Update Notes for Tuesday, 19 October 2010

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Here are your update notes for Tuesday, 19 October 2010 after the break:


  • Fixed a crash issue with the /loadhotkeys command.
  • Fixed an issue causing occasional zone crashes.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause copied characters to revert to 50% AA conversion every time they zoned.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could get multiple grandmaster training choices. If you had done this to get multiple grandmaster choices you will have your grandmaster choices and traits respeced and will have to rechoose them.


  • Fixed a typo in the Chat Channel Color options.
  • Houseitem verbs have been returned to their previous order.
  • Players will now be informed whenever a currency or mount item is placed in the appropriate window.
  • You can now unequip mounts by dragging the icons out of the equipment slots.
  • Forum Feedback: /useabilityonplayer and /cureplayer now use g1, g2, g3… g6 instead of 0-5 to be consistent with raid member numbering r1, r2, r3… r24.
  • Forum Feedback: You can use g0 or g1 to cast on yourself using /useabilityonplayer and /cureplayer even if not grouped.
  • Forum Feedback: The “g” and “r” are no longer case sensitive in /useabilityonplayer and /cureplayer.
  • Forum Feedback: Using click to cure on yourself no longer forces you to target yourself.


  • Greater Faydark – Wood weevils can no longer be damaged by AoE spells.


Nights of the Dead

  • Terrah Sinew has been returned to her station at the Nektulos docks.
  • All the new loot for headless horseman should be set to the proper level now.


  • Belt of Skulls should be properly named now and equippable in the waist slot.
  • Kaborite Enriched Bandolier should now have Bloodfrenzy instead of combat expertise.
  • Kaborite Enriched Bandolier’s damage rating has been improved.
  • Increased the damage rating of the Bone Hilted Smasher and Bonebreaker’s Edge.
  • Fixed problem with the plaguemist buckler and the cracked skull totem having spell reuse when they should not have.
  • Removed the red adornment slot from Reinforced Kaborite Plated Gauntlets and Reinforced Kaborite Plated Barbute and replaced it with a yellow one.
  • Fixed the double crit chance issue with the Reinforced Kaborite Plated Barbute.
  • Cloak of Evisceration should now equip in the cloak slot.
  • Fixed the appearance of the staff of terrors.


  • Krin’Jilna should now ask Druids for the Bestial armor set instead of the cleric armor set.


  • Increased the drop rate of red adornments from Krasick.
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    Comments (2)

    • Seggen


      I hope the issue fixing occasional zone crashes is referring to Maalus Imbued and other random zone crashes on hard mode.


    • nekura


      Rothgar specifically called out the Maalus Imbued fight as supposedly being fixed by this update, so here’s hopin’!


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