May 27 and June 1st Hotfix Notes

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Today’s Hotfix (Patch) fixes a bug in the Druid Ring Live Event, and includes tweaks to itemization, the new PvP Warfields, and numerous bugs in the Icy Keep raid zone. We also include the hotfix notes from May 27, 2010 which somehow got left out.

May 27th’s hotfix notes make mention of a change to Procs which were not working on spells. However, this change resulted in certain procs, specifically Pestilential Rain and Torrent, no longer working properly for melee. You can read more about this issue on the EQ2 Forums. Xelgad has responded:

Thanks for all of the information. We’ll take a look and see if we can’t get this working.

Players noticed that the cap on Arcane, Noxious, and Elemental Resists was seemingly lowered from 80% to 75%.  Xelgad has clarified this change:

The cap was always 75%. The 80% you all were seeing when your resists were high enough in the persona window was a display error. The display error has been fixed, so it is now showing 75%.

Do note that that 75% is against a target that is your level. A higher level target will require higher resists to reach the 75%. Also, some spells are harder to resist than normal (you should see this effect in the spell’s description) and will need even more resists to get to 75%.

June 1, 2010 Hotfix Notes


  • The Defender of Growth now ports players from an already rebuilt druid ring to the one that is currently being constructed.


  • Recycle Your Minions: Part Three: Players who have completed the quest, Recycle Your Minions: Part Three, but did not accept Damodar’s next quest, Assisting Jaswinda, can now hail Damodar again and gain the quest.


  • Shoulderpads of the Black Death now grant the effect Empowered Minion.
  • Pendant of the Ice Drake Eye and Mounted Ice Drake Scale Amulet have had potency added to them.
  • Icy Keep shoulder items have had potency added to them.
  • The Seeker’s of the Dark Truth faction mount should now be 65% run speed.
  • Mounts for level 90 guilds should no longer require level 80 to summon the disk.


  • A new spell effect will now let you know if you will be rewarded for participation in the Warfields.
  • ·  You gain the effect by reporting to one of the towers during the event.
  • ·  The effect will cease being distributed 2 minutes prior to when the event timer ends.
  • Additional detriments have been added to the Tower Guardian defense shields that affect those under level 9.


  • The Vintage Wares, Scion of War items have been updated to be used by both Good and Evil aligned clients.
  • The items shared by Battleground merchants and Open PvP merchants do not require a city alignment for use.


  • Players should now be able to complete the Learning the Path, PvP Tutorial Quest by speaking the Scion of War, Vintage Wares merchant.


  • You may now obtain PvP writs in Halas by speaking to the Writ Giver near the monk trainer in Halas.


  • Waansu and Arkatanthis have had the damage of their AoE spells reduced.


  • New Halasian templars can now use their Odyssey spell to return to their home city of New Halas.
  • The “Locket of Escape” can now gate New Halasian citizens back to their home city of New Halas.


  • Hoarfrost Pyreflyte should no longer summon as often after he gets under 10% health.
  • When entering Captain H’bri’s room a dialog should be triggered that hints at how to successfully split the encounter.
  • The Frozen Corrival should no longer leash when the tank gets knocked up into the air.
  • Odaufe and Kastus should no longer wipe hate until much later into their fight.
  • The quest “Knocked Out Cold” should now update on killing normal or challenge mode encounter of Vrewwx.
  • It should no longer be possible to ignore the abominable ice-smashers when battling challenge-mode Vrewwx.
  • Vrewwx’s spell Frozen Solid should now correctly cause the victim to lose hate positions.
  • When killed Challenge-mode Vrewwx should no longer allow you to retrigger the encounter.
  • Some tweaks have been done to the Frozen Corrival encounter to hopefully prevent players from crashing when he splits into adds.
  • The Statue of the Snowbeast should no longer continue to fight once he has been killed. Someone gave him the memo he is supposed to be dead…

May 27, 2010 Hotfix Notes


  • Fixed some proc effects that were not working on spell hits.


  • The heirloom Stonebrunt prowler mounts no longer require attuning to your character, and remain tradeable.
  • The Reinforced Sandals of Balance now behave the same way as the Reinforced Slippers of Balance.
  • The Mark of Manaar version of the Cloak of Crystalline Depths can only be used by priests.
  • Herald’s Armwraps of Disdain now have their intended Empowered Minion effect.


  • The Nightmare is Over will no longer offer the same rewards as Severing the Head.


  • Heart of Aniquilacion is now correctly a trauma effect instead of elemental.
  • Inevitable Annihilation is once again an incurable curse instead of an elemental effect.
  • The ramp leading to Roehn Theer should no longer occasionally become stuck in the ‘off’ state.


  • Perah’Celsis will not charm as many players as in the past.  Perah’Celsis will no longer cast any AOE spells while trying to free heroes from their platforms.

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  • darkcircle


    I thought they said they raised the resist cap to 80% over the last 2-3 expansions for balance. Anyone able to toss up an old GU note stating this?


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