A Closer Look at War Runes

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In the Destiny of Velious Webcast #3 (video and notes), we first heard about War Runes. These are a new set of Red Adornments available to raiders in the Destiny of Velious. They’re essentially a “greatest hits” of the best, most popular, most powerful Procs/Effects from Avatars, Shadow Odyssey Fabled, and Sentinel’s Fate Fabled. War Runes open up Red Adornments to new slots, specifically Weapons (Primary, Secondary, Ranged), Charms, Belts, and Cloaks. From Silius in Webcast #3:

[War Runes are applicable to] your 3 weapon slots, 2 charm slots. Easy mode raids will have belts that have a red slot. Hard mode raids will have cloaks that have a red slot. So hard mode raiders can add effects to 7 total slots, on top of having red slots on their raid armor.

War Runes are the more specialized procs, custom-made procs, a lot of which are upgraded from Sentinel’s Fate procs that players have noted as being their favorites, the procs that make an item their favorite item.

These are raid-only dropped adornments. Whoever loots them and clicks on a War Rune gets flagged so he/she can go to a War Rune merchant and buy that adornment for raid shards. He/she gets permanent access to them.

It is our understanding that every named in Destiny of Velious raid zones drops these War Runes from a global loot table. As mentioned above, easy mode raid gear will have red adornment slots on Waist (Belt) slot, while Cloaks with red adornments will only be found in hard mode raids.

The mechanic for acquiring War Runes is a bit different than other adornments. When you loot the adornment, you’re actually looting an “unlock” for that adornment. It appears as a package in your inventory and you have to consume it to be flagged to buy that adornment.  The merchant for War Runes is located within Kael Drakkel.

The folks over at EQ2Artisans, a French EQ2 fan site, have already posted a Complete Adornment Index of Destiny of Velious, including the class-specific Red Adorns (we will post a guide for them soon). If you find the ones under “Marchand Kael Drakkel”, those are the ~38 war runes so far.

PLEASE NOTE: We were told that all the War Runes were being adjusted before launch. This is why we have not posted a War Runes Guide with a list of them.

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  • Annelise


    The War Runes are for 5 slots: Cloak, Belt, Ranged and Charms. We have to give up a lot of our specialty procs since we can now only have 5 of them. The Weapon and Secondary slot adorns are on the faction merchants.


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