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Update Notes: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

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From the EQ2Forums:

Werner Thunderleg will now cast Total Domination correctly.

F.S. Distillery: Beggars and Blighters [Raid]
Kildiun the Drunkard has had his health increased.

Katastra Vilehex now has a more tank focused buff package.

Corrected an issue with Offensive Focus effects that prevented them from working for some classes.
Sigil of Defiance will now grant melee skills and defense instead of casting skills.


John Smedley Clarifies His WoW-Style MMO Comments

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As we reported earlier this week, Daybreak Games President John Smedley recently gave an interview to which included the following comments:

I firmly believe the days of the WoW-style MMO are over,” Smedley said. “And that means we have to change with the times. Luckily, we were kind of early on that bus as opposed to late. But we’re changing what we’re making. Look at H1Z1. Is it an MMO? Sure, by definition, but I would consider it a session-based online game with a lot of people. And I say that because the average life expectancy in H1Z1 might be 45 minutes, and that’s what today’s gamers want. How many people do you still know that are still raiding in WoW every night, or EverQuest and EverQuest II? It’s just the time commitment necessary has changed so much. That means we need to change with the times, and we are. So we’re getting interested in a broader array of games and gaming styles.”

There are those among the community who didn’t particularly like some of the things he had to say.  Yesterday, he took to Reddit to “clarify” what he was talking about.  I’ve added my two cents on the subject over on the page at Reddit which as of right now is up to 120 comments.  Let him know what you think about his comments and clarification.

Update Notes: Thursday, 30 April 2015

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Here are your update notes for Thursday, 30 April 2015:

F.S. Distillery: The Rum Cellar [solo]
Fixed a crash that would occasionally happen in the rum cellar solo zone.
The radius in which some of the guards will see you along the Rum Run and near Kildiun before sending you to jail has been slightly reduced.
Portia Rumuffin should no longer be stuck with her secret recipe buff.

F.S. Distillery: Distill or Be Killed [Heroic]
Any party members still within the sugarcane press will be freed upon defeating Yipnik.

The Fishbone Earring’s water breathing effect is no longer removed upon zoning, relogging, or death.

Update Notes and Downtime – 29 April 2015

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My apologies for this one being a bit late.  Here’s the note about today’s downtime:

US EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for an update. Estimated downtime is approximately one hour.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 9:00PM PDT* for an update. (Approx. 5:00AM London Time on April 30, 2015). Estimated downtime is one hour.

*Time Zone Converter

Along with today’s update notes:

F.S. Distillery: The Rum Cellar [solo]
The zone entry warning message will now only show for players that do not have the “Exchange of Favors” quest.

Rumsoaked Cloth Sandles is now spelled correctly.

Drink is the Key – The sign text on the steam valves now identify that the proper tool must be equipped.
Drowning in Drink – Quest now rewards “Jaestern’s Prestige Reserve” or “Busted Far Seas Crate” house item each time.
Drowning in Drink – “Lift Key” has been renamed “Fermentation Tank Lift Key”.

Update Notes: Tuesday, 28 April 2015

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Here are the patch notes for 28 April 2015 which include the notes for the new downloadable content (DLC), the Rum Cellar Campaign:


  • 2 Solo Zones (1 Solo and 1 Advanced Solo)
  • 3 Heroic Zones (1 Heroic, 1 Event Heroic, 1 Event Heroic-Challenge)
  • Raid Zone with 10 Bosses
  • Lots of Loot, including drops of a Rare Elite Mercenary and a Zeppelin Mount
  • New Achievements and Titles
  • New Adornments and a new adornment set bonus tier
  • 30 New Collections
  • Merchant who accepts Far Sea Ferrin (who also sells a Zeppelin Mount!)

Rum Cellar Launches Today – 28 April 2015

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Update: “Unlocking US live servers now.” – Bunji

Update: Downtime is now expected to extend until Noon Pacific time.  However, the link to purchase the Rum Cellar Campaign is now active, so we can pretend that’s the pre-order time window.  🙂

Today marks the launch of the Rum Cellar Campaign which can be purchased here.

For those that haven’t been following along, the Rum Cellar Campaign is the first attempt at delivering Downloadable Content (DLC) for a price, rather than through traditional expansions (not counting the old Adventure Packs that were meant to be in addition to expansions, not a replacement for expansions).  It contains the “Far Seas Distillery” with 1 Solo, 1 Event Advanced Solo, 1 Heroic, 2 Event Heroics and a large Raid version for $15 ($13.50 for All Access).  Altar of Malice is required and should be available as a bundle for those that have yet to purchase AoM.  There will be another large Campaign this fall around the usual expansion release time.  The content released throughout the year in these Campaigns should add up to what we might have traditionally seen in a yearly expansion.

Roshen posted this on the EQ2Forums:

US EverQuest II Live Servers and website will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for the Rum Cellar Campaign Patch. Estimated downtime is approximately three hours.

Players will NOT be able to play this campaign until after this patch has completed, even if they purchase the campaign prior to this maintenance.

EU EverQuest II Live Servers will be brought offline on Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 7:00AM PDT* for this update. (Approx. 3:00PM London Time on April 28, 2015). Estimated downtime is three hours.

Alle deutschsprachigen Server werden um 16:00 CET am 28.04.2015 zwecks einer Serveraktualisierung heruntergefahren. Die vorgesehene Stillstandszeit wird etwa 3 Stunde(n) betragen

Le serveur de langue française sera arrêté à 16:00 CET le 28-04-2015 pour une mise à jour du serveur. Le temps d’arrêt sera d’environ 3 heures.

*Time Zone Converter

Update notes for this downtime can be found in the Game Update Notes forum once they’re available.

Keep an eye on the EverQuest II forums for news if additional downtime is needed.

EDIT: Approx downtime is now three hours.

EDIT 2: This downtime will affect the website as well.

Update: As part of the launch festivities, Daybreak Games will be livestreaming as well:

Don’t miss today’s EverQuest 2 stream! To celebrate the launch of the Rum Cellar Campaign, we’ll be streaming today, Tuesday, April 28, 2015 starting at 11AM PDT* on 2

Daybreak Games Website Redesign and New Logo – All Access Bonus XP

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Today, Daybreak Games unveiled the new redesign of their website,  Along with the new site design, they also revealed their new logo and the new name for Station Cash: Daybreak Cash.  We are unsure of how long it will be before this gets changed in-game.  Here’s a screenshot of one of the five screens that cycle through on the new homepage.


Update: As part of the celebration for the launch of the new website and logo, EQ2 players can take advantage of the following:

EverQuest II
All Access members are in for a boost this week with Double XP! That includes Double AA, Adventure, and Tradeskill XP for All Access members only, from 12PM PDT April 27th until 12PM PDT May 4th.

Update 2: Daybreak President John Smedley and Senior Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing Laura Naviaux gave an interview to about the transition as well.

Altar of Malice Beta Patching Issues

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Update: This issue has now been resolved. 

Having issues loading the non-streaming Altar of Malice Beta?  You’re not alone.  Starting about 6 hours ago people have been experiencing an error when trying to patch the non-streaming client for Beta.

Holly “Windstalker” Longdale just confirmed on Twitter that they are aware of the issue and are testing a fix.  She’s also written this on the forums:

“True, true. Sorry folks. We are updating a lot of code to handle memory issues better. There were a few unexpected results…which were bad, obviously.”

If you can’t wait for the fix, the streaming client seems to work if you uncheck “Full Download”.  You can get the streaming client here:

 Update:  Windstalker just posted this on Twitter:

Full Download patcher errors on Beta may not be fixed until tomorrow. We don’t want to interrupt players on server. Streaming works.

So if you want in before tomorrow, here’s the long version of one option for streaming.

Here’s the short version:

  1. Download this and run it:
  2. When it asks where to install it, add ” Streaming” to whatever it says and install it.
  3. When the launcher screen appears, change the version to Beta, uncheck Download Full and click Apply.
  4. While it’s downloading the 200mb or so, copy your Beta_charactername_eq2_uisettings.xml files from your normal EverQuest II\BetaServer folder to your new EverQuest II Streaming\BetaServer folder.
  5. When it’s finished downloading the 200mb or so, click Play.
  6. On the character select screen, wait til the little dragon stops running to make things a bit less laggy, then load whichever character you want to play.

Then, once all this is over and the regular version is working again, you can delete the entire EverQuest II Streaming folder and be back where you were before any of this happened.

There are of course other ways to do this, but this was the easiest for me. Your mileage may vary. Some restrictions apply. Void where prohibited. May cause shortness of breath, nervousness, and excess sweating. If any of these symptoms persist after the next patch, welcome to beta.

Double XP Weekend – 19-21 September 2014

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Holly “Windstalker” Longdale announced today on twitter:

We’re going to have a Double XP weekend for members this Friday at noon to Sunday midnight PDT! Wee!

Update: Windstalker confirmed that this is for Adventure and Tradeskill, but not Guild XP.

Time Zone Conversions

  • PDT: Friday, Sep 19 @ Noon ~ Sun, Sep 21 @ 11:59pm (+ 1 minute)
  • EDT: Friday, Sep 19 @3:00pm ~ Monday, Sep 22 @ 2:59am
  • BST: Friday, Sep 19 @20:00 ~ Monday, Sep 22 @ 7:59
  • CET: Friday, Sep 19 @21:00 ~ Monday, Sep 22 @ 8:59
  • AEST: Saturday, Sep 20 @ 5:00am ~ Monday, Sep 22 @ 4:59pm

Update Notes: Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Lets try this again.  Update notes from the official forums for 7 May 2014:


  • Two tiers of the Restored High Keep Guildhall are now available from the Antonica or Commonlands Guild Bell!
  • To obtain access to the Restored High Keep your guild must earn the Restored High Keep Guildhall Tier 2 or Tier 3 guild achievements by collecting High Keep Heartstones within High Keep Contested: The Bloodless Incursion.


  • The chance for heroic zone bosses to drop Ethertouched Rune Patterns has increased from 8% to 15%.

Update Notes: Tuesday, 8 April 2014

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Fairly large update notes from the official forums.  Changes to taunts, 350 AAs, PvP updates, and mages say a fond farewell to carrying around a single, special arrow among other things.   Read the full notes after the break.


  • Players at level 95 can now level up their Alternate Advancements to level 350!


  • Mounted combat pets now retain their illusion form after the player lands with a flying or gliding mount.


  • Respawn and evacuate locations have been added to The Trembling Lagoon, Dythra’s Lair, and Cleansing of the Cove. Previously, respawning and evacuating within these zones sent you to The Feerrott.
  • Level 1-19 human skeletons, found in Commonlands and Antonica, now have a 6% chance to drop “Bloody Robe.”


  • Most taunts and detaunts are four times more effective.
  • The effectiveness of taunts and detaunts will improve based on debuffs applied to an NPC’s related resistances. For example, a Scout’s Evade will be more effective when their target’s physical mitigation is debuffed.
  • Taunts and detaunts will now benefit from the effects of the hate gain modifier stat.


  • Mists of Poison, Poison Bolt and Channeled Cleansing now trigger Calm Connection.


  • Recklessness now grants -150% Hate Gain. Berserkers, Bruisers and Shadowknights now use the same suspension mechanics as Guardians, Monks and Paladins. It now suspends all incoming threat transfers while active.

Update Notes: Tuesday, 1 April 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:


Temple of Veeshan: Guardian’s Edifice

  • Klandicar should no longer cast Chaos Bolt more than intended.

Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer

  • Corrected an issue that would sometimes cause the doors behind Grendish to not open when they should.


  • Converting a mount to a house item must be done within a house on PvP servers.


Tears of Veeshan beta opens — 9 Heroic zones, 2 raids, Testing Rewards

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Kander posted this on the EQ2Forums:

Greetings and welcome to the Tears of Veeshan open Beta!

First, let me thank you all for choosing to come and help us. We are grateful for your time, and will see that you are justly rewarded!

We have a lot to test with this expansion, and we appreciate all of you who are helping us.

You can access Vesspyr: the Eternal Broodlands via the dragon rings or druid rings.

All heroic and advanced solo content is accessible directly from specialized entrances in the overland.

Here is the zone list:

  • Nexus Core [Heroic]
  • Nexus Core [Advanced Solo]
  • The Fractured Hive [Heroic]
  • The Fractured Hive [Advanced Solo]
  • High Keep[Heroic]
  • High Keep[Advanced Solo]
  • High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths [Heroic]
  • High Keep: The Pickclaw Depths [Advanced Solo]
  • Izshrash’Khar: Stratum of the Protectors [Heroic]
  • Izshrash’Khar: Stratum of the Protectors [Advanced Solo
  • Ssrez’Ras: Chamber of Stasis [Heroic]
  • Ssrez’Ras: Chamber of Stasis [Advanced Solo]
  • Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer [Heroic]
  • Temple of Veeshan: Halls of the Betrayer [Advanced Solo]
  • Temple of Veeshan: Laboratory of Mutation [Heroic]
  • Temple of Veeshan: Laboratory of Mutation [Advanced Solo
  • Temple of Veeshan: Vulak’Aerr’s Dominion [Heroic]

Producer’s Letter: ToV Coming Up!

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Hello again, Norrathians!

We are all getting ready to usher in our next expansion, EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan (ToV)…and not a moment too soon! Open Beta is being prepared now for Oct. 15 and launch is coming on Nov. 12!

In ToV, our next epic chapter unfolds! Kerafyrm, the great, evil prismatic dragon, has stolen a powerful artifact known as the Tear of Veeshan and slain Yelinak – Norrath’s wisest and eldest dragon. The New Combine Army that united Norrath’s peoples is fractured and powerless and it is said that Kerafyrm’s plots now reach far beyond Norrath. In fact, his plans are rumored to reach beyond time and space to all existence! You and your allies will be all that stands in his way.


Producer’s Letter: Coming Right Up!

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From the EQ2 Forums (emphasis added by me):

Mighty Norrathians!

Since SOE Live and Game Update 67: Darkness Dawns there’s been a lot of focus and excitement here about Heroic Characters and this year’s expansion, Tears of Veeshan. We’re well on our way and working hard!

To begin with, we have some date adjustments. Our expansion launch date has moved out a bit to mid-November and our Level 85 Heroic Characters are likely coming in the first week of October.

We got some great feedback on Heroic Characters and we wanted to polish it up to make it more user-friendly before we launch! We are still working on fine-tuning the details and I will have more info soon, I promise. Until we nail it down, I don’t want to throw misinformation about.

The introduction of Heroic Characters also made us change a few other things, like including EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious zones into the Free and Silver account access so Heroic Characters have a place to play! And while we are still going to offer theEverQuest II: Age of Discovery expansion, we will also sell the features individually, including the Beastlord class, Mercenaries, Dungeon Maker, Reforging, and Tradeskill Apprentices. We’re still working on pricing and have some other cool things in progress we’ll announce shortly.

Our 10th expansion, EverQuest II: Tears of Veeshan, is getting closer to Beta. This team is putting together an expansion that will be something special! The overland — Vesspyr Isles, the Eternal Broodlands — is really amazing. Flying through it is incredible with more and more variety and flavor every day. The dungeons are coming together beautifully and the content is too! We appreciate all the feedback we got during SOE Live and are grateful for all the playtests of the Channeler class. We are putting final touches on that too.

When Beta opens on Oct. 15, we hope you’ll come take a look at Tears of Veeshan and give us feedback!

There will be lots more to come so you’ll be hearing from me sooner ™ rather than later!

Holly Longdale
Senior Producer
EverQuest II

Dethdlr’s Dungeon: Itemization Hopes for this Expansion

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Dethdlr's Dungeon

I’ve got big hopes for EQ2 itemization and what we’ll see in the “Everquest II: Itemization Evolves” panel at SOE Live this year.  For me, there are several things that go into itemization.  It’s more extensive than just the items themselves.  Here are a few notes on itemization that I hope will be included in that evolution:

  • Go back to the days when gear was less cookie cutter. The days when you looked at more than just the Stamina stat to see if you were already wearing better.
  • Bring back heroic zone progression meaning make the top level heroic instance hard. As in “need to gear up in the easier instances before you have any chance at clearing it” hard. Remember zones like Palace of Ferzhul, Estate of Unrest,  Tower of Tactics, Elements of War?  This was something we used to work towards so it gave us a goal. Lately, we can clear the harder zones the first or second time we go in. If we can clear the hardest zone, what are we working towards?
  • Put the items in places that make sense. If zone X is required to get access to zone Y, and the quest sending me into zone X rewards me with boots, don’t put worse boots in the loot tables for zone Y. Nobody will ever wear them and it makes it seem like nobody was paying attention when placing the loot.
  • Put ultra-rare items into the heroic zones again that are desirable even by raiders. This gives us something to do. I remember people asking to run zones like Cella, Maidens, Najena’s Hollow Tower, even Obelisk of Blight way back when because they wanted an ultra-rare item that dropped in there. Quite often the next GU or expansion would come out before everybody got what they wanted out of all the zones. Again, this gave us something to work towards.

These don’t sound like difficult things to do and they used to do things pretty much like this until the last couple of years. Hopefully they go back to this way of doing things and will give us heroic group runners something to work towards again other than Obols, Spirits, or whatever other new currency they come up with.

Update Notes: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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From the EQ2 Forums:

  • Fixed an issue with the ticket goblin not spawning correctly.
Obol Plains

  • The Steward of Drinal merchant is now located in Cardin Ward.
Harrow’s End
  • Drinal’s soulwells have returned and should correctly render when it is time to select his challenge level.
  • Shift+left-clicking on a green adornment should now properly create an item link in the chat window.
  • Upgrades to Bloodbath and Bria’s Entrancing Sonnet are now craftable.
  • In Vanishing Act, the visage of fear will no longer attack mercenaries and pets once it is defeated.
  • On Circumstantial Evidence, the stalkscouts in will no longer repeatedly reset in the middle of combat.
  • On Clash of Souls, you may now use the gazer eye on soullights starting at 50% health.
  • On Scary Forest, dying with a soullight following you will now cause it to stop following you.

AA Backup Redux – Think of the Beastlords!

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So last night, we announced that we had made a snapshot of the AAs for some 150,000 characters which people could view at We were pretty proud of ourselves until someone asked if that included the Beastlord warder AAs.  It didn’t.  Beatny doesn’t cover Beastlord warders.

So because we try harder, we’ve gone back and made an actual backup of every character’s AAs right here on EQ2U and will hang onto it until well after the expansion.  That’s over 416,000 characters.

When the expansion hits on November 13th, you now have two backups you can use. The original labeled ‘(Autosaved) Pre-CoE’ and the new one is labeled ‘(Autosaved) Pre-CoE Spec at EQ2U.’ One of them is bound to have your info.

If you haven’t got an EQ2U account, please feel free to sign up and do your own AA Backup! And let us know in the Comments if you have any questions!

Update Notes: Thursday, 17 May 2012

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Here are your update notes for Thursday, 17 May 2012:


  • Mount drops in the Underdepths and Betrayal in the Underdepths have been made less rare.

Dracur Prime: Sevalak Awakened

  • Sargon the Destructor text messages won’t go to the entire raid anymore, just the person about to be cast upon.  The duration of the red text messages has been shortened.

Dracur Prime: Vyskudra the Ancient

  • The player who slays an energized storm elemental and those closest to the slayer will receive the Elemental Storm Energy Buff.  The Elemental Stormstrike buff will no longer generate hate taunting the elemental stormlords.

Great Divide

  • The Cliff Stalkers in the Great Divide will now grant experience when slain.

Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator – Update

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A few days ago, I finally got around to doing some updates to Dethdlr’s Adornment Calculator.  Thanks to everyone who sent in bug reports over the last several months.  I think I’ve gotten all of them taken care of now but there may still be a few in there somewhere.

Also, I’ve added a second white adornment dropdown for each slot since a lot of the Skyshrine items have two white adornment slots.  Some two handers even have three white slots but I didn’t add a third dropdown.  Just use the secondary dropdown for those cases and make sure not to choose reuse speed since that doesn’t work in the primary slot.

If you don’t see the second white slot dropdown when you load the calculator, you’re seeing a cached version.  Try holding down Shift and Ctrl keys and press F5, or click the Refresh button/icon in your browser or whatever button/clicking combination you have to do to convince it to really reload the page and you should see the new version.

I still haven’t added in the public quest adornments or the class specific adornments for beastlords, those are still on the list of things to do.

As usual, let me know if you find anything out of whack.


May 10, 2012 Update Notes

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Here are your updates for May 10, 2012.  The quest All You Need is Time in Withered Lands should now be fixed as well as the ratio of Tier 10 precious metal rares.


Withered Lands

  • Hexapola: players outside the raid should no longer cause the raid to reset if they agro raid insects.

Skyshrine x4 raid zones, challenge mode

  • Belkreiz Blazeclaw will no longer spam messages about reckless adds unless an add actually spawns due to the Time Vortex Curse.
  • Belkreiz Blazeclaw will no longer spawn Ancient Dracurian Seer’s if there are already 3 or more of them present in the zone.

May 8, 2012 Update Notes

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Here are your update notes for 8 May, 2012.  There is a fix for the quest “All You Need is Time” currently on the test server but it hasn’t made it to the live servers yet.  If you are stuck on that quest, Gninja says to /petition it.  He has given customer service steps on how to fix it.


Skyshrine x4 raid zones, challenge mode

  • Belkreiz Blazeclaw will no longer spam messages about reckless adds unless an add actually spawns due to the Time Vortex Curse.
  • Belkreiz Blazeclaw will no longer spawn Ancient Dracurian Seer’s if there are already 3 or more of them present in the zone.

Skyshrine: the Underdepths

  • Sevalor’s Deathless now has a 35 second duration, rather than permanent.

Lyndro: 280 AAs Required to Level Past 90

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Akil “Lyndro” Hooper has posted a followup to his interview with Piestro on the official forums:

Hey folks,

I know that much of this is information that you already knew, but we wanted to get everything in a centralized place, so people don’t have to dig around to try and find the answers to these questions.

The AA requirement won’t be 320 for sure (We don’t want to require AoD), the bar for earning XP in 90 is going to be 280, because you have your heroic endlines at that point (and I hate large primes so 277 wasn’t going to work). The requirement exists so we (the developers) and you (the players) have a little more information about what a level 91+ player is. Right now if you form a pick up group, you really don’t have an idea whether your tank has 65 AAs or 317 AAs. The same goes for us, content for a level 90 with few AAs is pretty different than content for a level 90 with a whole lot of them.

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