Next Week: PvP and Warfields Tweaks

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Olihin has checked in with some fixes and improvements for PvP and especially Warfields which will become available next week. From the EQ2 Forums:

I have made the following changes that will reduce some of the issues we are having at this time during the Warfield events. The changes will not likely be affecting live until after the holiday weekend. I just want to make you aware of what is being changed based on your feedback and please do not hesitate to provide more information should I have missed it.

(PvP) Items

  • The Vintage Wares, Scion of War items have been updated to be used by both Good and Evil aligned clients.
  • The items shared by Battleground merchants and Open PvP merchants do not require a city alignment for use.
  • Players should now be able to use their Most Wanted Posters in combat once the reuse time has passed

(PvP) Quests

  • Players should now be able to complete the Learning the Path, PvP Tutorial Quest by speaking the Scion of War, Vintage Wares merchant
  • You may no longer complete more then one writ

(Population) PvP

  • You may now obtain PvP writs in Halas by speaking to the Writ Giver near the monk trainer in Halas.

(PvP) Warfields

  • Antonica and Commonlands have had their population count reduced and a new instance will spawn once the number is reached.
  • The new instance will also start the timer for a Warfield in that zone.
  • A new spell effect will now let you know if you will be rewarded for participation in the Warfields.
  • You gain the effect by reporting to one of the towers during the event.
  • The effect will cease being distributed 2 minutes prior the event timer ends.
  • Additional detriments have been added to the Tower Guardian defense shields that affect those under level 9.
  • Towers will now display correctly in each zone regardless of distance and setting.

I thank you all for your patience and understanding!


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  • Mikhail


    This is my 100th or so time pointing out that the developers don’t know the correct usage of then/than. *sigh*


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