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Waiting for Keynote #2 to start. Supposed to EQ, EQ2, and DCUO.

Brasse talking about nVidia sponsor.

Military gamers on stage. 10, 15, 20 years. This is for an nVidia GeForce 6600Ti card.

DCUO keynote up first. Will come back with EQ2 stuff.

Wrapping up DCUO. Waiting for EQ or EQ2.

In case anyone doesn’t know, this keynote is being livecast on

EverQuest Franchise logo on the screens. Dave Georgeson coming to the stage.

Dave talking about EQ, EQ2, EQNext. Press still talking about EQ, EQ2 despite their age.

Talking about Press. Showing SOEMote videos. The feature heard round the world.

We can be better. We want to improve these games.

Starting with EverQuest…

* Every 1.8 seconds, a character dies in EQ. Usually a ranger.
* For the next 3 hours we’re going to talk about EverQuest.
* EverQuest’s 13th Anniversary.
* Level 100, Agro Meter, Broker system that works while you’re offline.

(just including the real key points, this is EQ2wire after all)

EQ1 presentation wrapping up. Time for EQ2.

Time to talk about Krono.

* Krono is bought with cash. You can trade it or sell it to other players on the broker. You can gift it. If you use it, it adds 30 days of gold membership.

2 types of players who want a Krono.

* Players with a ton of plat.
* Players with very little plat.

* You can use plat to play for free.
* You can buy Krono and sell it in-game on the broker for plat.

We are not setting a price. I suggest setting the price high. 😉

A great thing about Krono, is it’s in a secure environment. Not worried about being ripped off. Will cut out a lot of the spam from plat sellers.

EverQuest 2

Introducing Holly Longdale.

8 years next month.

We are proud of the fact that we are a high fantasy role playing game. We don’t put anything into the game without significant research.

We have a community that is 8 years strong.

[Skyshrine video]

Total overhaul of our newbie experiences of Darklight Wood. Free to Play brings in new players, they need to have a good experience.

Walking down memory lane.

Qeynos Rises, PvP, Battlegrounds

SOEmote videos.

Ethereal items.

Sleeper’s Tomb

Avatars — We removed avatars in Sentinel’s Fate. The team really wanted to bring them back. But rather than put the old stuff back in the game, we brought 3 new ones. We have a whole bunch more for you when we release the expansion.

Dozekar video.

We’re committed to showing rather than telling.

Showing new Lizard boss influenced by Cazic-Thule. You’ll see him in solo and group content as well as raid. We want all our players to have access to the story.

Chains of Eternity

Showing key art.

If you did the prelude event, you saw Firona Vie die.

You’re going to be sent into the afterlife, the domain of Drinal, the silver reaper.

Chains of Eternity
* Level 95 – Adventure, Tradeskill, Guilds
* Adventurers you’re getting all new abilities.

* Incremental Spells – brand new abilities. A rogue, the more you cast a spell, it will enable a new ability. Healers, the more you cast it, the more the buff improves, and perhaps changes entirely. For casters, cast several versions of it to launch a massive nuke.

Tradeskillers are getting Prestige Abilities.
* Experiment on an item several times. You can increase its stats, add decorations, add procs.
* Mass Production — make several items at once.
* Refining and Salvaging

Spirit Stones – grow in power when you do what it says on the item.
* Sigil of the Silver Reaper — the more you heal your allies, you gain passive abilities.
* Gravedigger’s Mark — the more you kill creatures in Ethermore, the more abilities you unlock.

Flythrough video through Eidolon Jungle (Feerrott).
Flythrough of Loping Plains alternate zone.

[Editor’s Note: This is the same video we saw in Art & Animation.]

Ethermere version of Cazic-Thule dungeon. Totally new zone with Cazic-Thule influences.

Venekor is back.

Off the shores of Ethermere — a ship captained by denizens of Zek.

* Heroes End — citadel of Drinal — MASSIVE temple. 7 levels to the zone.

Second half of Sleeper’s Tomb

Contested version of Sleeper’s Tomb

Chelsith — the ancient vault — totally new zone.

Wormbone – Massive new zone wioth the Ashlock — new race that act differently at night. The zone changes based on time of day. It is an outdoor dungeon.

Video of Kerafyrm trying to break out and take on Norrath.

2 new dungeons early next year — Siren’s Grotto, Cobalt Scar
First flythrough video of these two zones.

The amount of content coming to EQ2 over the last 4 months is mind-blowing. This ain’t no Skyshrine repurposed 12 different ways.

Chains of Eternity PUBLIC BETA — Monday.

Legends of Norrath segment.


Georgeson is back.

EQ and EQ2 are separate layers in the multiverse. Ethermere is the tie between the two expansions. Rain of Fear and Chains of Eternity.

And now a very few words about the next EverQuest…

VERY few words — it’s a black box right now

EverQuest Next is another layer of the multiverse. A reimagining.

Whenever someone says “We’ve always done it that way.” it throws up a red flag.

We know exactly what we want to do and what direction we’re going. You’re going to be absolutely floored when you see it.


* Basic Objects – Furniture, Cloaks
We want you to get used to making these items. Also we need to work the kinks out of the system.

Players have already been posting screenshots of items on the forums.

Exclusive things you can do that we won’t.

* Do you think you can do better hair styles than us. Build hair styles for EQ and EQ2. Sell them to other players.

* Create house deeds. You decorate a house and sell it to another player. All the items in the house, everything.

Even if you aren’t a graphic designer, you can decorate a house and sell it on the Marketplace.

We already gave you the expansions for free. We want to do more than that. For 100 of you, we’re going to give you Collector’s Edition upgrades for free.


Off to get some dinner.

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  • Aelious


    Seems like a mix of features and content this time around, I like it. I am wondering about selling pre-designed houses and if that’s in game currancy being traded in the marketplace. I remember them saying in the art panel that they wanted you to use you’re own textures for PS so it wouldn’t make sense for you to get real money by rearranging SoEs pre are entities.

    I really, really like the progressive abilities and customization of crafted items. It’s hitting on EQ2 selling point, to me anyways, of a deep MMO.


  • Aelious


    Sorry, that was “pre-made entities”. Also, thanks again Feldon for relaying this info. I wasn’t able to watch the stream from my phone so YOU were the stream 🙂


  • Betony


    Sure hope someone videoed or taped YOUR panel! I echo everyone’s thanks for being at the faire for all of us who couldn’t make it there.


  • Abyss


    Thank you Feldon for keeping is up to date.

    Venekor returns…. Squeel!

    Who really liked loping planes…. Really.

    Can you get more information on Refining and salvaging?

    Thanks again


  • Mezzir


    *Incremental Spells – So you’re making every class into a Beastlord. That’s all you had to say. Bestlord.


  • Sigtyr


    Was there any mention of gear progression from Withering lands to Chains of Eternity, gear reset in the first areas or? New players to 92 will spend not ungodly amounts of time in SS to gear up and will never get to UD or be able to do Sleepers Tomb in small groups. Its hard even now to get the Breach quest done.


    • Feldon


      Think how much easier SS and the first few names in UD will be with a 3 level cap raise.


  • Mezzir


    EQnext – “We know exactly what we want to do and what direction we’re going. You’re going to be absolutely -appauled- when you see it.”

    Editted for lazy dev, game destroying, class blending mumbo jumbo. All I heard was “we plan to copy and paste Rift, SWTOR and GW2 because that’s what everybodies doing. We plan on eliminating class dependency.”


  • Gaealiege


    Dramatically. I imagine just those three levels will trivialize HM DP and HM UD for many groups that couldn’t manage the gear checks.


  • Anaogi


    Think how much easier SS and the first few names in UD will be with a 3 level cap raise.

    Now if only there was a good reason to do UD (other than HM). A lot of work for a token.


  • Gash



    But…but…I dont WANT to be a Beastlord! =(


  • Kwill


    You WILL play a beastlord, do you hear me?


  • foodcity


    FINALLY!!1 mass production on items 😀


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