EQ2: Age of Discovery Beta OPENS to Fan Faire Attendees Tonight

Written by Feldon on . Posted in DGC Wants Feedback, Expansion News

One tantalising bit of information from tonight’s AoD/F2P Webcast was that the Age of Discovery Beta may start allowing Fan Faire attendees in tonight. It’s unknown how quickly others will be brought into the beta.

Also, we were told that while Beastlords, the Freeport Revamp (a GU62 feature), Mercenaries, Tradeskill Apprentices, and Reforging would be in the Beta now (or soon), Design Your Own Dungeon won’t hit Beta until next week, to focus testing attention on the previously mentioned features.

UPDATE: We have it on good authority that Fan Faire attendees are now receiving invites to the Age of Discovery Beta. Hey! No peeking at my Inbox!


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  • Tomoch


    Its good to know that Beta will open up for everyone else eventually. I know there will be a bunch of stuff to test for the BeastLord class. Maybe even check out some of the places you can add aa. I hope that they will listen a bit more in the /bug reports. I know this last time I just looked for Dev’s and sent them tells


  • Disgruntled


    Getting into beta isn’t the trick, getting SOE to listen to feedback/bugs is!


  • Linda Carlson


    By the way, if you hear of any Fan Faire folks who did NOT get an invite, help us remind them to check if they have registered for Beta and signed the NDA.
    Can’t have Beta without that NDA!

    In some cases, folks went to FF under one Station ID but somehow thought another account would be invited. Nope. The account you went to FF with is the one that is flagged. You can contact our CS to discuss having switching the rights: http://www.soe.com/en/support/

    If neither of those issues apply, please have them drop us an email at [email protected] and we will look into it.
    Please include your Station ID:



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