EQ2U Updated with Terrors of Thalumbra Quests, Recipes!

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We are happy to report that our update of EQ2U Players for the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion is now complete. We have loaded all of the Quest data for the expansion, including the new Signature lines, adventure, and tradeskill quests. This required updating Factions, Zones, Rewards, and QuestGiver info. This brings us up to 12,183 Quests on EQ2U. We have also re-imported Recipes and can now report that we have 30,948 Recipes on EQ2U. We’re missing 3 and have submitted a bug report on this.

You can see what else we did to update EQ2U in our article from last week.

NOTE: The EQ2 team and Platform have been invaluable in getting us this data and ensuring that the EQ2 Census data API is available and accurate.

EQ2U Updated for Terrors of Thalumbra

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EQ2U has received several updates since the launch of Terrors of Thalumbra:

  • Loaded all Terrors of Thalumbra Recipes*.
  • Loaded all Terrors of Thalumbra Collections.
  • Extended the Lore & Legend page to include Cepholex, Fathomlurker, and Poxfiend.
  • Updated Guild Achievements.
  • Added RELIC, PRESTIGE, etc. flags to item popups and details.
  • Added INFUSED support to equipped items on the Character Details page.
  • Updated Item Search to include RELIC, PRESTIGE, etc. flags. We’re evaluating turning the flags menu into a row of checkboxes to allow the selection of multiple flags.
  • Updated Tradeskill Report to include the 21 new quests in the Terrors of Thalumbra Tradeskill Signature quest line (and a side quest line).
  • Guild Search now goes to Level 150.

What’s left to do:

  • Load all the Terrors of Thalumbra Quests
  • Load Recipes again after tomorrow’s patch to see if the few missing ones come through.

All of this would not be possible without Dave “Maevianiu” Kish on the EQ2 team adding the necessary extra bits of information, as well as support from Platform in exporting and updating data. By the way, I have updated the EQ2 Census API Forums to include all the necessary documentation for other fansites to support this data.

Dragon’s Armory Updated For Terrors of Thalumbra

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Dedith, creator of the Dragon’s Armory website, has posted an update regarding his EQ2 fansite. He now supports equipped items which have been Infused, as well as further clarification of which stats are available or disabled on Time-Locked Expansion servers.

From the EQ2 Forums:

While I do update the news at Dragon’s Armory, I’m certain many folks have their characters linked in directly. So, I am taking the time to post here to let folks know of updates that have recently been applied:

  • Terrors of Thalumbra support

I’ve added support to show on each worn item the details of any infusion applied to that item. Here on the front tab of my shield, you can see the details of both the Deity and Physical modification layers.

Continue reading the announcement on the EQ2 Forums.

Visit Dragon’s Armory!

GuildPortal Shutting Down By November 30th

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Six weeks ago, GuildPortal, the community site for guilds of over 100 supported games, went offline due to a domain registration issue. This followed a multi-day outage this summer that remains unexplained. However these outages were eventually remedied and we assumed the site would resume operations for the foreseeable future. Yet last night, a terse notice was added to the top of GuildPortal:

NOTICE: GuildPortal will be going offline (permanently) by the end of the month.

We can only speculate on the reasons for the site’s imminent closure. After 14 years, maintaining the site may no longer bring any enjoyment to owner Aaron Lewis. The site’s revenue through premium subscriptions ($90/yr per guild) may no longer justify continued development. The site removed advertisements for free guilds in 2005 so only premium guilds support the site.

EQ2 Census 101 — Intro to EverQuest II Data Feeds

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elf image courtesy grillghod

On Sunday, October 4th, I hosted my first Twitch livestream, talking about Daybreak Games‘ awesome Census API service and how it empowers EverQuest II, DC Universe Online, and PlanetSide 2 fans to create powerful and dynamic websites and mobile apps. This month marks the four year anniversary of Daybreak Games offering nearly unfettered access to rapidly updated static and dynamic data from its games. The depth and quality of this information is unparalleled and possibly unique in the industry.

This livestream is rather Technical in nature and lays the foundation of how to request EQ2 data through Census calls. A followup stream will build upon this foundation and create a rudimentary Guild Roster website in PHP language.

I’ve edited the 72 minute livestream down, removing a few dull bits, an exploration of a feature which it turns out has been removed (oops!), and also blanking out my misbehaving webcam which displayed static for approximately 5 minutes towards the latter half of the program. I suggest popping out the video (it’s in full 1080p) so that the query calls can be more easily be read…

Learn About EQ2 Data (Census) — Sunday October 4th @ 1pm PDT

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It’s hard to believe this month marks four years that the EQ2 Census service has been in continuous operation. Over that time, there have been just a handful of EQ2 websites that use the service, including Roster Master, EQ2 MissionDragon’s Armory and our own EQ2U. However Daybreak’s generous offer of this data was always intended for anyone who was interested in data analysis, or the building of websites and mobile apps. By comparison, DCUO and PlanetSide 2 each have over a dozen websites and mobile apps leveraging this data.

Tomorrow, October 4th, I’ll be hosting a webcast on Twitch to walk through how Census works, how you can request EQ2 data, and what you can do with this data once you have it. In a future webcast, I’ll then go over how to create a simple website that pulls back EQ2 characters and guilds and displays a roster.

Keep in mind that this will be my first Twitch livestream so there may be a few hitches.

UPDATE: The livestream started on Sunday October 4th at 1:00pm PDT. That’s 4:00pm EDT, 23:00 BST, and Monday October 5th @ 0:00 CET. It concluded after 1 hour 10 minutes. Thank you very much to those who joined me for this livestream. We’ll be posting the video and PowerPoint very soon.

EQ2U: Introducing the Tradeskill Report!

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In its eleven year history, EverQuest II has accumulated a large cache of Tradeskill content. Over the years, various Spreadsheets have been created to track player progress in these quest lines. Even with these tools, a lot of tedious back-and-forth between the in-game Quest Journal and sites like EQ2 ZAM and Wikia is necessary to ensure that every quest has been completed. Until now.

For the last two days, EQ2 decorating maven “Jazabelle” of Homes and Tomes and I have developed a new Tradeskill Report feature which allows crafters to track the progress of all their characters on over 270 tradeskill quests at the touch of a button.

To access this new feature, simply search for an EQ2 character and then click the new “TS Report” tab on the far right side. If you are a registered user of EQ2U, then you may click the “TS Report” button under any character group on the front page of the site.


The Details feature gives you a breakdown of every Tradeskill quest that a character has done with quick links to EQ2U, ZAM, and Wikia so you can work towards the completion of your checklist.

EQ2Wire and EQ2U Maintenance September 2015 — COMPLETE!

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UPDATE: We’re happy to report that our maintenance completed this morning at 4:15am and so far we’re seeing no issues (knock on wood). This server does seem quite a bit faster than what we had. Amazing what a faster CPU and SSD will do. :)

Daybreak Games aren’t the only ones doing  maintenance today. EQ2U and EQ2Wire will be undergoing maintenance starting at 12:01am EDT and we’re hoping the downtime will be limited to 3-5 hours. An opportunity has presented itself to upgrade to a significantly faster server with the same host at roughly the same price. The first step is a hardware migration. In the coming weeks, we will have additional upgrades that will bring our operating system, database, and web server software up to date.

EQ2U Leaderboards Extended to Include PvP Stats, More to Come!

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We’ve had Leaderboards functionality on EQ2U for about a year now but we didn’t provide PvP leaderboard tracking…until now! In honor of the new Time-Locked Expansion Deathtoll PvP server which has so far been incredibly popular, we’ve added City Kills, Wild Kills, and Deaths for PvP servers on our Leaderboards. We’re also working with the EQ2 team to add some additional stats to track.



If you haven’t checked out our Leaderboards feature, we show the top 100 characters on each server and worldwide for a variety of stats for die-hard crafters, questers, harvesters, collectors, and achievement-chasers!

Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator Rises From the Ashes!

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In 2011, Dethdlr launched his powerful Adornment Calculator for EQ2. Not only did this tool allow players to see all the adornments applicable to their equipment slots, but it also enabled them to pick their desired adornments in white, red, and yellow and then produce a shopping/crafting list of everything needed to craft, earn, and buy those adornments! The development of the Adornment Calculator also fostered a partnership between Feldon and Dethdlr that eventually led to the development of EQ2U.

Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator v2

Because Adornments in EQ2 can come from so many different zones and places, and because crafting them requires a variety of tokens, components, and specialty fuels, trying to keep them all straight without some kind of Excel spreadsheet or website is all but impossible. This complexity is ultimately what motivated Dethdlr to come back and resurrect the calculator. So after four years and much prodding, Dethdlr has gone back to a white piece of paper and rewritten the Adornment Calculator for a new era of White, Purple, and Cyan adornments. It’s not only been built from the ground up, but it is now database-driven, solving one of the biggest problems with the original version. The new calculator can be extended as new adornments, colors, and types are added.

EQ2U Gets a Dedicated Contact Form

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Over the last few months, Dethdlr and I have discovered a some surprisingly obvious bugs on EQ2U which we can only guess at least one player noticed, but then couldn’t find an easy way to contact us, so the bug remained unfixed. To address this, we’ve added a dedicated Contact Us form for registered users of EQ2U.

With this new form, we are hoping to hear from anyone who just wants to give us feedback about the site, pose a suggestion, or of course let us know if they find any issues with the site! It is through player suggestions that features such as Gear Report have been added and we’d love to hear from you!


EQ2U: Gear Sets, Gemmed Gear Gadget, and Gear Report

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Here are our recent updates to our EQ2U Players site which are all about keeping up with the Joneses!!

Gemmed Gear Gadget

The Altar of Malice expansion builds upon the itemization changes begun with Tears of Veeshan. The number of “stat packages” gives players more choices in their gear selections, especially for fighters and certain priest classes. Also with the introduction of upgrade gems, it’s more important than ever to keep all the sets of gear straight! To respond to this need, we’ve introduced a “Gemmed Gear Gadget” page to EQ2U.


This new Gemmed Gear Gadget page lets you pick a Class, an AoM Gem Color, and either a Slot or a Stat Package and then see all the matching item examine windows for all the max gemmed gear. The Stat Package buttons change based on which archetype you choose. As soon as matching armor pieces are discovered by players, they’ll be added to this page.

NOTE: Dethdlr is not to blame for the banner graphic or naming of this feature. That would fall to me and my fond memories of a certain Disney afternoon TV show. ;)

After the jump Gear Sets and Gear Report updates…

EQ2Wire and EQ2U Get the Norrathian Spotlight!

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After 7 years in operation, we’re getting our moment in the sun!

EQ2 Community maven Racheal “Afista has posted our very own Norrathian Spotlight on the EQ2 Forums:


There are many amazing players in the EverQuest 2 community that spend time making the game more enjoyable for their fellow players. These players host events, create guides, run fan sites, provide feedback, answer questions, and/or design items and houses for everyone to enjoy. In the Norrathian Spotlight, we want to highlight some of these amazing individuals that make our community a fabulous place to be!

We asked for players to nominate fellow gamers they feel make a positive difference in the community and we’ve received a lot of forum posts and e-mails about some amazing people! In this Norrathian Spotlight article, we’re highlighting Feldon, a player who has contributed to the community by helping players in-game, answering questions on the forums, and creating the EQ2Wire and EQ2U fan sites.

Continue reading the SOE Spotlight about EQ2Wire/EQ2U at the EQ2 Forums! >>

EQ2U Updated for Altar of Malice Expansion

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The new Spells page on EQ2U

Our EQ2U Players site has been updated for EverQuest II’s Altar of Malice expansion! These updates include:

  • Alternate Advancements/Prestige tree data completely reloaded. We now handle the new “Class Prestige” (Adventure) and “Far Seas Prestige” (Tradeskill) trees.
  • Item, Character, Guild, and Recipe Searches Up to Level 100
  • Character Spells now go to level 100, support Ancients, and link directly to the Expert and Grandmaster recipe pages!
  • Recipe data extended to include 96-100 recipes
  • Grandmaster recipes reloaded
  • Added Urzarach and Allu’thoa Lore & Legend quests to Lore & Legend tab.
  • EQ2U Signatures are no longer capped at 320AAs.

We are still working on Equipment Sets (a new EQ2 feature allowing up to 10 Adventure and 10 Appearance gear sets). We will be updating the standalone Spells pages (Search -> Spells & Combat Arts) to link to Recipes. And we anticipate receiving updated Quest data in the near future after all the secrets of the expansion have been unlocked.

Watch the EQ2U / Dragon’s Armory panel from SOE Live 2014!

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At long last we’ve tweaked and poked and edited together this year’s SOE Live 2014 panel “Leveraging EQ2 Data Feeds”. This panel was hosted by Dedith of Dragon’s Armory, Dethdlr and Morgan Feldon of EQ2U, Douglas “Endymion” from the EQ2 team, and Zoltaroth lead programmer of Landmark. We talk about Quests and Leaderboards and answer player questions and suggestions:

We will be working hard tomorrow to support the rollout of the Altar of Malice expansion.

EQ2Wire, Dragon’s Armory, EQ2 Raid Council Get-Together @ 5:00pm

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If you read EQ2Wire, can’t live without EQ2U, depend on Dragon’s Armory, or participate in the EQ2 Raid Council, come hang with us at Planet Dailies on Thursday afternoon at 4:00-pm-5:30pm before the Welcome Reception. DethdlrFeldonDedithKander, and Gninja will be in attendance.

Time moved to 5:00-6:15pm because I’m a noob!

We’ve updated our SOE Live Schedule App for Android, Windows phone, etc. It’s actually quite tricky to get the app to load its new data, as we designed it to not require an internet connection once it’s loaded. I suggest deleting the SOELive Daily app from your home screen and then visit http://dev.eq2wire.com/m/ on your phone and redo the “Add to Home Screen” step, you should get the new version. The correct version should show version 1.25 with update date of August 12, 2014.

EQ2Wire’s Seventh Year Covering SOE Live and EverQuest II

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Has it really been another year? Next week, EQ2Wire will be (where else?) in Las Vegas for our seventh SOE Live covering EverQuest II. This looks to be a light year for EQ2, with only 5 events to cover and no Tradeskill, Lore, or Itemization panels this time around.

You can read the official SOE Live 2014 Schedule here, but scroll down to see the list of panels I will be attending, with notations of which panels I will be Liveblogging and Filming. Blogging an accurate transcription of a Q&A panel in realtime is almost impossible, so this year I will be focusing on getting a good 720p HD video recording of as many panels as possible and will then post them in the week after SOE Live. Please note that all times are Pacific Daylight Time.

Dethdlr and I will also be on hand to talk about EQ2Wire and EQ2U on the show floor as well as at our own panel alongside Dedith of Dragon’s Armory. This year, we’ll be talking less about the history of our websites and more about how players can improve their characters using all the tools we provide. We’ll also be going over our new Quest Journal and Checklist features which are currently in public beta.

EQ2U Quests Beta is now Open to All!

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Dethdlr and I are happy to announce that Quests are now available as an Open Beta on EQ2U! Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Quests now appears under the Search menu
  • A Quests tab has been added to the EQ2U Quick Search box on the homepage
  • View your Active Quest Journal for any of your EQ2 characters
  • View a Checklist of all 11,564 quests in EQ2 and see your character’s progress on those quests (Active, Complete, or Never Started)
  • Items which offer a quest when examined now show the quest name and link to it
  • Items which are required by a quest show the quest name and link to it

How do I access Beta? Do I have to sign up?

All you have to do is load up the EQ2U Dev site. You do not need to sign up or apply for beta as everyone will have access this weekend.

Known Issues

There are over 5,000 “duplicate” quests which have the same names but different details. For now, we are hiding these, but for quest completionists, we provide a button “Show Duplicate Quests”. We will be working to try to pare down some of these dupes.

There is no way for the EQ2 team to provide us data on which quests have been “removed from the game” because of how many different places you can get quests from (an NPC, a spawncamp, an item, just walking into an area, etc.). We will be looking at ways to crowdsource this data from the EQ2 player community.

What happened to Collection (shinies) data?

The EQ2 team is always looking at game performance both at the server and client end. Most of the work on Collections is done, but it’s on hold until later this year. Here’s Endymion‘s comment on the subject:

Collection data will be made available at some point, but the next major census task will be to resolve some inefficiencies in the export process. I can’t give an estimate on when that will be unfortunately, as I have a lot of non-census tasks that require my attention.

Special Thanks

Thanks to EQ2 Developer Endymion at SOE for working tirelessly on adding Quest data and making sure it exports all the goodies we asked for. Thanks to Dellmon (Unrest), Jeehi (Everfrost), Faelen (Butcherblock) and Leaha (Permafrost) for their feedback and bug reports!

Quest Journal Sneak Preview on EQ2U!

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Thought I’d post a preview screenshot of something we’ve been working on for EQ2U for the last little while…

This shows my Active Quest Journal side-by-side with an in-progress quest, which just shows how much of a slacker I am on getting quests done!

Come back later today and I’ll have a screenshot of Quest Search as well as the Quest Checklist which shows EVERY quest in a Category (there are over 200) and then shows the progress of your character on all those quests.

Oh and I’m really dating myself with this but…

Update Notes: Thursday, May 29, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • The first round of Battlegrounds matchmaker fixes is live!
  • Teams will now be more fair numbers wise. No more 24 reds against 3 blues!
  • NOTE: teams could be a little off if not everyone picked to be on your team accepts the match. However, backfills will go to the lowest team first so as more people queue to fill in the backfills it will work to even up the teams.
  • The getting dropped into Champion’s Respite instead of going straight to your match from your home server is still not fixed.
  • If you are chronomentoring on your home server when you accept a battlegrounds match, you will have your chronomentor session restored to you when you return at no cost.
  • When you enter a battlegrounds match you will get put into your team’s respawn instead of being dropped in the middle of the map.
  • Backfilled players will be put on the team with the fewest total number of players.
  • Players who queue as a group will all be placed on the same team. However, the order in the group/raid window will not be maintained.

EQ2Wire Forum Signature Contest Winners!

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On December 18th, I announced our Forum Signature Design Contest which would allow players to submit artwork and designs for EQ2U-driven signatures which players can post on the EQ2 forums, guild forums, and anywhere else they choose. Here we are 4 weeks later, and I’m happy to announce the winners of the contest.

First up, Ainaree of Antonia Bayle submitted the winning entry which you can view below:


I really liked how clean and easy it is to read, with great use of the headshot imagery, and good display of both adventure and crafter classes and levels.

Next up, Ajiope submitted these two dramatic entries:



I found these to be visually interesting, and a nice break from the current signature style, while providing players with some nice new options.

Last but certainly not least, Basel Noire of the Underground Decorating Society on Antonia Bayle submitted this entry:


Basel Noire put a stylized flair on her entry which I think will prove irresistible for some readers.

A heartfelt congratulations to all the winners! Basel and Ajiope receive 1,000SC each, while Ainaree will receive an EQ2Wire polo shirt and 2,000SC! I’ll be working with our three winners to get these into new Signature choices for EQ2U!

Timing is Everything

If you wanted to enter the contest and ran out of time, or just wanted to submit an idea for a signature graphic, please feel free to e-mail me at morgan (at) eq2wire.com with your artwork and I’ll be happy to look at it!

EQ2U Gains Full Recipe Support — Search, Details, Known Recipes

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Last month, we introduced a Known Recipes and Recipe Books feature, however it was lacking the some optimization and was affecting the overall performance of the site, so we temporarily took the feature offline.

I’m thrilled to announce that not only have we completed the optimization and restored these features, but we have also added full support for Recipes throughout EQ2U, including Recipe Search and Recipe Details!


Search for Recipes at EQ2U!

If you have not read it, please read our past article:
Crack the Books with Recipes on EQ2U

after the jump, our EQ2U Recipes FAQ…

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