CheesePirate’s Take on SOE “Listening to Feedback” on ProSieben Done Deal

Written by Feldon on . Posted in International

Here’s another fantastic comic from CheesePirate which has been banned from the SOE forums and SOE’s Facebook page. What other proof do you need that SOE does not want our feedback?

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  • skippydippy


    No proof needed they are utter morons they really are


  • Katttara


    Ok, I have been reading silently (knowing if this deal goes through, the chance is likely, despite I am in the US, that I will cancel my sub.) I think its disgraceful to do this to customers. Fracturing people and communities in the name of money, when there MUST be other viable solutions, is pure, well, stupidity, among other things.

    FELDON, sorry to hear you were banned…such injustice to the man that gives them so much support and free advertising. They should be ashamed.

    I also had to post this funny note someone added, to the above cartoon, on the forum:

    ~~~From Hykaree (on the forum, below the cartoon):

    “that life preserver is not licensed to carry two people – illegal”


    –That made me laugh outloud, so loudly, that I scared the bejesus out of my cat!

    That comment is classic!

    Fight on people…make them listen!



  • Murfalad


    Awesome comic from Cheese Pirate again, thanks once again for being able to put into pictures something which I would struggle to not get a 18 certificate.


  • badcat


    That is how I felt when I read were listing. The way I read that was we heard you and were in talks with them. So in other words we heard you go away. I am expecting the us side to be sold off soon as well. I honestly thing this is soe trying to get out of the current stock off mmo’s. We know that the eqnext will be browser based.

    Somebody mark this down so when the us side goes up for sale, they can say I called it, if it don’t well I guess I deserve a tin foil hat.


  • Simon


    Show you care – cancel your subscription today.


  • Fievall


    lol classic. Great work again Cheese.


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