Scrying Sentinel’s Fate

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If the EQ2 team are trying to keep the secrets of February’s expansion Sentinel’s Fate under wraps, they might want to avoid sending out data files containing Sentinel’s Fate textures and zone art with the EQ2 Patcher. We’re not even in Beta yet (expected sometime in December) 🙂

If you wish to remain ignorant about Sentinel’s Fate a bit longer and you’d rather be surprised in February, then don’t click:

Screen Snapshots for Press

The filenames of the screen shots provided by SoE to the press (and thus EQ2 ZAM) were very descriptive. As a result, we know these zones exist:

  • Vasty Deep
  • The Sundered Frontier
  • Stonebrunt Highlands
  • The Vigilant
  • Erudin Research Labs
  • The Sentinel
  • The Hole

Vulkoor’s Discoveries

And thanks to Vulkoor who has done some scouting of the vPak files sent out so far by the EQ2 Patcher, we have some additional information.

This expansion is very heavy in traditional Sword and Sorcery. Several of the new models are very traditional fantasy and should be familiar to anyone who plays D & D.

  • Chimera (the “skeletal dog with wings” is a skeleton chimera)
  • Cerberus
  • Catoblepas
  • Medusa (though they are Nayad variants, so they have eels for Hair)
  • Nayad
  • Ettin
  • Beholders (not just mechanical ones, and they are new models)
  • Wickermen
  • Shambling Mounds (model was used in Hollow Hedge)
  • Coeurls (Displacer Beasts)
  • Ropers
  • Boneyards (animated bonepiles)
  • Gorgons (the iron bull)

There are also several Sentient races in this expansion-

  • Goatmen
  • Erudites (Eq1 variety)
  • Talonites (they look like tattooed stonemen)
  • Stone/Crystalline people
  • Coldaine (that is how they are spelt in the files)
  • Frost Giants (a la the Kunark invasion force)
  • Roekilik (the SOGA ratonga)
  • Panda men

There are also at least 2 Dragons:

  • Toxxulia
  • Sea Dragon

For new mounts:

  • 6 different floating disk models

And the big void baddie:

  • Rhoen Theer has 2 models (they are seen in the SF logo)

Also, although there are no new spells in this expansion, it seems like they are revamping the graphics for all existing spells.

Thanks Vulkoor for that information.

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