Getting Cozy with Coders

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Daybreak Live (SOE Live/Fan Faire)

This is a more behind-the-scenes technical type panel, so will not be covered live on EQ2Wire. I’m recording a video. Also got a video of the ProSieben panel. Thanks Dedith — you rock!!!

UPDATE: Getting Cozy with Coders was not like Geek Panel last year. Instead, it was EQ2 devs at the front of the room and players can just go up and ask them questions. So kind of an organized Kelethin, without alcohol.

5pm panel is Fansite panel. Nobody told me what I’m supposed to do/so so I guess I’ll just wing it. 😉

Next info is SOE Keynote at 6:30pm PDT.


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  • Badfae


    Great work Feldon! You are our hero for everything you do for us and the community! Any ETA on getting the video’s up? Can’t wait to see some of the new stuff!


  • Anaogi


    Well first, he has to get through the evening’s panels… 😉


  • Aelious


    Kick back and have a beer? 😉


  • Seffrid


    As far as the ProSieben situation is concerned, Massively have an interview with Smed in which he clarifies that all the games transferring to ProSieben are covered by the announced option to stay with SOE, apart from DCUO which has already transferred across. He also says that European players will again be able to use Station Access.


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