EverQuest II: Chains of Eternity Zone Preview

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Art, Appearance, Housing, Expansion News

From the EQ2 Forums:

EverQuest II is preparing to launch its ninth expansion, Chains of Eternity™! This expansion will take intrepid adventurers into Ethernere. Part of this expansion is the two new overlands in the spirit realm: Obol Plains and the Eidolon Jungle.

Nathan “Kaitheel” McCall, Game Designer; Maria Del Casino, Senior Environment Artist; Brandon McDonald, Environment Artist; and Chris Atkins, Character Artist talk about what went into creating the lush environments of Eidolon Jungle and Obol Plains. They may have started with Loping Plains and the Feerrott, but after all the changes, they are almost entirely new zones. The incredible art and animation coming from the EQ2 team continues to astound me.

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  • notatroll


    yup i hope we enjoy it too without long server down times every day after rls


  • kalian


    This is not a troll post. I haven’t played EQ2 since shortly after AoD, but I did play it from launch until then. I’ve always been a huge fan of the game, and its been my favorite MMO. However, after playing GW2, I just can’t get excited by EQ2’s art. It seems pale and uninspired in comparison. Everything looks the same.


    • Feldon


      pale and uninspired in comparison. Everything looks the same.

      I don’t even know what to say to this.

      The 2 new overland zones are incredibly lush, bright, and colorful. Richly saturated but not cartoonishly so.


  • Kaufman


    Sounds like they decided to make an expansion to give them an excuse to use WoW palettes 🙂 Will be cool, but just saying.


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