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EQ2Wire’s Tears of Veeshan Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we are seeing about the new EverQuest II expansion Tears of Veeshan. This article will be updated as more details are found!

How do I get started in Tears of Veeshan?

The Tears of Veeshan expansion begins with the Tears of Veeshan: The Eternal Broodlands Signature quest, which you will receive an in-game mail about, and which you can pick up in either Qeynos or Freeport. Once on the quest, you will begin a path that takes you to the Vesspyr Isles.

How to travel directly to the new zones without doing the quest lines?

  • If you are in a guild hall, you may travel by Druid Ring to Vesspyr Isles. Player-summoned druid rings may or may not show Vesspyr Isles as a travel option. This has been reported as a bug. Tinkerers may also craft a [eq2u]Wormhole Generator: Obol Plains[/eq2u] and then fly to the druid ring there to travel to Vesspyr Isles.

Update Notes: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 “Tears of Veeshan”

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Here are the Update Notes for the Tears of Veeshan expansion (ie Game Update 68) from the EQ2 Forums:


After rediscovering Yelinak, now the steward of Vesspyr Isles alongside other fallen and familiar dragons, players learn of the time/space powers behind the Tear of Veeshan stolen by prismatic dragon Kerafyrm the Awakened. With Kerafyrm’s fearsome power looming over Norrath, players are called upon to shine light into the darkness brought on by the Awakened’s draconic army, and set the stage for a new Age to begin!


  • New class – Channeler!
  • New Dragon-themed AAs
  • AA limit increased to 340
  • New overland area, Vesspyr Isles – Adventure, amenities, quests, collections, and more!
  • Nine new dungeons
  • Two new raid zones
  • More Tradeskill and Tradeskill Apprentice Items
  • New PvP item tier

EQ2 ZAM Preview: Wandering the Tears: Looking Beyond Veeshan

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EQ2 ZAM has checked in with the second half of their Tears of Veeshan interview:

In the conclusion to our interview with the EverQuest II team, we take a look at Game Update 68 features, future updates and Player Studio.


Tears of Veeshan is not the only thing launching on Tuesday, November 12. Game Update 68 is happening at the same time, which will add two new features: Tier 4 Guild Halls and Mercenary Slots.

In the final part of our interview with the EverQuest IIteam we spoke to them about these features, tried to discern some information on the future and briefly discussed Player Studio.

Read the full article over on ZAM!

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