Update Notes: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Added infusion stats to census output.
  • Added prestige flag to census output.
  • Added infusable flag to census output.
  • Added relic flag to census output.


  • Beastlord and Channeler Trainers have returned to Freeport and Qeynos.

Thalumbra, the Ever Deep

  • Clockwork rodents for the “Dismantle Ten Rats” quest should no longer damage players who are not actively part of the quest or a member of a group who is.

Kralet Penumbra

  • Corrected the spawn time on boss encounters.
  • Added multiple achievements to heroic zones in Penumbra.

Kralet Penumbra: Rise to Power

  • Xacx-Kahda now gives a message 3 seconds before Mindspout is cast.

Maldura: Palace Foray

  • Dragoon Z’Koz will no longer murder himself out of spite.

Maldura: Bhoughbh’s Folly [X2 Raid]

  • Corrected an issue that caused Bhoughbh to blow up the raid force even after they destroy the correct pylons.
  • Tunare’s Grace and Nature’s Cleanse no longer cure Grease Spray.

Maldura: Forge of Ashes [Raid]

  • Players can no longer right-click cancel “Touch of Maldura” in the Captain encounters.
  • When exiting the zone you will now be placed at the new entrance location within the Mushroom Bar in Maldura.
  • Dellmun and Cronnin should no longer hit pets with the damage from Fearful Axe and Frightful Hammer.


  • Adornment Reclamation may be purchased from any class trainers.
  • Clara’s Chaotic Cacophony should no longer spam requires level 100 for characters under level 100.
  • Fixed some abilities causing Summoners to ‘abandon camp’.


  • a fathomlurker shiny seeker – description now specifies that it requires “fertilizer treasure from Thalumbra”.
  • Corrected an issue with range weapons having a poor damage rating.
  • Some daggers which were looking for the non-existent Dagger skill, will now look for the piercing skill.
  • Dhalgar Precipice of the Deep house portals now also have an appearance for good aligned homes.


  • Adjusted the spawn points on some tradeskill collectibles that were floating in the air or colliding with other objects.
  • Thaumic material should now correctly display as level 100.
  • Adjusted spawns of a couple bush harvests in Thalumbra.
  • Weaponsmith recipes for malduran bodkin arrows and broadhead arrows now make the correct arrows.
  • Harvest goblins and gatherers should no longer trap quite so many pelts.
  • Guildhall tradeskill writgivers will now correctly complete level 100 rush orders.
  • Overclocked Automated Combine Harvester will now display the correct stats for characters of all levels.
  • Corrected a bug that prevented gear dropped in the new agnostic dungeons from being salvaged.
  • The guildhall tradeskill writgiver now offers jewelers level 100 writs.
  • Martial deepstone cloak and mitigating deepstone cloak are now correctly crafted on sewing tables .
  • Fixed some typos in tradeskill quest/item dialog.


  • Underdepths Saga: Zaphardt’s Defenders – Upgrading the undertok sentries is now an update shared with other players of your alignment.
  • Underdepths Saga: Chaos and Malice – A guard present in front of the locked gate to the Palace of Unity now tells players that are trying to speak with Brytthel, they must first help save the Queen.
  • Troubador’s may now claim an off hand weapon from What Lies Beneath. If you have completed What Lies Beneath but did not receive this weapon you may purchase this weapon from Thalnor.
  • Level 100, evil players that have not yet started “Underdepths Saga: Into Darkness” now get some direction from Viti Bipklang in Neriak.
  • Level 100, good players that have not yet started “Underdepths Saga: Into Darkness” now get some direction from Zeen Corblecog in Kelethin.

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Comments (7)

  • Liftik


    Still no fix for zoning / reforge reset issue? i know not everyone experiences this, but for those who do, it’s infuriating.

    (for those who haven’t experienced it, you reforge gear (seemingly only new ToT gear), and you zone, it ‘resets’ , restoring the gear to original stats, and flushes your plat down toilet.)


    • Mermut


      From what I’ve been seeing in the forums it seems to be only when reforging into potency?


  • Breanna


    Wish they had fixed the Progression stuff! All of it seems to have reset. Except our personal. So on day 1 we killed stuff but it now reset on guild window. lol so now we aren’t listed as top 3 anymore! bah hum bug 🙂


    • Feldon


      Guild Achievements are being fixed. Right now, every time you kill the mob, it resets the date to today. Will add a note to eq2u.


  • Breanna


    Ah thank you for the info on guild achievements 🙂

    So is anyone else not to thrilled with the new raid gear? I love the quest line and the nice up grades u get even my alts are playable again. But the raid gear seems lacking.


  • twisty


    Feldon, since relic flag has been added to Census could you please add it as a search parameter under “Flag” drop down?

    I’d love to simply check out “all relic items out there”. If you had a secret-sauce link to achieve the same in the meantime that’d be great too!



    • Feldon


      Added it to my list.


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