Follow the Race to Trakanon As It Happens!

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With the advent of the EQ2 Census service which allows us to build websites like EQ2U and Dragon’s Armory, we’re able to track the progress of players on the new limited-time Race to Trakanon server as events unfold. If you want to check things out as they happen, click on the button below to taken to our EQ2U Race to Trakanon Leaderboards page:


The Race to Trakanon server is also included in our EQ2U Leaderboards site which lets you see PvE, Quests, Collections, Crafted Items, Rare Harvests, and other trackables as characters complete them. Check it out!

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  • Revekk


    Well done on putting this together. Very cool!


  • Archangel


    When the first special server/TLE launched, ‘everyone’ I talked to created characters there.

    The RtT announcement got a meh response. Then there was a smattering of interest after the announcement of the account wide bonus mount.

    “EQ2U Leaderboards”
    “Last Updated: 07/14/2016 @ 17:19pm EDT*
    4310 Characters created in the 50 hours since Race to Trakanon began!”

    Does the “Characters created” count feel like 1-5% of the U.S. subscriber base?

    Does it look like level 50 character(s) by the end of this week?

    Does it look like level 80 character(s) by the end of next week?

    Beautiful job on the Leaderboard.


    “Well, I like it! Not many people have an appreciation for the classics these days.”
    Ruby Rose, RWBY


  • ElBarto


    This is amazing! Well done


  • Noctew


    Very well done, Feldon! Thanks!


  • Wirewhisker


    What if they held a race and nobody ran it?


  • Kenku


    Curious if the Dragons Armory is working for RTT server? I can’t seem to get the “spells” tab to actually load and populate a list.


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