EQ2 ZAM: Transcripts of both EQ2 Q&A panels & Mechanics from SOE Live 2014

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Because sleep is overrated, EQ2 fan Afista spent the weekend meticulously transcribing the two EverQuest II Q&A panels and has posted them on EQ2 ZAM. Also don’t miss the notes from the all-important Mechanics panel posted by Cyliena as linked below. I got a kick out of hanging out with both of them at SOE Live and seeing what they’re doing for the EQ2 community. I’m starting to feel like a bit of a slacker now… 😉


At SOE Live 2014, the community had questions and the devs had answers! ZAM was there to keep track of what everyone wanted to know. Afista has written a full recap of what happened during the Q&A following the EQ2 keynote, as well as the AMAA Sessions Part 1 & Part 2.

(also check out our Systems & Mechanics panel recap from last week!)

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  • Loch


    Thanks for posting this. I was not aware that the new race was going to be sold separately from the expansion. That’s a bit disappointing to hear. They were interesting looking, but I’m not sure that it’s worth dropping (most likely) 20 dollars for the one character I’d probably make.

    Oh well.


    • badcat


      If you remember they did freeblood the same way and after some push back they added the option to those who were at the time gold members.I think free to play members still have to buy that race if I am not mistaken.


  • Caam


    I applaud their effort in transcribing the AMAA panels. But I also noticed that they missed the question I asked at the AMAA on Sunday. I thought it was an interesting question so I’ll post it here.

    Q: The maintained spells window is getting full again. Any thoughts?
    A: We are planning to give you the ability to hide specific maintained spells.


    • Endymion


      It’s actually any spell effect that will be filterable; maintained spells will be hidden as a result as well if they don’t have a concentration cost.


      • Kruzzen


        This will be so nice. it is a pain to try and find the 1 or 2 buffs I actually care if they are cast on me. 🙂


  • Hoot


    “A: (Caith) No. We don’t have plans for that. Crafting impacts the economy and people spend hours doing it.”

    Ha! The economy has been damaged beyond repair for years now. Not like it’s going to make a huge difference.


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