Guild XP Went Down? Not Really

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Wondering why the XP bar for your guild went down with GU58?  Don’t worry, you’re actually closer to level 90 than you were before.  Rothgar explains on the official forums:

Your XP value behind the scenes, which is some number like 183627, did not change unless your level would have gone down.  For example, that number may have put you at 54 prior to the change but would now put you at 52.  In this case, we added XP to the number to increase you to level 54 but it would look like you lost progress in 54 when in fact you would have been 52 on the new curve.  The total amount of XP needed to get to 90 was lessened, so you are now further along than you would have been before.

In some cases, depending on where you were in the curve, you just passed a hell level and will now be further along than you were before.

Regardless of what the progress bar shows, when you reach level 90, everyone will have put in the same amount of work.  It just depends on whether or not you’ve already been through the “hell levels”.

I’m really sorry this is confusing and looks like you’ve lost XP, but everyone should have benefited from this change in the long run.

If its not already as clear as mud, to summarize:

If your guild looks like you lost XP on the progress bar, you were one of the guilds who had XP added to get you up to your old level when you would have been behind.

If your guild gained levels after this, you unfortunately didn’t receive any “free xp”, but since you just went through a hell level that required more XP than the other levels, you now are higher than you were before.

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Comments (7)

  • Kruzzen


    It is fine to say, but it still hurts to see a guild loose 90% or more of a level. 🙁


  • Feldon



    Indeed. I logged in and had lost 25% of a guild level. But I trust Rothgar. If he says that my guild is actually closer to 90 now than before GU58, I believe him.


  • vilebrood


    well. i see what they did, bonus, maybe.. its the richman, poorman concept. the higher guilds gained lvls, the poor got the medicaid and food stamps, and the middle clas have to fork over for the bills.. you can put earrings on a pig. its still a pig.. so reports still out of this in my mind


  • Rick


    This was actually quite nice for me. My personal guild went from about 85% into 34 to about 7% into 37.
    Got 2 extra amenities earlier than I would have and in my glee, promptly bought the wrong hireling and wasted 2,000,000 status on it. Take the good with the bad I suppose.


  • Dethdlr


    Xelgad gave a bit more specific info with numbers:

    Please be aware that the guild experience percentage is not a static value in the sense that 60% of level 59 yesterday is the same as 60% of level 59 today.

    Using your guild as the example:

    At level 59 and 60% of the way to 60, your guild’s experience would be 8,856,000. You needed about 264,000 experience to get to level 60 and about 22,644,000 experience to get level 90.

    In the new formula, level 59 starts at 9,341,700 experience. Your guild has been set to here. You have gained 881,700 experience. You are now 20,171,600 experience away from level 90. Your guild is now 2,472,400 experience closer to level 90.

    If your guild wasn’t capped to not lose a level, your current level would be level 57. You would have been 93% into your level.

    I can understand it ticking people off since the progress bar to your next level went down. Guess it depeneds on how you look at it. If your goal is to hit 90, you’re closer. If you had other goals, you might have just got hosed a bit.


  • jasonmicron


    Reading this made my head hurt.


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