EQ2U Gets a Dedicated Contact Form

Written by Feldon on . Posted in EQ2 Data & EQ2U

Over the last few months, Dethdlr and I have discovered a some surprisingly obvious bugs on EQ2U which we can only guess at least one player noticed, but then couldn’t find an easy way to contact us, so the bug remained unfixed. To address this, we’ve added a dedicated Contact Us form for registered users of EQ2U.

With this new form, we are hoping to hear from anyone who just wants to give us feedback about the site, pose a suggestion, or of course let us know if they find any issues with the site! It is through player suggestions that features such as Gear Report have been added and we’d love to hear from you!


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  • Narsikus


    Now we just need a dedicated EQ2U forum!!! That would be a great place to record findings like on the new quests feature – I’ve been going back and trying to knock out a bunch of old ones and could comment on which ones don’t seem to be available any longer that are still showing in eq2u “Never” list from “quest checklist”.

    I know Gaeliege has a bunch of info on the official forums about old quests, but they may not be directly tied to what’s showing in EQ2U – which is my new source for available quests in the zones since Fluffy Questlist is no longer working right.

    Just a thought.


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