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From Kander on the EQ2 Forums:

Greetings Fellow Norrathians!

It’s time to start talking about what we have in store with GU 104 on August 22nd , as well as where we are going with some much anticipated changes coming this year!

Large Class Balance Pass

With GU 104, there will be a rather large balance pass which adjusts the outgoing damage across most classes, focusing primarily on Assassin, Wizard, and the Warlock class but most classes will experience some increase. Further updates have also been made to abilities for some of the support classes. This is by no means the final balance pass, and there will be lots of changes and improvements coming with the expansion. Expect, as we mentioned, to see a full new tier of class profession abilities as well as new Ascension abilities. [As a note, all of the current Ascension abilities will remain relevant, and we have no plans to introduce upgrades to current Ascension abilities.] With the expansion, class profession spells will drop as they have historically, so look forward to those master and ancient spell scrolls!

New Proving Grounds Zones + New Rewards

2 New Zones are being added to the proving grounds, one of which is our first Duo zone. Brave the terrors of the Deathfist Citadel Arena and survive the massive onslaught! The new Heroic zone lies within the Tower of Frozen Shadow. New loot! Yes, of course we are adding some new items to chase after to the PG merchants!

Gear Up Level Up Coming in September/October!

Gear Up Level Up is just around the corner!Look for lots of XP bonuses , Status Bonuses and Loot.

Summer Ethereal Events and Summer Promo Days Continue

New Waves of Ethereal items and new weeks with Yun Zi who is on Week 4, don’t miss out on the amazing rewards he has to offer!

New Season of Familiars!

Season 2 of familiars are coming! As usual, there will be in-game dropped familiars and new purchased ones. This is a larger set for season 2 with more to look forward to!

Expansion Prelude Quest – Late September!

The Expansion is just 3 months away! Coming in late in September, the prelude quest will give some clues to where we are going and what major stories will be told. There is also a major reward coming with the prelude that I think will surprise those who choose to check it out. I don’t know about yours, but mine goes to 11.

Isle of Refuge

Character transfer tokens are being made available to players on Isle of Refuge who have been on the server for more then 30 days. For those guilds that want to take advantage of the unique properties of the Free Trade server, status applied towards leveling your guild has been permanently set to five times the normal value!


Character transfer tokens will start being handed out soon and we will have a merge date for Stormhold to be merged into Antonia Bayle. More Information to come.

We’re knee deep building Expansion content, dungeons, raids and quests! We cannot wait to show you all what we have in store for you, but make sure you get those Epic 2.0 updates, it will be important.Lots more to come!

See you in Norrath!

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Comments (5)

  • 7rlsy


    Killing Stormhold.

    Well… I was having a good time reading the update info until I got to that. Now I’m irritated, kind of angry, discouraged — to the extent that I kind of don’t give a crap about the update or anything else I’ve been working on in AB or TLE/Stormhold.



    • mizgamer62


      Once players accept that all of these specialty servers are nothing more than cash grabs and stop utilizing them, then maybe DBG will get the hint.


      • Anaogi


        It’s not like there weren’t a bunch of us warning precisely that when the whole stunt first came to be…


        • 7rsly


          I fail to be more sensitive to those tactics because I tend to spend near zero money beyond my subscription, but, true, it’s not like they implement major projects out of sheer warm and cuddly customer relations — especially since the sale. blark…:p


  • Einelinea


    Fine with me — I might come back if I could be on AB — have wanted to start a toon over there anyway — my baby just needs to be the right lvl if there is a lvl requirement


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