Update Notes for Thursday, 21 October 2010

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Here are your update notes for Thursday, 21 October 2010 after the break:


You can now bind in any city of your alignment:

  • If you are a citizen of Freeport, Neriak, or Gorowyn you can bind in any of these cities.
  • If you are a citizen of Qeynos, Halas, or Kelethin you can bind in any of these cities.


  • Fixed an issue where the Connection Stats window would not remember its correct position.


  • You can now move items in your house, and move items out of your moving crate, while the crate is overloaded.


  • Increased the hit points of the outer guardians for Antonica and Kylong Plains.
  • Lowered the level of the outer guardians in Antonica to 29.
  • Increased the level of the inner guardians in Enchanted Lands to 80.  The outer guards remain at 69.
  • Changed the Enchanted Lands Warfield to include a 40-79 level range.
  • Changed Kylong Plains to an 80+ level range Warfield.
  • All flags should continue to exclude anyone outside the new level ranges of the Warfields.
  • All damage shields should continue to include anyone outside the new level ranges of the Warfields.


  • The /s command will once again default to “say” rather than “split”.


  • New version woodworker crafted totems should now have the option to autoconsume.
  • The recipe for sunfish rolls should once again be working as expected.
  • All woodworker crafted totems can now be placed for sale in potion cabinets.


  • Greater Faydark: The number of underwood crawlers under Kelethin has been increased.
  • The City Writ “Sylvan hunters: Crushbone Sentries” is now named “Sylvan Hunters: Crushbone Invaders” and requires you to slay Crushbone Invaders.
  • The City Writ “House of the falling stars: Saplings” is now named “House of Falling Stars: Corrupted Saplings” and requires you to slay Corrupted Saplings.


Nights of the Dead

  • Scaling mobs now have item drops to accommodate players level 81-90.
  • The Scarecrow King now has item drops to accommodate players level 81-90.


  • Updated the protection values on all season 2 round shields.
  • The belt of skulls is now called the rope of skulls and equips in the neck slot.
  • In order to fix a major issue, the Aura of the Terranai set bonuses have changed and now provide crit bonus and base damage.


  • Numahiid will now exchange an imbued daring roundshield for a devout blessed buckler.


  • Fixed a couple areas that were missing geometry.


  • The bridge in Roehn Theer’s Room should no longer kill players, even a tiny bit.
  • The cut scene shown when defeating Four Rune Roehn Theer should now allow you to escape from it.

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