GU103 Livestream: Tuesday, May 9th, 10AM PDT

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From the EQ2 Forums:

The GU 103: The Menagerie stream will start on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 10AM PDT (17:00 UTC)and we would like to invite YOU to join us!

We’ll be doing this stream from Facebook Live, and you can tune in

Join members of the team as they explore this new content and talk more about Proving Grounds and Familiars!

What’s in this update you ask? Check out Kander’s Candor to see what’s coming up for EverQuest II.

We look forward to hanging out with you next week!


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Comments (6)

  • Mermut


    If the LiveStream is on May 9th, does that mean the release of GU103 is moved back to even later?
    Or are they livestreaming the same day as the release for some reason?


    • Feldon


      There’s a basket and a certain quantity of eggs involved.


  • Golum


    Well since everything is down again, doubt this happens…seriously… 🙄


  • Mizgamer62


    Feldon, do you know if the 100 character bauble is a use it or lose it item, or can we kept it until we feel like using it?


    • Feldon


      I don’t know. Might be a good question for Discord.


  • Runkimberlyrun


    Returning player here..

    I’m also wondering about the bauble. I’m all set to use the KA one on one of my toons, but only two on my main account are below 100/100 and with this new one, it means either abandoning my questing or immediately using a chronomage. I’d hate to lose the chance though. I have vivid memories of spending days and days running the same dungeons over and over for the other guys.

    Here’s something I’d buy: a 100 bauble for tradeskill level. Reason being that 100 isn’t important all by itself. You still need your factions to be effective and the bonuses from daily quests.

    One of my favorite classes is coercer and I’m noticing that the possessed essence of (x) pet, it doesn’t get my resolve level, not even a portion of it, not even if I possess my own essence. So doing a pet pull with it is pointless since it’s down to 1/2 health in the first moment of battle and dies before it comes back to me (coercer doesn’t get a dimensional pocket). So basically my necro is getting the 100 boost, though I’m not certain that the pet gets my resolve levels, it is at least a well respected pet and gets developer attention.

    One thing I’m noticing now that I’m playing more EQ2 is that the community is smaller so things like updates to the skill caps in wiki’s are no longer well updated. I’m having a heck of a time figuring out what the Ability mod cap for mage’s is. I’m basically down to reforging until the % goes below 50 and making a note of the number. Most resources say “as much as possible, but the cap is 50%.” That’s probably because back when it was written, reaching 50% was a raid gear only possibility. Either that or there is some other benefit to AM that I haven’t read about yet.

    I’m also noticing random bugs like half the time I can’t see things like cloaks in the dressing room… there are places where the map just bugs and I see nothing on it, then I move away and I see the map again (eq2map ui mod)… the harvesting nodes are practically invisible until I’m 12 units away from it, and this time, I can’t even tab to it and see the target arrow from farther away, it simply isn’t loading/present until I’m that close, ditto for certain mobs (although in most places I’m op for the area with resolve so it doesn’t kill me at least)… don’t remember these issues from before.

    I’m riding it out thinking of course they will crop up in maintenance, but now my husband is saying he has one of these bugs too… the most annoying one is when chat boxes either insist on opening up on every log in or when they close for no reason and there’s no way to get it back other than full reset of the ui. (Can’t open the Main Chat window or Combat window if it closes, no ui command for it that I know of.) So if it’s maintenance, please maintain it.

    I’m still getting my “sea legs” upon returning so I can’t say much about the new stuff. I always have a bad reaction to major changes so I won’t bother to whine now about stuff that may be obsolete by the time I care about it. It does concern me that people who complain are seen as troublemakers now instead of honest players who are upset about something. Art seems to be imitating life.

    While gamers are known for trolling and complaining about every change, many things I complained about years ago have been fixed now so the flack I was taking for “whining” was ultimately wrong, otherwise why was it fixed? Such as, I’ve been shouted down no less than 10 times, probably more for saying that rares are too rare, especially in lower zones where you have to make mastercraft just to keep up with reasonable dps if you’re not powerleveling. So I come back and find… bingo, where I was getting 1 rare per 10 nodes before, I am getting 1 per 2 nodes now. And that includes phantom sea which I’m a bit surprised by. But considering the nodes there are practically stealthed, I’m grateful for it. When it comes to stealth nodes I think the problem is the scale of the nodes is too small, and the graphics driver waits to draw it. Just a hunch, but if so, should be an easy fix.

    Sorry this is long… tldr is: 1. Resolve will probably get an adjustment sometime in the future, if the behavior of my coercer pet is to be believed. 2. Please maintain the random bugs. 3. Thank you for finally listening to those who complained about things, even if it took years.

    I’d add: what happened to some of the visual graphics for items? I thought some of it looked cooler than it does now. Probably saving database space?

    Also, the “heroic / solo” mob designation is completely losing its meaning. Ordinary mobs in new-Zek will decimate you if you have no resolve, they behave like heroics. Personally I think that’s an issue because it breaks Consider.

    And I’m thankful for the new starting zones, it encourages me to play through just to see them. I’m surprised at how much content I missed before, so I’m not in any hurry to get back into the endgame. Finally the story is making sense to me about the Awakened, the Underfoot, Ethermere, the Dragons, the Akheva, etc. During the POW era, since I wasn’t raiding the story made very little sense. I’m glad to see more of the story in the signature quests.

    The Resolve issue is easy to resolve. Everyone’s fervour/resolve can be set to 0, mobs too, anywhere other than ToT or later. Although I can see how dueling would be an issue, other than that I can’t see why that isn’t the case already. Actually it would be interesting to see how a duel would work differently in the different areas.

    Mkay enough about me. Happy playing!


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