOE gamers might be along for the ride. While I do think Sony Online Entertainment eventually made some heroic efforts to try to make this deal work — after a few scathing reviews penned by this and other gaming sites — the deal was likely doomed from the start. ProSiebenSat.1 had never handled a AAA MMO title, let alone three, and the inexperience of its fledgling Alaplaya brand at supporting anything beyond F2P browser games became apparent even before the SOE-PSG transition began.

Much like the ill-fated Ubisoft takeover of EU-based EverQuest Live accounts in the early 2000′s, and despite promises of localization improvements and copious advertising, these deals seem to only ever end up souring the playerbase and having a negative impact on server populations and general goodwill.

As of today, June 18, 2014, new EverQuest II, PlanetSide 2, and DC Universe Online players in Europe now do so with SOE. And as of July 1, 2014, existing EQ2, PS2, and DCUO customers will be transferred back to SOE.

After the jump, the official statement from Linda “Brasse” Carlson on the SOE forums:

SOE Prepaid Game Cards (30 Days or 1500SC) 20% Off at Target

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From the EQ2 Forums:


We’ve got a promotion that’s right on Target! Head over to your local Target from June 15th to June 28th and receive 20% off your purchase of an SOE Pre-Paid Game Card!

This news was posted at 4:36pm PDT today.


These cards work out to 1500SC for $12 or 125SC per dollar. If you can still find the 1500+500SC cards at Walmart, those work out to 133SC per dollar. However we have confirmed with several sources that the Walmart 1500+500SC cards can no longer be reordered from SOE and they will not be getting new stock. Despite a tweet from SOE President John Smedley teasing that double SC promotions aren’t completely gone, we have not seen one for quite some time now, so this may be the best deal going.

Update Notes: Tuesday June 17, 2014

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From Bunji on the official forums:


  • House actors are mannequins that can be customized to have a player race appearance. Once the appearance has been selected, the actor can be set to play an action in your home or guildhall!
  • House Actors are created via a carpenter recipe that can be purchased from the loyalty merchant. This recipe requires a unique component that may be obtained from top tier harvest nodes.
  • Editor’s Note: Check out Niami Denmother’s excellent write up on House Actors.


  • Fixed a bug where getting 100% rent reduction on your house could cause your house to fall off the leaderboards.

Temple of Veeshan: Dreadscale’s Maw

  • Lord Kreizenn should now kill all players with his Chromatic Storm if failure conditions are met instead of just killing the first person on his list.
  • Lord Kreizenn should give more feedback when his various abilities cause someone to die.
  • Lord Kriezenn will now drop two Flawless Purple Gemstones and has an increased chance for a second accessory.
  • Cer’matal the Gatekeeper will now drop two Vibrant Purple Gemstones and has an increased chance for a second accessory.
  • Lady Mirenella will now drop two Pristine Purple Gemstones and has an increased chance for a second accessory.
  • Lord Feshlak will now drop two Shimmering Purple Gemstones and has an increased chance for a second accessory.
  • Irdul of the Glacier now has an increased 25% chance for a second accessory and now uses the tier two accessory table.
  • Telkorenar will now drop two Cracked Purple Gemstones and has an increased chance for a second accessory.
  • Bristlebane will always drop a second accessory.
  • Vulak’Aerr the Dreadscale will now drop two Glowing Purple Gemstones and will always drop a second accessory.
  • All accessories that drop inTempleofVeeshan: The Dreadscale’s Maw that grant a bonus to resists will now grant between 1650-1750 more resists.
  • Accessories dropped by Exarch Lorokai the Unliving that grant a bonus to resist will now grant 900 more resists.

The Fractured Hive [Heroic]

  • The Ancestral Column in the Fractured Hive no longer spawns on the platform where Queen Meacidaris is fought. It now spawns on the large open floor below.


  • Upgraded Hero Bracers may now be examined to claim an item that will exchange your Hero Bracers for different stat layouts.
  • Draconic Stone of Divine Redirection now correctly grants wisdom.

Battleground: New Tunaria Warzone

  • Corrected an issue where players were not getting quest credit for PvP kills.



Date Change: EverQuest II Insider Postponed until July 9th

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Luperza announced yesterday they were pushing back the original date of the next EQ2 Insider from June 18th to July 9th.  The thread is still open to ask your questions – but she requests that you keep them short and to the point.


This month on EverQuest II Insider Q&A:

  • CastMargaret KrohnKyle Vallee, Michael Ganz, and Nathan McCall!
  • Q&A: We’re going to be answering your questions LIVE! Ask about anything! if you can’t make it, feel free to leave us a question right here in this thread or on TwitterFacebook, and or Google Plus by Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 at 10:00 PM PDT. :)
<YouTube Link will be Placed Here After Show>
When: 07/09/2014 2PM – 2:30PM PDT
Don’t forget to use our hashtag #EQ2Insider and follow us on Twitter @EverQuestii, and @PurrfectStorm


If you want to know what EverQuest II Insider is or how you can be a part of it, go here!

Upcoming EverQuest II Insider – Q&A 6/18/2014 – Submit Your Questions!

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Not content with bringing a monthly Webcast to EverQuest II, EQ2 Community Manager Margaret “Luperza” Krohn is going above and beyond and giving us a second mid-month pure Q&A session to get to the questions that didn’t fit in last week’s program, and any other questions people have!

From the EQ2 Forums:

This month on EverQuest IIInsider Q&A:

When: 06/18/2014 2PM – 2:30PM PDT
Don’t forget to use our hashtag #EQ2Insider and follow us on Twitter @EverQuestii, and @PurrfectStorm
If you want to know what EverQuest II Insider is or how you can be a part of it, go here!

Questions for this upcoming webcast are being collected in this thread!

EQ2 Insider #2 Summary and Notes by Kinya

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Kinya, webmaster of the Polish multi-game fansite Babagra, has posted a summary and notes of the second EQ2 Insider webcast which was held last Wednesday.

What happen recently in EQ2:
- weekly updates;
- dreadscale maw – new raid;
- high keep contested;
- June promotion Gear Up, Level UP;
- heroic characters are on sale;
- discount on expansion if bought in June;
- new Loyalty items added to MarketPlace.

Team is focused mostly on the things which are coming to EQ2:
- fabled Deathtoll (around 20 July);
- big unnamed event in July;
- new challenge duo coming in August;
- lore and legends for Aerakyns (June/ July).

Ethereals and Artifacts - current items will be available until mid of July then comes another set of items: weapons.
Not all the Artifacts were discovered so far on all servers. There is around only 15 of them in game currently (11 servers x 4 artifacts = 44)

June Dev Picks (from 10:30): Magic Kingdom by Sairalindie on Antonia Bayle and Meta’s Enchanted Island Tours by Metamarra on Butcherblock.

Collectors edition ToV winners (selected from ppl watching stream): Psycha, Ladylove4, DonRipper

Update Notes: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

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From Bunji on the Official Forums:


The New Tunaria Warzone is now available on the Battlegrounds Server via a portal in Champion’s Respite.


  • The Loyalty Merchant and Loyalty Marketplace will now correctly sell adornments that are below maximum level.
  • A small bag of platinum coins will now sell for the correct amount of platinum if purchased off of the loyalty section of the marketplace.

Level up, Gear up…discord style!

  • For the duration of the “Gear Up! Level Up!” promotion, Havoc Marks and Marks of Devastation will be awarded at twice the rate.

Temple of Veeshan: Dreadscale’s Maw

  • Corrected an issue that would potentially cause certain pet classes to get instantly killed upon getting resurrected if they were not protected by Dragonsbane.


  • Miragul’s Dark Heart will no longer overwrite more powerful Hearts that are already in your inventory.


  • Great Waters now correctly states that it does not stack with itself.
  • Shared Dragonsbane now applies to group members within 999 meters from the wearer and persists through death.
  • Arced Conductivity should now always apply the potency increase.

Player Studio: Help Wanted Testing International Tax Registration

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Attention Potential Player Studio Creators!

Special testing help is needed from residents of Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Since a big part of Player Studio is earning royalties, and since you can’t make money without taxation, we built this system to help get folks set up with their tax paperwork. Tax registration is necessary before you can list items for sale and earn royalties.

This feature costs SOE money each time someone uses it. SOE pays a partner to validate data as part of the feature. For this reason, the finished feature will include a one-time non-refundable fee of US$10 (or equivalent.) You should only need to go through this process one time. Address changes, for example, do not require a repeat of this process.

Completing this feature will make you eligible for activities that earn you real world money through our Player Studio program. Completing it during testing counts for this. This a not just a test; it’s a real registration.

To participate, please visit this page to start:


  • Resident of Canada, France, Germany, UK or US
  • Over the age of 13
  • You are not already a published Player Studio creator in another game with an IRS form W-8/W-9 on file with SOE.


  • When you are given a registration code or a PIN number, please save it carefully. That’s valuable.
  • When entering a PIN or password via copy/paste, please double-check that no space character has been added to the end. An extra space character will break it. If your code is not being accepted, try pasting it into a word processor, viewing it in another font, and typing it by hand.
  • Approval is not instantaneous and there is a status page where you can return and view your approval status. It can be reached by visitinghttps://player-studio.soe.com/w9, clicking the yellow button, and logging into your Station Account. We don’t yet have estimates on how long this will take the average international registrant.
  • We have a known issue with entering middle names. You do have the option to enter the form without the middle name and it should generally reach full approval status.
  • If you have questions, you can email playerstudio@soe.sony.com and Syrah will attempt to help you although for legal reasons he is not allowed to give advice on how to fill out the form.

Year of EverQuest: May Franchise Video — Gear Up Promo, Dressable NPCs, Fabled Deathtoll x4 Raid

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Check out the latest video featuring the Producers from EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Landmark talking about what happened during May and what’s coming up over summer!

Here are the bullet points for EQ2:

  • The EQ2 team are looking forward to this year’s expansion which will increase the level cap to 100.
  • In June, we want you to Gear Up and Level Up your characters.
    • All Access gets 25% Bonus XP, 25% off Heroic Characters (insta-level 85), four times the amount of Etyma currency from Tears of Veeshan missions, and 15% off the Tears of Veeshan expansion.
    • Free-to-Play gets double the amount of Etyma currency and 15% off the Tears of Veeshan expansion.
  • Also in June, Dressable NPCs. These house-placeable NPCs will allow decorators to choose from a variety of races and dress these characters how you want to. You’ll also be able to choose from different animations.
  • Also this month, Fabled Deathtoll x4 Raid based off the Deathtoll zone in Kingdom of Sky. As we saw in today’s EQ2 Insider webcast, the new Deathtoll encounters have been retooled and some new animations have been created as well.

SOE Live Schedule Updated

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If, like me, you are on the fence about whether you want to leave Las Vegas on Sunday mid-day, or stick it out til Monday morning, a recent update to the SOE Live Schedule may be helpful. Although the exact details of the panels have not been given, a rough outline is now available:

  • 10:00am-12:00pm — Developer Brunch
  • 12:00pm-1:00pm — Landmark Dev Panel
  • 1:00pm-2:00pm — EverQuest II Dev Panel (probably EQ2 Q&A #2)
  • 2:00pm-3:00pm — EverQuest Next Dev panel

Choose, but choose wisely!

EverQuest II Insider: Episode #2 Airs Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow brings the second official episode of EverQuest II Insider (EQ2Insider), an EverQuest II webcast hosted by SOE Community Manager, Margaret “Luperza” Krohn. This monthly webcast takes place on the first Wednesday of every month. From the EQ2 Forums:

This month on EverQuest II Insider episode 2:

  • CastMargaret Krohn, Jason Woerner, Holy LongdaleAkil HooperKyle Vallee, and Nathan McCall!
  • News, Announcements and What’s New?
  • May’s Contest Winners & Update on June’s Contest
  • Dev Picks: Submit your house here for a chance to be spotlighted!
  • Dev Showcases: Showing off the new NPCs for decorators, Deathtoll updates and new NPC reveal for the expansion!
  • SOE Live Dev Team Rapid Q&A: Holly Longdale and Akil Hooper will each have 2 minutes to answer as many questions as they can! Who do you think can answer the most? If you have a question, send it to us on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus, or right here on the forums! :)
When: 06/04/2014 2PM – 3PM PDT
Server: TBD during segments
Don’t forget to use our hashtag #EQ2Insider and follow us on Twitter @EverQuestii, and @PurrfectStorm

How do I get my Guild, Fan Site, In-game Event, House, or a Friend featured on EQ2Insider?

Head over to the What Is EverQuest II Insider? thread and fill out one of the forms on the page. I hope you won’t forget your favorite EQ2 fansites — EQ2U and EQ2Wire!

Missed last month’s episode?

If you missed last month’s EQ2 Insider episode, you can watch it on YouTube:

Are You Ready for Level 100? Gear Up! Level Up! Promo Starts Today

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Posted by Margaret “Luperza” Krohn on the EQ2 Forums:


Last month on the first episode of EverQuest II Insider, the EverQuest II Development Team announced that we are working on a new expansion, and we’ll be increasing the level cap to ONE HUNDRED!

To help everyone prepare, on Tuesday, June 3rd at 9:00 AM PDT, we are launching the much awaited “Gear Up, Level Up” promotion that was announced in Holly Longdale’s May/June Producer’s Letter. What does this entail?

Update Notes: Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:

GEAR UP, LEVEL UP (June promotional program from June 3 to July 8)
All Access members will receive the following bonuses and discounts:

  • Double-Double Etyma in Tears of Veeshan (4x the rewards)!
  • 25% XP Bonus
  • Tears of Veeshan Expansion discount (15%)
  • 25% Off Heroic Characters

Free players receive the following bonuses:

  • Double Etyma in Tears of Veeshan (2x the rewards)!
  • Also eligible for a Tears of Veeshan expansion discount (15%).


  • Loyalty items have been added into the Marketplace to make searching and purchasing them more convenient. These items are still for sale on the merchants.
  • [Ed Note:] As seen in the Producer’s Letter, over 100 new Loyalty items are being added.

Update Notes: Thursday, May 29, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • The first round of Battlegrounds matchmaker fixes is live!
  • Teams will now be more fair numbers wise. No more 24 reds against 3 blues!
  • NOTE: teams could be a little off if not everyone picked to be on your team accepts the match. However, backfills will go to the lowest team first so as more people queue to fill in the backfills it will work to even up the teams.
  • The getting dropped into Champion’s Respite instead of going straight to your match from your home server is still not fixed.
  • If you are chronomentoring on your home server when you accept a battlegrounds match, you will have your chronomentor session restored to you when you return at no cost.
  • When you enter a battlegrounds match you will get put into your team’s respawn instead of being dropped in the middle of the map.
  • Backfilled players will be put on the team with the fewest total number of players.
  • Players who queue as a group will all be placed on the same team. However, the order in the group/raid window will not be maintained.

BRING IT! SOE Live 2014 Player Panel submissions are OPEN!

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It’s hard to believe this will be EQ2Wire’s seventh Fan Faire nee SOE Live. And it’s hard to believe that this will be our third year presenting a player panel on EQ2U and Data Feeds (Census) in general. Talking to players before and after the panel, and presenting what we’ve been working on, is certainly the highlight of the event for me. If you will be at SOE Live and have ever had your own idea for what kind of player panel, put your name in the hat and you might just get to do your own panel!

From the EQ2 Forums:

One of our favorite features of SOE Live are the player panels. We love ‘em, YOU love ‘em and they’ll be back for 2014! We’ll have panels each day, and will work to avoid scheduling conflicts with the major game panels of the event.

We are looking for panels on any subject that will be of interest to SOE Live attendees. Here are some suggestions to get you started:

  • Managing a Guild
  • Guild Leaders Support Group
  • How to run a raid without losing your mind
  • L337 gameplay tactics (in any SOE game!)
  • Roleplay in the 21st century
  • Running an in-game event
  • Cosplay tips and tricks
  • Running a Successful Fan Site
  • Fan Art and/or Fan Fiction
  • Mastering the art of… ?
  • An amazing topic that we’ve never thought of!

We’re accepting panel submissions NOW, and until midnight Pacific Daylight Time, June 27th, 2014. We anticipate more applications than we have timeslots, so spend plenty of time on your submission to make sure it really shines!
We will contact all panelists by July 9th to advise whether or not the panel is accepted. All accepted panels will be scheduled as soon as possible after that date.

Summer Kickoff — Bonus XP and Marketplace Sales

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EverQuest 2 has announced a “Summer Kickoff” event! First up, all players will see 30% off Appearance items and Mounts on the Marketplace.

Now here’s where we split off into the Free-to-Play and All Access groups.

  • All players will receive Double Bonus XP on Monday, May 26th
  • All Access subscribers enjoy Double Bonus XP the entire weekend (May 23-May 26).

From the EQ2 Forums:


To celebrate the start of summer, we’re having double experience and sale action!

All players will have double experience on Monday, May 26th, 2014 at 12:00 AM PDT to 11:59 PM PDT. All players will also have 30% off on appearance items and mounts, starting Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT to Monday, May 26th at 11:59 PM PDT.

All Access members will have the entire weekend of double experience and 30% off on appearance items and mounts, starting on Friday, May 23rd, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT to Monday, May 26th at 11:59 PM PDT. Note: Yes, this stacks with your 10% off on all marketplace items for being an All Access member.

We hope that you all enjoy the double experience and sales. Have a fantastic weekend!

After the jump, some further comments on Double vs. Bonus…

Players Reporting Launchpad Issues Which May Be Due to Malware, Antivirus, Proxies

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A growing number of players have reported “Socket error-unreachable (11004)” errors when running the EverQuest II or other SOE game launchpads, and there seems to be a common cause for many of them. As discussed in this thread, antivirus software from McAfeeAvira, and the notoriously inept Norton/Symantec (who recently admitted that their software is ineffective), as well as certain Firewall software have all caused this issue.

Before you open a Support Ticket, please make sure your LAN Settings look like the screenshot below and do not have a Proxy set (jump to SOE’s official Knowledgebase article):


Also ensure that any Firewall software you have installed is allowing SOE’s launchpad get through to SOE’s update servers. Of course, if you have Malware or Viruses on your computer, they will also tend to change your Proxy settings to their own server.

Update Notes: Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Written by Caela on . Posted in EQ2, Game Updates & Maintenance

From Bunji on the official forums



  • A new currency exchange merchant, Barnaby Blunderbuss, has been added to the docks ofButcherblockMountainswhere you can exchange most currencies for transmuting and tinkering training components. Some of the eligible currencies include Maj’Dul insignia tokens, Void Shards, D.I.R.T.Y. Money and many more!


  • All AA EXP event messages now include the amount of EXP granted.
  • Resolved an issue where the amount of EXP displayed when converting adventure EXP to AA EXP did not reflect any server or personal bonus multipliers.


Templeof Veeshan: Dreadscale’s Maw

  • The spell “Melting Soles” should now show up in detrimental window.
  • Lady Mirenilla’s Keepers can no longer be stunned.
  • Lady Mirenilla’s Keepers buffs should no longer state they can be charmed.
  • Lady Mirenilla will more fiercely protect her summoned beast as long as it does her bidding.
  • Lady Mirenilla’s beast should no longer remain dazed longer than intended.
  • Lord Feshlak’s dancing flames should no longer be targetable.
  • Lord Feshlak’s dancing flames should not despawn if they grow too large.
  • Lord Kreizenn’s scent of blood ability should be correctly checking for dead players.


  • When their owner is not in combat, Mercenaries will regenerate health at an increased rate.

Recipe Window

  • The recipe list has been playing memory training games and will now properly remember and display the position of the recipe you just crafted after item creation.


  • The Shady Swashbuckler now has six second versions of the Bloody Shank weapons available for sale.
  • Statistic bonuses on Bloody Shank have been improved to match the difficulty of completing the quest.
  • Inconspicuous Strike III and IV have had their damage values corrected.

EQ2 Contest – Submit a Photo

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From Luperza on the Official Forums – a new contest sponsored by EverQuest 2.  As of the date of this post – there are only two entries.  It does appear you must have a Facebook account to enter.

Salutations Norrathians!

If you didn’t catch our first episode of EverQuest II Insider, you may have missed one of our announcements about future contests! Starting in May, we are doing a monthly contest. These may vary in theme, requirements, and rewards, so if you have any good ideas for future contest ideas, send them our way!

May’s contest is all about housing décor with a draconic theme! Head over to our sweepstakes and submit your photo! This contest ends May 27th, 2014 at 2PM PDT. Three winners will be chosen. Each winner will attain a bundle of up to five housing items of their choice (at the discretion of SOE) that’s worth $25.00 USD.

We can’t wait to see your photo submissions! Don’t forget to send us your ideas and tune into the next EverQuest II Insider on June 4th, 2014 at http://www.twitch.tv/ everquest2.


Producer’s Letter: May/June News!

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Holly “Windstalker” Longdale has posted a new Producer’s Letter which can be found on the EQ2 Forums

Highlights include:

  • New Matchmaking Code for Battlegrounds
  • New PVP Warzone
  • Converting old currencies
  • House NPCs
  • New Loyalty items
  • New Deathtoll Fabled Dungeon
  • Status Merchant Revamp
  • June Promo – Gear Up, Level Up

Here’s the letter…

Dearest Norrathians,

We’re working to bring you a lot more information about what we’re doing, why, and when. To that end, here’s a quick overview on what we’ve done recently and what’s coming soon!

As a quick recap of our larger content releases in April and May so far, we launched:

  • High Keep Contested dungeon
  • High Keep Guild Halls
  • Temple of Veeshan raid zone
  • Ethereal/Artifact items (in Tears of Veeshan mission crates for a couple of months)

Emergency Fix for May 14th, 2014

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For the third time in two days, the EQ2 servers are going down, this time for an emergency fix of some sort. It’s been called a hotfix, but we all know that a hotfix means no interruption of service. This is a cold fix.

Here are the update notes for this afternoon (4pm PDT) fix which include an exploit fix:

Temple of Veeshan: Dreadscale’s Maw

  • Prismatic Touch should now trigger off heals as well if not protected by a fully leveled Tear of Veeshan green adornment.
  • Prismatic Touch now properly persists through deaths.
  • Cer’matal the Gatekeeper should no longer apply multiple stacks of “Infused Power”.
  • Jailbreak should now show in the personal detrimental window.
  • Jailbreak should be properly removed once the jail has been broken.
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