GU103 Livestream Round-Up!

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Coinciding with today’s launch of Game Update 103, Kyle “Kander” Vallee, Tony “RadarX” Jones, and Chris “Chrol” Garlick held a livestream on Facebook to walk through some of what players can experience in the update going live today. This is not an exact transcription of the livestream but a rough outline. The Livestream, which requires a Facebook account, can be viewed here.

Proving Grounds

We’re now seeing a demo of the new Proving Grounds which takes place in an instance of New Tunaria. As with the Battlegrounds server, characters are copied to the Proving Grounds server and participate in a group event which takes about 30 minutes depending on players’ knowledge of the boss strategy. You and the opposing group do not directly interact, but you can do things that affect the other group.

  • 1 zone to start, Battle of Felwithe
  • 1 zone to be added later (Pirate ship themed)
  • Gear is equalized, should be able to “Jump in and play” as a level 100. Skill-based.
  • Cross-server. Group up and compete across server! Editor’s Note: Proving Grounds works like Battlegrounds — characters are copied there and must wait for events to start to participate.
  • Will take around 30m-1hr to complete
  • Timed group challenge, you compete against another group. You can see the other group’s progress but you can’t interact.
  • Earn token currency, receive double if you’re a member.
  • Each boss kill earns a token, last boss is 2 tokens, 3 tokens for winning (double for members)
  • Proving ground lobby is old Battleground lobby. Merchants available for gear purchases with earned tokens.
  • Upgraded white (wantia) adorns will be available.
  • New orange slotted gear (ring, pants, and more)
  • Proving Ground teleporters are in your home city.
  • Missions are available, including a weekly mission for familiar crates.


Talking about Familiars. Some of them will have stats which are Overcap Stats meaning they can ignore the current in-game stats. There’s an in-game quest that grants your first Familiar.

  • Tertiary pet slot, takes its own space and does not interfere with any existing pet system.
  • Familiars are stat boosting, most are overcap related (i.e. Fervor & Crit Bonus overcap)
  • Currently 20 familiars, 2 ultra rare, 4 rare.
  • All ultra rare and rare familiars have “Abilities” i.e. damage shield or a heal “proc”
  • Some familiars use new models or “rare” existing monster models.
  • The familiar system will be improved upon and added to in future content updates.
  • There is a quest available in game to obtain your first familiar.
  • Familiars level with you, at 100 you receive their max benefit. They do not have a separate leveling system.
  • Drop in game, also available on station store. Familiars available on the station store have different appearances, but the same stat benefits.
  • Familiars work similar to mounts, they have a show/hide command as well as “equipped” and “appearance” options.
  • Familiars are now included in PQ, Mission, and Proving Ground reward crates.

Summer Ethereal Event

  • Not currently 100% decided on what they will be.
  • Currently, the choice of reward is between a best in slot belt or cloak, possibly with a class effect.
  • Best in slot cloak might include an adornment for the cloak only that has a class-specific effect.
  • Best in slot belt might follow the “Rallos Belt” system of combining belts for a better item.
  • Current goal is to launch Summer eth event with GU104/Fallen Gate

Account Wide Tithe

  • Goal is to be launched with summer ethereal event/GU104




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  • Kruzzen


    I think for Summer Ethereals I would rather see a best in slot belt. The crafting cloak is already pretty awesome, but belts have been harder to come by.


  • sonoske


    worse update ever this was the make it or break it for me.. so PEACE OUT !!


    • Mizgamer62


      It’s all down hill from now on….unfortunately 🙁


  • Mermut


    Proving Grounds, druids need not apply….


  • Wurm


    There is a quest available in game to obtain your first familiar.

    Where does this start? I talked to the 3 new npcs in the Crusader Cave but didn’t receive a quest from them.


  • Mandoblast


    In your home city outside of the battle grounds zone in. Pick up the quest there.


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