Update Notes: Wednesday, July 11, 2012 — Play As Yourself in Dungeon Maker

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From the EQ2 Forums:


You can now play as your character in Dungeon Maker dungeons! Furthermore these dungeons are “Level Agnostic” meaning that anyone of any level can group together and do them together! While the dungeons will be a bit more difficult for a lower level character than a higher level character, they will still be able to play together.


Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths

In the challenge mode Dozekar fight the Magmatic Elemental and infernal assassin adds will not spawn as frequently as before.


Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths: Many items that lost strikethrough and AOE auto attack have had these stats restored.

Skyshrine: Betrayal in the Underdepths: Some Dozekar drops have been improved.


Baubles that need to be equipped for use will now function correctly as bauble buttons from the tracker window.

NPCs that update a tracked quest for you will now show their name from further away.


Quests: Hook, Line and… Anchor? has had its original quest rewards re-added in addition to the new ones.

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