Katanallama’s EQII Game Macros, ACT Triggers, and YOU!

Written by Feldon on . Posted in Daybreak Live (SOE Live/Fan Faire), EQ2, Grouping

For the last three years, Player Panels have added another perspective to the expected Developer-led panels at the annual Fan Faire SOE Live conventions. Last year, an EQ2 player named Katanallama presented a standing room only (including two EQ2 devs) panel which cracked the code of EQ2 Macros and Advanced Combat Tracker triggers. The concepts can go deep, but he presents it in a way that any EQ2 player can grasp. During the panel there was a ton of great information shared and useful questions asked and answered. This video has now been posted on Youtube. Katanallama also posted a information-rich forum thread that further extrapolates on the concepts shown in the panel.

I’m sorry that it took me a year to get this video edited, produced, and uploaded. It does take about 10 hours of effort to get more complex videos with slides and transitions done and posted. There’s still one to go — the EQ2 Hardcore Decorating panel.


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Comments (5)

  • Archangel


    Thank you.


  • Gninja


    That was an awesome presentation, he did a great job!


  • 7rlsy


    No apologies necessary. BBQ is important.


  • Izzdaer


    Kudo’s to Katanallama for a very informative presentation, I had no idea how versatile the macro feature was.

    And thanks to Feldon for posting the video.

    Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


  • Windsun33


    To spend deity points from hot bar:
    Potency: /spend_deity_point 2951281460 1
    Stamina: /spend_deity_point 958976882 1
    Crit Bonus: /spend_deity_point 2479066486 1

    Use any icon you want with the various single line commands. The “1” at the end keeps it from asking “are you sure”.


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