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The Twelve Days of Velious – Guild Double XP & Free Server Transfers

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February 22: Othmir Day
Everyone who logs in on Launch Day, February 22nd, will receive an Othmir illusion potion. (Even those who aren’t playing in Velious!) The potion has 50 charges, and is available one per character. Just be sure to log in each of your characters during the day to claim a potion, if you want the illusion for more than one character.

This event will run at least until 10am pst (1pm cst, 18:00 gmt). According to some posts by SmokeJumper, this may be extended especially on Everfrost and Freeport which weren’t up until late last night. Remember, to claim this item, go to the Marketplace and select Expansion, then Nipik’s Gift.

February 23: Guild Double XP Day
Build up your guild and your guild spirit with Double Guild XP, today only!

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but this seems an odd day to do Guild Double XP. It will likely give something to do for people who didn’t buy Velious or don’t have a level 86+.

February 24: Free Transfer Day
One day only! Get a free character transfer token from the in-game Marketplace and choose your own server. Up to five moves allowed per account.

NOTE: This is transfers WITHIN an account, but not BETWEEN accounts, as this still requires the involvement of Customer Service.

February 25: Snow Days Discounts
Every day’s a snow day in Velious, but today you’ll find lots of cool prices on frosty-themed items in the Marketplace.


Confirming Your Bonus Guild XP

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A few players have reported issues with not earning the +50% bonus on Guild XP. I can confirm that it’s working on adventure writs in Kylong Plains, but other players have posted results indicating that doing Tradeskill Rush Orders in instances (Guild Halls, instance ‘tradeskill cellars’, etc.) may not receive this bonus.

We strongly suggest checking to make sure that you are receiving a message like this before spending hours doing writs:

Your guild has received 1961 status which includes a 50% server bonus!

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, we have learned that several Heritage Quests, writs, etc. are not providing the +50% Bonus Guild XP. As this was the first bonus Guild XP weekend, no doubt notes are being taken to fix some of these issues for the future.

Announcement: Bonus Guild XP Weekend

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It’s a Bonus Guild XP Weekend!

Starting at 5:00 pm (PDT) on Friday, October 22nd and ending at 10:00 am (PDT) on Monday, October 25th, players in EQII and EQ2X can gain a 50% bonus on guild XP!

Get out there and level up, and enjoy hearing those dings come 50% faster. But don’t wait; the weekend will be over before you know it. Enjoy!

This promotion will run from Friday, October 22 at 5PM PDT (Sunday 02:00 GMT) until Monday, October 25th at 10AM PDT (17:00 GMT).

Discuss this on the EQ2 Forums

Bonus Guild XP Weekend Starts 22 October 2010

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As we previously reported, with GU58, the guild XP levels were evened out to get rid of the hell levels.  Depending on where your guild was in relation to the closest hell level, you may have gained guild levels or lost progress in your current level.  In the grand scheme of getting to level 90, just about everybody ended up better off.  In the grand scheme of making it to the NEXT level, which could have been your long term goal, some guilds lost progress. 

In an effort to make up for this (I assume), SOE has decided to have a Bonus Guild XP weekend.  I’ve been holding off posting this until the official announcement was made.  However, since it’s getting pretty close to start time, I thought it would be better to go ahead and get the word out so people can plan accordingly.  Rothgar posted this on the official forums:

This weekend there will be a guild status bonus weekend where all status that you earn will increase your guild’s XP by 50%.  For example, if you complete a writ that awards you 10,000 status, normally your guild will receive 1000 status (xp).  With the 50% bonus you’ll still receive 10,000 personal status, but the guild will instead receive 1500 status.

The promotion will run from 5pm Friday night until 10am Monday morning (PST).  Look for the official announcement coming soon.

Just remember, grinding tradeskill writs not only gets you guild XP and city tokens, you also make a small profit. 🙂

Guild XP Went Down? Not Really

Written by Dethdlr on . Posted in Game Updates & Maintenance

Wondering why the XP bar for your guild went down with GU58?  Don’t worry, you’re actually closer to level 90 than you were before.  Rothgar explains on the official forums:

Your XP value behind the scenes, which is some number like 183627, did not change unless your level would have gone down.  For example, that number may have put you at 54 prior to the change but would now put you at 52.  In this case, we added XP to the number to increase you to level 54 but it would look like you lost progress in 54 when in fact you would have been 52 on the new curve.  The total amount of XP needed to get to 90 was lessened, so you are now further along than you would have been before.

In some cases, depending on where you were in the curve, you just passed a hell level and will now be further along than you were before.

Regardless of what the progress bar shows, when you reach level 90, everyone will have put in the same amount of work.  It just depends on whether or not you’ve already been through the “hell levels”.

I’m really sorry this is confusing and looks like you’ve lost XP, but everyone should have benefited from this change in the long run.

If its not already as clear as mud, to summarize:

If your guild looks like you lost XP on the progress bar, you were one of the guilds who had XP added to get you up to your old level when you would have been behind.

If your guild gained levels after this, you unfortunately didn’t receive any “free xp”, but since you just went through a hell level that required more XP than the other levels, you now are higher than you were before.

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