EQ2X: Bronze Chat Channel Restrictions Relaxed

Written by Dethdlr on . Posted in Free-to-Play (EQ2X), Game Updates & Maintenance

SmokeJumper just announced some changes to the bronze level chat channel restirctions on the EQ2X Forums:

As of Tuesday, October 5th, the chat restrictions for Bronze players will be eased somewhat.

Bronze players will now be able to *see* the chat that’s occurring in broadcast chat channels (like /auction, /Level 1-9, etc.).

However, they will still be unable to *send* chat in those channels.

In theory, this allows Bronze players to hear what’s going on in the world, and opens up a huge pool of potential customers for Silver and Gold players that are /auctioning items in chat. (Bronze players can /tell back to the auctioneer if they’re interested in the item.)

The world should feel a bit more filled with people for Bronze players now, as well.

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Comments (5)

  • Eschia


    I could never live with such a restriction. Glad I’m staying on live… I feel sorry for anyone going through that eq2x mess. 😛


  • Blockhead


    @Eschia, yes and it certainly is a mess.

    EQ2X is basically DOA. When there are 5 days worth of forum posts on page one in general section days after they go live (removed beta tag) you know there is a problem. lotro as of now you can go about 2 to 3 pages deep of same day posts, when they went live you could go around 15 pages deep of the same day posts. On EQ2X at launch you can see almost weeks worth of posts on page one.

    So much excitement and forward momentum completely lost because of their greed. Players were screaming from rooftops to change their F2P strategy, did they do anything about it? obviously not as it already feels like EQ2X should be merged, problem is it’s the only server.

    Fast forward to today, all of a sudden well after the BETA tag is removed they are starting to make changes of this magnitude, and apparently there are even bigger changes to come. Feel sorry for anybody whom bought into platinum as they are certainly not going to enjoy what these changes are.

    Overall it feels like too little to late, myself and many friends and family have gotten far too integrated into lotro while we were waiting for SOE to get their act together and judging how dead the EQ2X server is and the barren eq2x forum were not alone.


  • Lexey


    Umm…. Blockhead perhaps you should do some research before you make such comments. The EQ2X server is bustling!!

    There are usually more than one instance of a zone up at all times due to the amount of players.

    I am Bronze and our Guild is now level 52 . We are a Bronze and Silver Guild only… we have a Hall in Halas… you are welcome to stop by.

    Nothing in your comments is truth… If you want to be so negative thats your choice. EQ2X is challenging and tons of fun for everyone in my guild at least (I am the leader). This new chat option will be an extra plus for us that are currently Bronze and I am sure the Gold and Plat players are happy too because it opens up the Auction channel for more customers for them!!
    Its a win win all around


  • Dethdlr


    @Blockhead: You like LOTRO. You hate EQ2X. Got it. Message received. Do you really need to keep posting it over and over and over?

    EQ2X isn’t LOTRO. LOTRO isn’t EQ2X. Different models. Some like one, some like the other. As for being DOA, I just checked the forums as well and compared EQ2 Live forums to EQ2X forums. There are 205 users online on the EQ2 Live Forums and 551 users online on the EQ2X Forums. But what difference does it make how many people are on the forums? What matters is how many people are playing. Are you telling me that those 15 pages deep were all messages from happy players saying everything is wonderful?

    Regardless, your opinion has been noted. Repeatedly. We get it. It’s getting really old reading it over and over again. Could you please tone it down a bit? Please?


  • Blockhead


    Will do Dethdlr.


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