On Test: Housing Leaderboards, Moonlight Enchantments, Quest Fixes, and Recipe Clutter?

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The Test server was updated last night with a number of tweaks, fixes, and improvements.

First up, the Housing and Leaderboards windows have been merged into a new megawindow. From Ahma:

We’ve added a new window: Housing and Leaderboards. This UI element, which can be accessed via the EQII menu and from the Housing and Leaderboards buttons to the right of the EQII menu, combines some old windows and allows easy access to many housing related features. It allows you to manipulate all your current houses, browse and buy new houses, visit houses associated with the current zone you are in, and view the current housing leaderboards. Please check it out and give us your feedback!

Next, the monthly Moonlight Enchantments event is gaining 2 new quests and 23 new item rewards:

  • “Comforting Confections” – Speak with Shasta Evergreen in the Enchanted Zygomyd Grotto
  • “Blooming Good Tea” – Speak with Odeyana in the Enchanted Fay Grotto

This one is not actually on Test, but Caith is seeking feedback on Tradeskill Recipes, specifically whether “temporary” recipes like Quest recipes and Daily Mission recipes should be auto-deleted from recipe books to reduce clutter. Some characters have upwards of 7,000 recipes and this adds to loading time when zoning and using crafting tables:

Since we have seen some feedback on quest recipes auto deleting themselves from your recipe book, I wanted to use this thread to discuss the pro’s and cons of doing so, and whether or not the tradeskill community as a whole feels this feature is generally having a positive or negative impact.

Previously, quest recipes once scribed were left in your recipe book permanently. This allowed you to always have access to the recipe as long as you have ever had access to the recipe previously. The downside of this is the ever expanding size of a recipe book, which effects zoning and load times as well as simply leaving ever more recipes to search through.

Currently on a few quests, such as the daily tradeskill apprentice mission, the recipes used in the quest will remove themselves from your recipe book as soon as you turn in the quest. This allows us to clean up recipes that are not used outside of a specific quest, which will overall reduce the size of a recipe book, allowing us to remove quest recipes that do not serve a purpose outside of the quest that they are used for.

Before we make any further changes, we would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.

and finally, it looks like some much-needed fixes are currently on Test and I guess we’ll see some or all of these go Live on Tuesday. Maybe I’ll be able to complete the Cobalt Scar questlines with my ranger:

  • Meru should no longer mysteriously die during Gifts From Prexus.

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Comments (5)

  • Madcat


    Tradeskill recipe :

    the auto delete look to be a poor excuse that i dont buy. I have a sage with max recipe and yes i m arround 7000 recipe. And what i dont see any difference between this toon and my 8 other crafter. There i NO difference at all when i log, when i search my recipe…

    If they really care about this then, put 2 recipe books, one for craft, one for special quest.

    It’s always the same excuse they use for do not allow to track collectible that you need (broker or depot). Because there is too many ! lie, i played a lot of game where they can track it very well just one exemple Rift, i want a relic (collectible) the broker there allow me to see only one i need. EQ cant, why ? it’s the game or the team ? other game can.

    Beside that yes keep an old recipe is useless, but i learned it so i should be able to craft it at my please… Put it in another tab linked to quest journal. A knowledge book ?

    What is the purpose of a database if you cant filter thing on a small piece like 7000 items. If it cant change it !


  • uberfuzzy


    Because Rift’s broker/sales database was properly designed to be part of the game from the start? EQ2’s was bolted on quite a bit later after launch, and actually exists outside of the game, and largely hasnt changed much since.

    Even the broker UI has about 10k worth of XML crap left over from various old phases of use (like the wonderful “stand in your house with the market board open to sell stuff” mode)


  • Aaen


    I hope they allow us to keep all our old recipes. I like to keep them for historical record. I think this is especially for a lot of us veteran players who have been playing since launch. It can serve as a nice reminder as to all the quests and special events we’ve gone through.


  • name (required)


    i used to collect every recipe possible, as a sport, as a personal competition. but everytime im zoning for up to 5 minutes i whish i would have never collected them.


  • Foodcity


    Just so they don’t accidentally do it, lets hope they don’t remove the recipe’s for the Earring of the Solstice and the Shawl quests if they do that…..


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