Game Update 103: The Managerie Now On Test

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A large portion of Game Update 103: The Managerie is now available for Testing on the Test server. Please note that it is not possible to COPY characters to the Test server. This will present an obvious roadblock to most for testing level 100 content unless you happen to have one of the 189 level 100 characters which has been active on Test in the last four months.

Here are some highlights from the Test Update Notes for May 2, 2017 from the EQ2 Forums:


  • Interested adventurers should search within Obulus Frontier for clues on how to begin this new quest. Good hunting!


  • Experts in the mysterious menagerie have discovered a subspecies of creatures that have been found to increase the master’s ability to channel greater power.
  • You can access the Familiar window via a tab in your character UI.


  • This update includes two new cooperative competition zones (Battle upon the High Seas and Battle for Felwithe) that allow groups of up to six to compete against each other in timed races to see who can complete the zones’ challenges first.
  • The fastest times for each round, currently set for seven days, will be recorded on a leader board.

Removed the Membership requirement from the following zones:

  • City of the Nayad [Advanced Solo]
  • City of the Nayad [Heroic], Scourge Keep [Advanced Solo]
  • Scourge Keep [Heroic], The Fabled Antechamber of Fate [Raid]
  • The Fabled Cavern of the Crustaceans [Raid]
  • The Fabled Chamber of Immortality
  • The Fabled Nizara
  • The Fabled Nizara
  • The Fabled Ruins of Varsoon
  • The Fabled Sanctum of Fear
  • The Fabled Temple of Cazic-Thule
  • The Fabled Xux’laio’s Roost [Raid]
  • Zek, the Scourge Wastes [Heroic]
  • Zek, the Scourge Wastes [Solo]
  • Zek, the Scourge Wastes: The Siege [Raid]

There are quite a few more test notes which can be found on the EQ2 Forums.

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  • Quelaag


    > Removed the Membership requirement from the following zones:

    Awesome! I didn’t hear that they were going to do this. Though I suppose it makes sense that it’d be removed eventually.


  • EQ3orGoAway




  • CoLDMeTaL


    More good stuff for people with high resolve! Gratz!


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