EQ2Wire’s Seventh Year Covering SOE Live and EverQuest II

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Has it really been another year? Next week, EQ2Wire will be (where else?) in Las Vegas for our seventh SOE Live covering EverQuest II. This looks to be a light year for EQ2, with only 5 events to cover and no Tradeskill, Lore, or Itemization panels this time around.

You can read the official SOE Live 2014 Schedule here, but scroll down to see the list of panels I will be attending, with notations of which panels I will be Liveblogging and Filming. Blogging an accurate transcription of a Q&A panel in realtime is almost impossible, so this year I will be focusing on getting a good 720p HD video recording of as many panels as possible and will then post them in the week after SOE Live. Please note that all times are Pacific Daylight Time.

Dethdlr and I will also be on hand to talk about EQ2Wire and EQ2U on the show floor as well as at our own panel alongside Dedith of Dragon’s Armory. This year, we’ll be talking less about the history of our websites and more about how players can improve their characters using all the tools we provide. We’ll also be going over our new Quest Journal and Checklist features which are currently in public beta.

Update Notes: Thursday, August 7, 2014

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From EQ2 Buildmaster Bunji on the EQ2 Forums comes our possibly last update until after SOE Live:

Age’s End Questline

  • The zone should no longer revert players if anyone lags during an update.
  • Hailing Jorlak will no longer revert quest stages unless it is a new zone.
  • Firiona Vie should now update the entire raid when giving her staff back.
  • Roehn Theer should now update the entire raid when giving his swords back.
  • Players hailing any of the quest NPCs should no longer cause the scripts to trigger more than once.

Temple of Veeshan: Dreadscale’s Maw

  • Zlandicar will now drop 2 weapon patterns when defeated.

Updated for 2014! SOE Live Schedule Apps for iPhone, Android, Windows, Blackberry

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SOE Live Schedule for iPhone/iPad

If you are an iPhone/iPad user and attending SOE Live, then you’ll want to head to the App Store to download Greg “Rothgar” Spence‘s SOE Live Schedule app.


Greg developed this iOS app four years ago and, in his extremely limited spare time has maintained it every year for SOE Live. This year, Josh “Autenil” Kriegshauser chipped in to get it updated. The SOE Live schedule app has a “My Schedule” feature which lets you choose which panels should appear on your schedule, as well as tabs about Dining, News, and Travel.

SOE Live Schedule for Android, Windows Phone, Palm, Symbian, Blackberry by EQ2Wire


Our own Dethdlr, Lead Programmer for EQ2U, saw the need for an Android app and stepped up to develop a web application which works on nearly all smartphones, even in airplane mode! Starting last year, the app also supports a “My Schedule” feature, allowing you to pick your panels and view them in a single page.

The EQ2Wire SOE Live Schedule “web app” is really just a skinned jQuery Mobile website using the same data as the official SOE Live app.

There is no app to “install”. Simply visit the EQ2Wire SOE Live Schedule website on your phone and then open the browser menu and choose Add a Bookmark to your Home Screen. This will add an icon to your phone’s home screen that lets you access the SOE Live schedule immediately.

After the jump, some known bugs/issues…

Fix for Age’s End x2 Quest Coming Tomorrow

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As reported in a number of places on the EQ2 Forums, the Age's End x2 quest added yesterday has some glitches which are allowing the quest to reset or "roll back" to an earlier state.

EQ2 Designer Carlos "Gninja" Mora took to Twitter with a quick update:

which he elaborated on here:

The issues are being caused by the zone trying to keep everyone updated together and checking if anyone fell behind or got ahead of the zone. This was us trying to make it more painless to do a quest while raiding but in fact just made it more complicated and more points of failure for lag to affect such things. We will be reviewing it today and get all the kinks worked out and simplifying the entire process. The known issues I have are as follows:

    • Multiple players hailing at the same time can create lag spikes where some or all players get reverted a stage.
  • When returning to Jorlak after defeating the 3 crystals hailing him can reset the quests. DO NOT hail him when you return to center till we get a fix in for this. Returning to the center should progress your quest without hailing him. The update takes a few seconds because of him activating his script.
  • Multiple players trying to pick up the Lifeguide staff at same time can create lag spikes that revert some or all players back a few stages.
  • After defeating General Velryyn the quest sometimes only updates the group of the person hailing Firiona Vie. For now have one person in each group coordinate their hails for Firiona Vie and Theer.

We will be addressing all of the above issues asap. If you see anything outside the listed above please let me know here or via PM the more details the better!

For those who are getting stuck, he had this advice which, while isn't perfect, means that the zone can be attempted in another hour if the quest bugs out:

The zone is repeatable every hour and you can get the quests every 18 hours. So you will likely just need to run it again.

and finally..

Update Notes: Tuesday, August 5, 2014 & 4 Hour Downtime

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From the EQ2 Forums here and here and here:

Attention players: we will perform maintenance beginning at 4:00 AM PDT* on Tuesday, August 5, 2014. We expect this maintenance to take at least four hours. This will impact the following SOE services:

  • Game servers will be down for the following games:
    • DC Universe Online
    • EverQuest II
    • Landmark
    • PlanetSide 2
  • Commerce functions, including purchases for all games
  • Game, web and forum logins for all games

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

Time Zone Conversions

  • PDT: August 5 @ 4:00am ~ 8:00am
  • EDT: August 5 @ 7:00am ~ 11:00am
  • BST: August 5 @ 12:00 ~ 16:00
  • CET: August 5 @ 13:00 ~ 17:00
  • AEST: August 5 @ 9:00pm ~ August 6 @ 1:00am

and Update Notes after the jump…

New 6v6 Battleground “Balance of Theer” Now on Beta Server

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From the EQ2 Forums:

This new battleground set on Roehn Theer’s platform is a brand new match type, with an age old premise: slaughter your enemies.

Team size: 6v6
Minimum Team: 3
Time Limit: 10 Minutes
Scoring System: There are two ways to gain points, the first being to kill your opponents. The second is to stand on the deadly order tile, which sounds simple. You may find this more difficult than it sounds.

Dying or cowering for an extended period on your protected spawn area will reduce your team’s score.

EQ2U Quests Beta is now Open to All!

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Dethdlr and I are happy to announce that Quests are now available as an Open Beta on EQ2U! Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Quests now appears under the Search menu
  • A Quests tab has been added to the EQ2U Quick Search box on the homepage
  • View your Active Quest Journal for any of your EQ2 characters
  • View a Checklist of all 11,564 quests in EQ2 and see your character’s progress on those quests (Active, Complete, or Never Started)
  • Items which offer a quest when examined now show the quest name and link to it
  • Items which are required by a quest show the quest name and link to it

How do I access Beta? Do I have to sign up?

All you have to do is load up the EQ2U Dev site. You do not need to sign up or apply for beta as everyone will have access this weekend.

Known Issues

There are over 5,000 “duplicate” quests which have the same names but different details. For now, we are hiding these, but for quest completionists, we provide a button “Show Duplicate Quests”. We will be working to try to pare down some of these dupes.

There is no way for the EQ2 team to provide us data on which quests have been “removed from the game” because of how many different places you can get quests from (an NPC, a spawncamp, an item, just walking into an area, etc.). We will be looking at ways to crowdsource this data from the EQ2 player community.

What happened to Collection (shinies) data?

The EQ2 team is always looking at game performance both at the server and client end. Most of the work on Collections is done, but it’s on hold until later this year. Here’s Endymion‘s comment on the subject:

Collection data will be made available at some point, but the next major census task will be to resolve some inefficiencies in the export process. I can’t give an estimate on when that will be unfortunately, as I have a lot of non-census tasks that require my attention.

Special Thanks

Thanks to EQ2 Developer Endymion at SOE for working tirelessly on adding Quest data and making sure it exports all the goodies we asked for. Thanks to Dellmon (Unrest), Jeehi (Everfrost), Faelen (Butcherblock) and Leaha (Permafrost) for their feedback and bug reports!

Breaking: Unscheduled Maintenance Causes StationCash Glitches, Claim Issues, NBE-1013 Login Errors

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We're not sure how widespread this is, but it looks like some kind of maintenance is causing login issues as well as accessing the marketplace, /claim, logins, and now the return of the NBE-1013 error.

Latest Update:

Original post after the jump...

All Access: First Ever Double Status Weekend! – Aug 1~3

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From the EQ2 Forums:

A large group of you have been sending your status wishes to Tunare, and the EverQuest II Development Team has been working behind the scenes to make it happen.

We’re happy to announce the FIRST ever double status experience weekend, starting Friday, August 1st, 2014 at 12:00 PM PDT and ending Sunday, August 3rd, 2014 at 11:59 PM PDT.

Enjoy and don’t forget to send us screenshots of your adventures on the forumsFacebookTwitter andGoogle Plus!

From Holly “Windstalker” Longdale‘s twitter:

Editor’s Note

  • Since you will be getting twice the normal status, and your guild always gets 10% of your status (11% if you have that LoN item), then by definition, this should be a Double Guild XP weekend.

Confirmation from Caith:

This event doubles the base status earned by defeating encounters, or rewarded from quests. Guild status is rewarded from that base amount, so yes it is in effect doubled.

Time Zone Conversions

  • PDT: Aug 1 @ Noon ~ Aug 3 @ 11:59pm
  • EDT: Aug 1 @ 3:00pm ~ Aug 4 @ 2:59am
  • BST: Aug 1 @ 21:00 ~ Aug 4 @ 7:59
  • CET: Aug 1 @ 22:00 ~ Aug 4 @ 8:59
  • AEST: Aug 2 @ 5:00am ~ Aug 4 @ 4:59pm

SOE Live: AT&T Service Upgraded @ PH; SOE Live iPhone App Being Updated; Shirts!

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AT&T Service @ SOE Live

Fantastic news for SOE Live attendees who were hoping to blog/text/email/tweet/facebook without having to run out to the hallway every time. This news comes via Brasse:


Meanwhile, it looks like JiNX may have had babydolls in mind when they sized their women’s shirts for SOE Live as their women’s 2X this year is dwarfed by this year’s men’s XL:

Brasse is on the case and it looks like they’re going to reprint replacements without the miniscule dimensions:

SOE Live Mobile App

Finally, it looks like Josh “Autenil” Kriegshauser is working on updating Greg “Rothgar” Spence‘s SOE Live Schedule app for iPhone this year:

Don’t panic if you have Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, or even Blackberry as EQ2Wire will once again offer our own mobile webapp which works on all of these. We’ll be adding a warning to remind users to choose “Add to Home Screen” as otherwise your schedule will NOT be saved.

Customer Service Notification: Direct Debit Billing

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Starting Friday, we will be updating our billing processes and the Direct Debit option will be temporarily unavailable. This will affect some players in Germany, Austria, Spain and the Netherlands who have chosen this as their method of billing.

To prevent the loss of All Access Membership status during this time, we will be granting one free week of time to all affected accounts who are signed up for Direct Debit billing for an All Access Membership plan and whose next billing date falls during this period.

During this time, the ability to add funds to your Wallet via Direct Debit will also be unavailable. Players who use Direct Debit to make in-game purchases may want to add Station Cash to your Wallet ahead of time, to prevent delaying purchases. Alternately, the PaySafe and PayPal options will remain available.

We will resume normal service as quickly as possible.

Quest Journal Sneak Preview on EQ2U!

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Thought I’d post a preview screenshot of something we’ve been working on for EQ2U for the last little while…

This shows my Active Quest Journal side-by-side with an in-progress quest, which just shows how much of a slacker I am on getting quests done!

Come back later today and I’ll have a screenshot of Quest Search as well as the Quest Checklist which shows EVERY quest in a Category (there are over 200) and then shows the progress of your character on all those quests.

Oh and I’m really dating myself with this but…

Update Notes: Wednesday, July 30, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:

All US EverQuest 2 Servers will come down on July 30th, 2014 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time for an update. The expected downtime is approximately one hour.

EU servers will come down beginning at 9:00 PM PT (6:00 AM CET July 31st, 2014) for the same update. Downtime is anticipated to be approximately one hour.


  • Fixed an issue related to status gain.

Update Notes: July 29, 2014 & Extended Maintenance

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Attention players: we will perform maintenance beginning at 3:00 AM PDT* on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. We expect this maintenance to take approximately two hours. This will impact the following SOE services:

• Commerce functions, including purchases
• Game, web and forum logins

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.


ALL EverQuest 2 Servers will come down on July 29th, 2014 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time* for an update. The expected downtime is approximately two hours.

Time Zone Conversions

  • PDT: July 29 @ 3:00-5:00am & 7:00-9:00am
  • EDT: July 29 @ 6:00-8:00am & 10:00-Noon
  • BST: July 29 @ 11:00-13:00 & 15:00-17:00
  • CET: July 29 @ 12:00-14:00 & 16:00-18:00
  • AEST: July 29 @ 8:00-10:00pm & July 30 @ 12:00am-2:00am

and the actual notes after the jump…

Two Day Gift After DNS Issues Has… Issues

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So a couple weeks ago, SOE had some DNS issues with one of their servers. As an apology for the up-to-3-days outage for players who couldn’t work around the DNS snafu, SOE granted 2 days extra All Access membership. This sounds great, but when this was announced, a few players were curious exactly how the 2 days time were being granted — either by moving the billing date back by 2 days, or by adding time at the end whenever people cancel. I don’t know that we ever got a concrete answer — until now. It looks like everyone’s billing date was moved back two days. Which sounds great except for two side effects…

  • Players are reporting being dropped back to Free-to-Play access for 2 days while their billing cycle is waiting to start again.
  • The “Claim your 2500 StationCash for being All Access” monthly timer may also end up skipping 2 days.

The biggest issue here is not a few StationCash, but players being dropped back to F2P because of where their billing cycles end. Hopefully this issue can be resolved quickly.

Tinkerfest Goes Live Tonight — ZAM, EQ2Traders Guides Updated

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Tinkerfest goes live tomorrow and EQ2ZAM and EQ2Traders have been updated with the new crafted goodies, house items, new quest, and a totally new prestige house which have been added this year!

From EQ2 ZAM:

Tinkerfest, the Norrathian celebration of all things Gnomish, starts Friday! Your EQII ZAM staff has the scoop on the awesome new additions to this player favorite. 2014 brings back all the old activities and adds more rewards, house items, and recipes! There’s a new quest and new achievement. If you didn’t do so last year, be sure to unlock your tinkered mercenaries!

Tinkerfest 2014 will start July 25th and run through August 11th. Keep track of all your alts and every quest with our convenient Tinkerfest Quest Tracker!

From EQ2Traders:

It is after 2 a.m. – so just what is Mum still up to at this time of night? Well, Tinkerfest went onto Test in mid-afternoon, and I have been testing and writing, and writing, and re-verifying facts, and having my brains leak out my ears, and other fun stuff. I figured there would be zero way, with my fibro sleep issues, of getting to sleep before writing up the preview. With my luck, I would end up tossing and turning while mentally working on the story, so I might as well be up writing the story, right? Hopefully the story makes more sense than I do right now! Without further ado, here is Tinkerfest 2014: Skimming Along

EQ2 Wikia has not yet been updated for this year’s event.

Update Notes: Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Looks like all servers are coming down today, even though Tinkerfest will not be activated until Friday. From the EQ2 Forums.

ALL EverQuest 2 Servers will come down on July 22nd, 2014 at 7:00 AM Pacific Time for an update. The expected downtime is approximately two hours.


  • Tinkerfest begins 7/25!


  • Corrected an issue that prevented Aerakyn body drop treasure from dropping if the victim was below level 100.
  • Zordakalicus Ragefire – The target lock cast by Ragefire’s adds, Shock, has been changed. It should cast much less often, is no longer a curse or curable, and now has a 3 second duration.

Dealing With NBE-1013 Account Errors

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While getting the NBE-1013 error on an SOE account is certainly not a new occurrence, it seems that quite a few players have been experiencing it in the last hour or so in EQ2 as well as in Planetside 2. Here’s the error:

Error NBE-1013: We have detected there is a problem with access to this game. Please “click here” for possible solutions.

According to SeanF of SOE Tech Support, this is an individual account issue which must be fixed by Customer Service on a case-by-case basis:

This error code typically means there is a problem with your account that we will need to fix on our end. If you have not already done so, please submit a support ticket with us and we will be happy to assist you further.

UPDATE: It looks like this may have been a more widespread problem but people who were unable to login and had not yet submitted a ticket are already seeing that they’re able to login now. We’ll keep watch on this issue.

Final update from Luperza:

Merged all the threads together about this topic. (Might have missed a few. I’ll check on Monday when I get into work.)

We had an outage from 4:30 – 5:50 PM PDT. Our Platform Team was able to resolve the issue at 5:50 PM PDT and everything seems to be working fine now.

Please let us know if you are experience any further reports of this error.

Thank you for your patience and please enjoy the final hours of double guild experience!

Time to Revert Any Changes You Made to “Hosts” File

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If you made changes to your Hosts file last Tuesday to work around the DNS issues which impacted SOE games, websites, and forums, then it’s now time to undo those changes! At this point, your computer should have no difficulty finding SOE’s games and websites automatically without any manual entries. Further, by leaving manual entries, if SOE ever shuffles their IP addresses around, you will find yourself unable to play SOE games or visit their websites and not know why! lp.soe.com lvs-recap-01.station.sony.com manifest.patch.station.sony.com account.station.sony.com forums.station.sony.com assets.soe.com smetrics.soe.com auth.station.sony.com planetside2.com www.planetside2.com everquest2.com www.everquest2.com eq2.patch.station.sony.com census.soe.com data.soe.com

Please check your Hosts file (located at c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\Hosts) and make sure you don’t have any entries above. If you do, please remove them!!

Double Guild XP Weekend (July 18-20) and EQ2 Caption Contest for July

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As announced on this week’s EQ2 Insider webcast, this is a Double Guild XP Weekend! The event will run through 11:59pm Sunday night Pacific Daylight time.

EQ2 characters who complete writs, tradeskill work orders, completing certain quests, kill certain NPCs, or turn in status items receive Personal Status on their Character. 10% of that amount is also given to the character’s guild. For this Double Guild XP weekend, that amount doubles to 20%! Note that there is a rare Legends of Norrath-looted item which increases your normal amount to 11%. It’s unknown if that stacks this weekend.

Vigilant House Items (Food, etc.) on Loyalty Vendor July 29th, Age’s End x2 Aug 5th

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Looks like Age’s End x2 raid, currently on Test and Beta, is being pushed back a bit. From Holly “Windstalker” Longdale‘s twitter:


“Make Good” for DNS Issues — 2 Day Credit for All Access Members

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As an apology for the DNS issues which have prevented some players from connecting to SOE websites, forums, and games, SOE is granting All Access customers 2 free days of service. From the EQ2 Forums:

Hi everyone,

We deeply regret the recent service interruption that is currently impacting all SOE games.

As a thank you for your patience, we have added two days of membership time to all members’ accounts.

Thank you for playing EverQuest II.


New Priest Ability “Gather Remains” Coming in Future Game Update

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On Monday, EQ2 Mechanics Guru Xelgad teased a new priest ability called "Gather Remains":

At first, we assumed this would be a Prestige ability reserved for this fall's upcoming Altar of Malice expansion, however during today's EQ2 Insider webcast, Xelgad clarified that this ability was going to become available to priests "as soon as possible", after it clears QA, so likely in the next few weeks.

According to a followup tweet, the ability will apparently work Out of Combat only, but not require Line of Sight Feet:

Does this sound like a useful ability despite the 50 meter limit? Will you or your friends use it?

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