Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker Winners

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We’ve been remiss on reporting this but wanted to give credit to the designers who put a ton of time and effort (despite some bugs including proximity-activated text not working) into the new Poet’s Palace Dungeon Maker layout.

The winning entries:

Created by Pixiewrath on Freeport (See the video trailer!)

Designed by Severiss on Oasis

Constructed by Raferty on Unrest (See the video trailer!)

Devised by Jamisia (and Luvil) on Butcherblock

From Brasse on the EQ2 Forums:

In a now familiar trend, the EQII Dev Team was simply unable to narrow the finalists down to just three top picks – I told them it would be hard! We are thrilled to announce that as a result of their deliberations, there are FOUR winning entries in this Dungeon Maker Challenge.

Each winner will receive the coveted Residence of Blades Deed of Ownership and the rare Sun-Blazoned Pegasus mount, both from the Legends of Norrath Priestess of the Anarchs loot set. Their dungeons will be immortalized as the first ever Dev Picks! All thirteen finalists will receive the in-game title, “The Dungeon Maker,” a set of Heritage Armor of their choice, and 2,000 Station Cash!

FLASH! The Dev Team has arranged for these four winning dungeons to be copied to every EQII server, to celebrate the outstanding skill and effort that went into them!

Considering the extremely limited tools provided to Dungeon Maker designers, it is impressive what was accomplished. Congratulations!


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Comments (3)

  • Kwill


    The Area 51 dungeon was really creative … nice use of objects in different ways. That’s nice they are copying them to all the servers so we can all see them.


  • Avatox


    It is awesome to see a friend get recognition for what they have done! GRATZ Jamisia! And good job on the other dungeons- it is cool to see what creative players can accomplish.


  • Malawk


    This is one of the only reasons I feel like returning to EQ2, to try my hand at the dungeon creator might be fun!


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