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The EQ2 Tradeskill panel….

Note: I have gone back and cleaned up these notes with additional details from memory as of 2:15AM PDT.

Recap of changes in the last year.

GU 57 preview.

* new ts quests for level 10, 20, and 30
Level 10 Halas quest. Do it in good and evil. It’s different.
Level 20 butcherblock quest gives 25% horse
Level 30 steamfont questline

Another way to acquire advanced recipe books for level 10-30.

Slide: tradeskill quest progression from level 1-90. Alternative to grinding and writs.

What’s next?


  • No new player housing at this time.

Prestige housing

  • Skyblade skiff is the first. For all fan faire platinum
  • If you jump off you are sent to a random zone.
  • size of a 5 room zone. Get to in s qeynos or s Freeport.
  • No level cap raise so focused on quests and faction.
  • More loot dropped in dungeons and raids will require a crafter to create a finished item.
  • Harevestables in Velious currently planned as a separate set to craft Velious items.
  • Tradeskill Heritage Quest: The Coldain Prayer Shawl (huge audience applause)


Q: Can moving crates not count towards house item limit?
Rothgar: Separate item limit on moving crate possible. Not doing unlimited.

Q: More bathroom items? Painting walls in housing?
Domino: paineel offers a bathtub recipe. We will try to add more. We know there is a lack of  bathroom items in Norrath. There are a lot of trees though. (audience laughter) Very difficult to customize walls in houses. At least with the house placement utility, you can essentially replace walls with paintings.

Q: larger harvest box
Rothgar: you guys and your storage boxes…:). Might be able to up the number some. Shouldn’t be a problem. But There will come a limit some day!

Halas themed guild hall?
Domino: Tom tobey is aware of it and wants to do it. We know you guys really like the Halas housing.

Q: over 50% xp bonus for more than 5 capped tradeskillers?
A: will look into it.

Niami: flying mounts for tradeskillers?
A: already talked to team on this. We want to do this.

Player upset that his single room house in Kelethin with 250 items only got upgraded to 300, instead of 350 when 100 items were added to all houses. This single room house in Kelethin always had 50 more than any other of this tier. (audience response: then buy a bigger house!) To which he responded he spent a lot of time customizing it and getting it fight. Queue the shouting match and ‘come to my house and see what I did, I assure you it’s better than your mansion. bring it!”

Two words: decorator fight!

Q: house placeable statues of the avatars?
Domino: we will talk about it.

Q: change rush orders at level 58 to not make level 51 items.
Domino: we would like to fix but velious has to take priority.

Q: provisioners making 2 items at a time…
Domino: that sounds simple but the problem is food lasts 5 hours and already sells close to cost on the broker. We added the heirloom food for your alts. But if we allow recipes to make 4 or 6 but you would make provisioning completely unprofitable.

Q: show progress, durability, and mods in the UI?
A: could talk to rothgar.

Q: powder to fragment conversion recipes?
Domino: currently discussing.

Q: reset adventure class?
Domino: we will discuss. Not an easy change.

Q: harvesting dummy for guild hall to up skills? Wouldn’t actually produce items.
Rothgar: we can talk about it.

Q: tradeskill gear tab.
A: macro system makes this easier already
eq2wire: Some of us have completed dungeons and realized we had crafter gear on.

Q: station cash furniture cannot be placed in a guild hall.
Domino: issues with guild halls because you could get kicked out of a guild and customer service would have to sort out the mess returning your items to you.

Q: placeable stairs for guild halls, instead of dozens of benches?
A: we can talk to the art team.

Q: wisps for guild halls to make amenities show up on tracking (?)
A: map or tracking should already do this.

Q: separate harvest box for rares or commons?
A: this would be complicated. UI allows player to choose to use items out of harvest depot or not. Also, guild permissions already somewhat complex here. We can talk about it.

Q: bay windows in old houses?
A: tim wants to make many changes to housing to make them cooler. Lot of work. Lot of ideas but nothing to announce yet.

Q: housing permissions for tradeskills. Currently requires trustee.
Rothgar: I’d like to revamp the housing permissions to be look more like guild hall settings.

Q: why are exiles forced to do evil tradeskill quests in Halas?
A: we have to set the npc to good, evil, or exile. I made 2 questlines and set exiles to do the evil.

Q: guild ammo boxes?
A: can talk about it.

Q: carpenters have to use multiple tables. Problem with rush orders.
A: some people like the flavor. We can talk about this for convenience of writs.

Q: no level 90 temporary adornments ranged weapons. dizok stone, whetstone, etc.
A: will talk to the team?

Q: grass tiles get too thick when scaled up. Hay colored tiles?
A: will talk about it.

Q: does the sky blade skiff have rent?
Cronyn: no

Q: guild hall travel to player friends houses?
Rothgar: this is something we are keeping in mind. It has come up a few times.

Q: pay rent at the guild portal to housing?
A: if we can revamp the housing permissions yes.

Q: more hungry halfling quests at higher levels for placemats?
Domino: mostly added to deal with all the shrubs. We can look at it.


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  • Quesera


    Being a provisioner is already fairly unprofitable, always has been for me anyway.


  • Dragonturtletimmy


    Feldon, could you ask if there any chance of a trapped chest guild hall amenity that gives no loot used for disarming skill training? Maybe even make some random failure a chance to be deadly.


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