Lawyers to get $2.75M for SOE/PSN/Qriocity Class Action Suit for 2011 Security Breach — We’ll Get 450SC

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Sony Online Entertainment, Playstation Network, and Qriocity customers located in the USA who had an account before May 15, 2011 have begun receiving e-mails notifying them of the settlement of a Class Action Lawsuit. The e-mails have been confirmed as legitimate provided they come from

If You Had a PlayStation Network, Qriocity, or Sony Online Entertainment Account Before Ma‌y 1‌5, 201‌1, You Could Get Benefits from a Class Action Settlement.

  • Benefits you could get (if you qualify) include:
  • Payment equal to paid wallet balances (if $2 or more) in PSN or SOE accounts that have been inactive since the Intrusions,
  • One or more of the following: a free PS3 or PSP game, 3 free PS3 themes, or a free 3-month subscription to PlayStation Plus (once valid claims exceed $10 million, class members will still be eligible for one free month of PlayStation Plus),
  • A free month of Music Unlimited for Qriocity accountholders who did not have a PSN account,
  • $4.50 in SOE Station Cash (amounts will be reduced proportionally if valid claims exceed $4 million).

The law firms of Robbins Gellar Rudman & Dowd LLPBarnow and Associates P.C.Law Offices of David A. McKay LLCGrant & Eisenhofer P.A.Strange & CarpenterBlood Hurst & O’Reardon LLP, and Casey Gerry Schenk Francavilla Blatt & Penfield LLP will split $2.75 million.

The complete e-mail being sent by SOE to customers is viewable here. The website for the settlement disbursement is here. If you wish to read the actual legal documents, they can be downloaded here.

Update Notes: Thursday, January 22, 2015

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From the EQ2 Forums:


  • Raid encounters that dropped 2 armor patterns and 1 accessory or 1 armor patterns and 2 accessories will now always grant 2 armor patterns and 1 accessory.

Ossuary: Cathedral of Bones [Raid]

  • Sacrificer should once again react to players who have the “Sanguine Spray” effect on them.
  • The Marrow Sapper has had its health decreased.

Ossuary: Choir of T’Vyl [Event Heroic]

  • Legion of Many should no longer retain his increased damage when he resets.

EQ2 Forums Still Dodgy After H1Z1 Launch

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Six days after the paid Alpha test for H1Z1 began the various SOE forums (including EQ2) are still throwing numerous errors such as this one:

An unexpected database error occurred. Please try again later.
<!– Host ‘’ is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with ‘mysqladmin flush-hosts’ –>

The error above indicates that Platform/Ops have set a rule on the MySQL server that blocks connections if a flood is detected. The problem is, they did not exclude or “white list” the forum server from this rule. In other words, the forums are literally blocking themselves when they get too busy. At this point, posting on the forums is an effort in frustration. Probably just as well, as the moderators are on a rampage these days.

Meanwhile, EQ2 players are reporting frustrating amounts of in-game lag.

All SOE Games Down for Emergency Maintenance

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With just 10 minutes notice, all SOE games went offline this afternoon after this posting on Twitter:

Planetside 2 Producer David Carey provided a bit more detail:

One hopes that whatever this fix is will resolve the lingering login and access issues with SOE games and forums, particularly the “403 Forbidden” errors on all forums. If you are lucky enough to get the forums to load, you can read Afista’s announcement here:

We will perform emergency maintenance on all SOE games at 3:00PM PST. All players will be kicked from game at this time, and will need to log back in. Downtime beyond needing to relog should be minimal.

Thank you for your patience.

EQ2 Server Downtime — January 16, 2015

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From Afista on the EQ2 Forums:

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Friday January 16, 2015 at approximately 5:00AM PST.
Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Friday, January 16, 2015 at approximately 5:00AM PST. (Approx. 1:00PM London Time on January 16, 2015)
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.

No update notes have been posted as of yet.

SOE Login Servers, EQ2 Game & Forums Affected By H1Z1 Launch

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UPDATE: 11 hours after the intended launch of H1Z1, SOE president John Smedley declared the login server issue “fixed“. However even now, SOE login servers, EQ2 game servers, EQ2 forums are all groaning under the load and experiencing performance issues. More often than not, the EQ2 forums throw “403 Forbidden” errors rather than displaying the page. This suggests a type of throttling normally seen as a management of DDoS attacks. From RadarX last night at 10pm PST:

We are continuing to investigate outstanding issues which may prevent players from logging in to EverQuest 2. We hope to have this resolved as quickly as possible and appreciate everyone’s patience. Thank you!

Original article:

Looks like SOE’s login hamsters are a bit distracted by the belated launch of SOE’s new zombie MMO game H1Z1 today at 3pm. As a result, logins to all SOE websites, forums, and games are completely freaked out. Hopefully things will calm down a bit and EQ2 servers (and forums) will become more responsive in the next few hours.

Update Notes: Thursday, January 15, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Thursday January 15, 2015 at approximately 7:00AM PST. Estimated downtime is 1 hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Thursday, January 15, 2015 at approximately 7:00AM PST. (Approx. 3:00PM London Time on January 15, 2015)
Estimated downtime is 2 hours.


Heroic characters now start at level 90 with 320 AAs!

For more information:

Producer’s Letter: A Few words on Level Agnostics ‘n’ Stuff

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From Holly “Windstalker” Longdale on the EQ2 Forums:

Greetings Norrath!

With our Level 90 Heroic Characters release tomorrow, I’ve seen a few questions/comments around Level Agnostic Dungeons in various places so I thought I’d give a quick update on a couple of things.

First, on Level Agnostic dungeons: We’re working on updating existing Level Agnostic Dungeons to accommodate up to level 94. We expect to launch this in the next few weeks. We’ll give you more information and a date when we have it all done and tested and are confident in the launch. Later this year we plan to add more dungeons to the system also.

Secondarily, with Level Agnostic questions I’ve seen some inquiries around our plans to do Cross-Server Dungeons. I’m happy to say that’s still in our plan. What I haven’t said is what this new feature requires. Since December, we have been rewriting a lot of the back-end systems (i.e. databases and stuff) which is all part of our foundation for the long and healthy future of EQ2. The changes and updates we’re making are going to give us a lot of benefits on the dev/server side as well as giving us the ability to do things like Cross-Server Dungeons. This takes time as I’m sure you can imagine.

SOE Maintenance: Monday, January 12 at 8AM PST

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Update as of 2pm pacific:

The login issues have been resolved, and commerce is now available. Please let us know if you see further issues. Thanks!

Update from 10 minutes ago:

A quick heads up: Caith confirmed that the platform maintenance also affects the Daily Objective, so it may not show up in your Quest Helper or the Journal tab right now.

Update from 39 minutes ago:


From the EQ2 Forums:


Attention players: we will a perform maintenance beginning at 8:00 AM PST* on Monday, January 12, 2015. We expect this maintenance to last about two hours. This will impact the following SOE services:

  • Commerce functions, including purchases, for all games
  • Game logins
  • Web and forum logins for all SOE sites

Thank you for your patience as we complete this maintenance.

Time Zone Conversions

  • PST: Monday January 12 @ 8:00am ~ 10:00am
  • EST: Monday January 12 @ 11:00am ~ 1:00pm
  • GMT: Monday January 12 @ 16:00 ~ 18:00
  • CET: Monday January 12 @ 17:00 ~ 19:00
  • AET: Monday January 13 @ 1:00am ~ 3:00am

The Year Ahead for EverQuest II including EnterpriseDB!

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If you listened to our EQ2Wire Podcast with Kander or have been reading EQ2′s Update Notes lately, you know that last year’s “Weekly Updates” are out and bigger less frequent updates are back in. The “weekly feature” idea ended up being a drain on the dev team and we might have gotten an even bigger expansion were it not for the requisite deadlines of such a schedule. We’re glad to see this idea go away and to see the dev team able to once again release things on a schedule that maximizes their capability to give us great content.

This year, most weeks will see just a few fixes, but then we’ll have a few bigger updates to look forward to. In development this year before the expansion:

  • Entirely new level 100 Dungeon in Solo, Adv Solo, Heroic, and Raid versions – likely target is early Spring
  • Public Quests – new level 95-100 PQs and eventually PQs in most overland zones
  • Deity Revamp – worship more than one deity, quest revamp, new deities (Erollisi Marr!), etc.
  • Database Update – Cross-server dungeon finder
  • Fabled dungeons – Faydwer?
  • and maybe more!

EQ2U: Gear Sets, Gemmed Gear Gadget, and Gear Report

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Here are our recent updates to our EQ2U Players site which are all about keeping up with the Joneses!!

Gemmed Gear Gadget

The Altar of Malice expansion builds upon the itemization changes begun with Tears of Veeshan. The number of “stat packages” gives players more choices in their gear selections, especially for fighters and certain priest classes. Also with the introduction of upgrade gems, it’s more important than ever to keep all the sets of gear straight! To respond to this need, we’ve introduced a “Gemmed Gear Gadget” page to EQ2U.


This new Gemmed Gear Gadget page lets you pick a Class, an AoM Gem Color, and either a Slot or a Stat Package and then see all the matching item examine windows for all the max gemmed gear. The Stat Package buttons change based on which archetype you choose. As soon as matching armor pieces are discovered by players, they’ll be added to this page.

NOTE: Dethdlr is not to blame for the banner graphic or naming of this feature. That would fall to me and my fond memories of a certain Disney afternoon TV show. ;)

After the jump Gear Sets and Gear Report updates…

Heroic Characters Level Up to 90!

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From Holly “Windstalker” Longdale on the EQ2 Forums:

Hidey-Ho Norrathians!

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be updating our Heroic Characters to start at level 90! We feel this change will help players keep up with our growth in free content and with the pace of the game due to our new level increase included in the Altar of Malice expansion. The price for the upgraded characters remains at 3500SC per Heroic Character, but we’ve made some improvements!

What’s the difference?

Purchased Level 90 Heroic Characters will come with Level 90 (Adventure only), 320AAs, a full set of gear, food/drink, ammo, potions (as appropriate) and a mount with stats! New Heroic Characters will also start in Eidolon Jungle with content in our Chains of Eternity expansion.

Legends of Norrath “Sync” Issues

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While Legends of Norrath may not be receiving much developer attention these days, it still has a playerbase, with people logging in to open loot cards for in-game items in their native games (EQ and EQ2), and people running the in-game scenarios for rewards or just the enjoyment of it.

Over the past few days, players have been experiencing “synchronization” issues with their cards disappearing from their inventory. Some quotes:

When I check my collection tab it shows that I have 0 cards. I tried to validate game files, open and close the LoN window, delete and reinstall.. It’s still showing that I don’t have anything.

When I click on my profile information, it show’s a history of all the previous packs that I opened. What’s going on? =[

All Access 150% Bonus XP Weekend – Fri Jan 9 @ Noon ~ Sun Jan 11 @ 11:59pm

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Are you still working on leveling an army of characters to 100? Want to see that XP bar move a little quicker? Well, we’ve got some great news! We’re starting the New Year off right with a BIG bonus experience weekend!

What’s better than a 100% (double) bonus XP weekend?  That’s right, a 150% bonusXP weekend! Beginning Friday, Jan 9 at 12:00(noon) PST until Sunday, Jan. 11 at 11:59pm PST, All Access Members will receive 150% bonus Adventure and Tradeskill experience!

What characters will you level this weekend? We’d love to see some images from your adventures around Norrath, so please share them with us on our forums, or on ourFacebook or Twitter pages!

Do you want to take advantage of this big bonus XP weekend? Become a Member now!

Here’s the teaser we got from Holly “Windstalker” Longdale‘s twitter:

150% Bonus XP weekend (Adv/TS exp) for members starting this Friday noon to Sunday night! Wewt! #EQ2

More Changes Coming to Overland Altar of Malice Named Mobs

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The recent Altar of Malice expansion includes several Named enemies in the overland Tranquil Sea and Phantom Sea zones. These names not only complete weekly Missions and Achievements, but also grant Ferrin (expansion currency), AoM armor gems, and personal status. These tantalizing rewards have led enterprising players to park their characters at the spawn locations with Mercenaries and/or Pets set to defend them. The mobs are therefore engaged within seconds of spawning, preventing others from even trying. There really is no contest.

EQ2 Lead Designer Kander has already applied one change to mitigate this AFK camping, and in a forum post he describes two more changes coming soon that will further address the issue.

After the jump, his comments from the EQ2 Forums:

EQ2Wire and EQ2U Get the Norrathian Spotlight!

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After 7 years in operation, we’re getting our moment in the sun!
EQ2 Community maven Racheal “Afista has posted our very own Norrathian Spotlight on the EQ2 Forums:


There are many amazing players in the EverQuest 2 community that spend time making the game more enjoyable for their fellow players. These players host events, create guides, run fan sites, provide feedback, answer questions, and/or design items and houses for everyone to enjoy. In the Norrathian Spotlight, we want to highlight some of these amazing individuals that make our community a fabulous place to be!

We asked for players to nominate fellow gamers they feel make a positive difference in the community and we’ve received a lot of forum posts and e-mails about some amazing people! In this Norrathian Spotlight article, we’re highlighting Feldon, a player who has contributed to the community by helping players in-game, answering questions on the forums, and creating the EQ2Wire and EQ2U fan sites.

Continue reading the SOE Spotlight about EQ2Wire/EQ2U at the EQ2 Forums! >>

Update Notes: Tuesday, January 6, 2014

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From the forums:


  • Loyalty Merchants now have new armor, weapons, house items and a pack of random Harvestables for sale.
  • Resolved an issue where particle effects would play twice on Aerakyn.
Tranquil / Phantom Seas

  • Players who kill a named NPC in either Tranquil Sea or Phantom Sea will no longer be able to see or kill the same named for 2 hours.

Precipice of Power [Raid]

  • Dread Armoloch of Blight and Dread Armoloch of Corruption should now allow reactives and wards to counter their damage over time spells.
  • Dread Armoloch of Blight and Dread Armoloch of Corruption should no longer break stealth with their damage over time spells.

Brokenskull Bay: Bosun’s Private Stock [Event Heroic]

  • Poisonous Gash has had its damage slightly reduced.
  • Eggtender Varogg should no longer occasionally reset when he teleports away from players.

Ossuary of Malevolence

  • Carrion Plague’s casting time has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.

Ossuary: Sanguine Fountains [Heroic]

  • Final boss will now drop an accessory and armor piece 100% of the time.

Ssraeshza Temple: Inner Sanctum [Heroic]

  • Final boss will now drop an accessory and armor piece 100% of the time.


  • Fixed a bug where level 80 to 100 ancient spells did not require the grandmaster to scribe. Lower level ancients do not require a grandmaster.


  • Hawk Attack now has a longer duration at Grandmaster.


  • Cataloguing Vesspyr quests may now only be completed once every 10 hours and should now grant much more status.


History of EverQuest II – 10th Anniversary Documentary, Part 2

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By even the most conservative estimate, EverQuest II has been a success for Sony Online Entertainment. How many MMORPGs are still running a decade later?  SOE does not publish revenue breakdowns by game, but in the last decade, the EverQuest franchise must have raised some serious bread for SOE. The first two games funded a lengthy gestational development of EverQuest Next/Landmark, the smoothly launched Planetside 2, steady producer DC Universe Online, forthcoming zombie run-and-gun H1Z1, and a couple of valiant but costly efforts including FreeRealms and The Agency.

I was initially excited when the “History of EverQuest II – 10th Anniversary Documentary” was teased seven weeks ago. A game with 10 years of history, touched by the hands of over 100 designers, artists, animators, musicians, and programmers must be bursting with captivating stories to tell. Surely SOE would be ringing their phone off the hook trying to land interviews with EverQuest II’s chief alumni.

I would have started with EQ2′s launch Producer Scott Hartsman, current CEO of Trion Worlds. He shepherded the game’s uncertain launch and is still considered by some to have been its strongest producer. The three year search for a qualified replacement that followed his departure only bolstered the EQ2 community’s unwavering adoration for him.

SOE Customer Service Puts Too Much Faith in New StationCash Promo Code System

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Within any company of Sony Online Entertainment’s size, there will always be technical glitches in their public facing websites, launchpads, etc. that must be resolved. And I’ve been quick to jump to the defense of the overworked Customer Service team. They generally work as hard as they can to answer mountains of angry e-mails, and this time, they are doing so just days before the Christmas break. Yet this year, I am feeling somewhat less generous with my giving of slack.

Last week’s Bonus Mystery StationCash promotion clearly required code development by the Web team and/or Platform. Someone had to create a StationCash discount/bonus code that’s is only valid for 1 day. Someone had to develop code to detect and record that players have Opted In to all SOE Promotions, as well as which day they did so. Someone then needed to run a report to create e-mail lists of players who meet all the criteria and then send them out without flooding SOE’s mail service or the e-mail “middlemen” carriers between us and SOE.

Guide: No Shortage of Ferrin for Solo Players

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In addition to the Solo and Advanced Solo dungeons in Altar of Malice, there is actually quite a lot that soloers can do each day and each week to acquire armor and [eq2u]Far Seas Ferrin[/eq2u], this expansion’s currency. If you use the popular EQ2MAP UI modification, then the location of nearly all of these mission starters can be found there. There’s also some info on the EQ2 Forums. Thanks to Oakmiser for his assistance in composing this article!

All Bonus Mystery StationCash E-mails Have Been Sent For Today

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If (like me) you haven’t received your Bonus Mystery StationCash code for today, it’s time to contact Customer Service.

UPDATE: Early reports indicate that Sony Online’s e-mails sent out today are being throttled by intermediary ISPs. Players who submitted tickets earlier have subsequently received their e-mail notifications. This may be a matter of being patient.

History of EverQuest II – 10th Anniversary Documentary, Part 1

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First teased here, the Community team have now posted the first half of their EverQuest II 10th Anniversary Documentary. If you are a fan of perpetual dwarf roleplayer and SOE Director of Global Community Relations Linda “Brasse” Carlson, then you’ll love this. If you were hoping for some insight into the actual history of EQ2… Squirrel!

We’ll let you know when the second half has been posted.

Inside the Player’s Studio Interviews EQ2 Assoc Art Director Dave “Covic” Brown

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If you are a fan of watching videos/livecasts, or are a fan of or designer for Player Studio, then you won’t want to miss this week’s Inside the Player’s Studio as Rick “Storn” Reynolds interviews EQ2 Associate Art Director Dave “Covic” Brown about the Players Studio program.

Rick and Dave go over recent submissions for EQ2 and critique and provide feedback on how to make the best possible items so that they are accepted! The big news this week is that the new Player Studio Viewer app which helps designers see how their items will look in the EQ2 engine.

Watch live video from Sony Online Entertainment on Twitch

P.S. I did set this video to “auto_play=false” and it still starts in some browsers. I’ve tweeted something to the Twitch people about it. UPDATE I’ve removed the embed since it autoplays.

25% Bonus, 50% Bonus, Double, or even Triple SC Days if You Opted In (and get lucky on the RNG!)

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Remember how SOE really really really wanted us to opt-in to promotional SOE-wide mailings? The Kerran is now out of the bag as to why…

It looks like today Friday December 19th, Saturday December 20th, and Sunday December 21st, players who opted into these e-mails (which come from will receive a random code each day which unlocks 25%, 50%, Double, or even Triple SC on their account until 11:59pm that night. And we thought there’d never be another Triple SC again!

May the RNG be forever in your favor, and hopefully the Triple SC codes aren’t as rare as [eq2u]Advanced Adornments Volume 11[/eq2u]! Here’s the e-mail a player received:


Link to Official E-mail Promotion: Station Cash Mystery Bonus FAQ

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