In Your Own Words: EQ2 Players React to SOE-ProSieben Deal

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Even if you don’t personally use Twitter, it’s worth following people in the EQ2 community to get their instant impressions on different subjects…

Arkenor: Anyone with a character on a European server has just been sold to a company they’ve never heard of, without their permission.

MMOYeti: SOE have once again thrown up the finger to Europeans. Our US guild member who played on euro times can not now join us in eqnext… we now have a US guildie that (if we play) eqnext he will be unable to join us.

MMOYeti: @j_smedley Ah you always give me a good laugh, I never cease to be amazed at the shocking conduct of the company you oversee.MMOYeti: @j_smedley In one quick move to make no doubt more than a few quick bucks you split guilds and friends playing your game.

MMOYeti: @CheesePirateEq2 You’d think the internet of all things was something that could remove barriers not set them up.

CheesePirate: I have been a SOE (Sony Online Entertainment) customer since January 2005, playing their online games, mainly…

CheesePirate: @j_smedley Mr. Smedley, tear down this wall!

Pink_Poodle: @j_smedley Also, please consider these 20 Things… People are rightfully upset. :/ Please mention these to the Alaplaya guys!


Ed Note: This comic was banned from the SOE forums.

CheesePirate: ProSiebenSat 1’s EULA says they can delete accounts if they haven’t been used in the last 90 days.

MaltheasRatonga: My’s human, Arkenor, has been makings the podcast with his friends all abouts SOE selling me and my friends!

CheesePirate: ProSiebenSat 1 posts customers’ real names. Who would want to hand over their data to this company?!

Arkenor: Oh my god. They posted peoples names and how much money they were being billed? On a forum? … Well, I suppose they’ll have passed the details of anyone who had a character on a euro-server to them.

Arkenor: @j_smedley Could you actually stop this if you wanted to? I assume you’d have asked for feedback before signing deals if feedback mattered.

MMOYeti: Don’t hold your breath about smed replying to us plebs. The only reason he’d stop it is if it lost money.

Bunniboiler: Was in EQ2 beta, and EQ before that – SOE just told EU players to fuck off, literally. Can’t believe how upset I am right now

Bunniboiler: @Domino_EQ2 Can’t believe what you’ve done to EU players. Trusted you as producer and you betrayed us all. Actually in tears right now

Dellmon: Does #SOE = Strategic Outsourcing of Europe???

CheesePirate: The censored version which was also removed from the forums… 

NoMieke: What an awful decision from #SOE. Seriously, region locks? This is 2012, not 1992.

MMOYeti: All the outcry about the EQ2 Euro changes are a sure sign of how little #SOE care’s about it’s customers. Major negative feedback is ignored

Warsongraven: @j_smedley could we (i.e. the EQ2 playerbase) please get some communication aside from forum mods deleting everything?

Don Head: Construction on the Berlin Wall started on Aug 13, 1961, that cut off West Berlin from East Germany and from East Berlin. @j_smedley

Don Head: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”

Stargrace: And the SOE drama goes on and on… Feldon (popular voice) gets banned. Others follow.

Arkenor: With Feldon banned, and Cheese Pirate censored, I’m feeling a bit left out. I’m a horrible troublemaker too!!!!

Arkenor: Has anyone in the EQ2 writing/podcasting community actually come out in favour or defense of the ProSiebenSat deal?

Don Head: Stock prices of duct tape manufacturers soared, as SOE silenced the voices of hundreds of EQ2 players voicing their concerns. @j_smedley

Bunniboiler: Wish some SOE high ups were on Splitpaw right now and reading /1-9. Heartbreaking seeing people saying goodbye to each other

Don Head: Border patrol along the Eastern US has been increased to prevent European EQ2 refugees from entering the States.

Bunniboiler: @Domino_EQ2 Glad you’re having a lovely day: perhaps you should pop onto Splitpaw and see how lovely a day we’re having

Santinea: Its a shame SOE, I fear for my community. You censor, you ban. But really EQ2, do you listen?

Santinea: Putting up a proverbal Berlin Wall between the states & the rest of the world prove that SOE is better? Do you really think this will work?

Bunniboiler: Good blog post by Bhagpuss well worth a read

Bunniboiler: Still can’t quite believe #SOE banned Feldon of @EQ2Wire from the forums. One of the best community guys around. Utter madness.

xedhed: Madness at SOE as the mods wade in with the ban sticks. Way to respect your EQ2 players & community leads!

Don Head: I will not purchase, nor redeem, any StationCash this weekend. SOE can’t buy me out with bonuses. Give Europe back to Norrath!

Trueflight_EQ2: Free Feldon!!

Fansid: Sony Online Entertainment: Stop the ProSieben-SOE Partnership Petition

Jethal Silverwing: (RT) Still can’t quite believe #SOE banned Feldon from the forums. One of the best comm. guys around. Utter madness. #EQ2 {wtf??}

Jethal Silverwing: Reports of deleted EU players no longer able to use US servers? #eq2 The Jethal is losing hope for Norraths future

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Comments (10)

  • Snowdarc


    I love leaving presents and surprises around for people to find in multiplayer games!

    There’s a tweet from Domino for you.


  • Hak


    They banned me right after I mentioned them banning Feldon lol. Gotta love Sony.


  • Eschia


    Over on facebook I’m eschia.mousehold, and I’ve posted a few things about it, been in contact with my raid leader, and jethal mentioned he’s losing hope for the future of norrath.


  • Me


    anyone tweeting about this should use #SOEHatesTheirCustomers hashtag.


  • Dark


    Yeah I got banned for mentioning Feldons ban too but it was undone an hour later after I sent the link the lovely mod_8 gave me an email complaining. 🙂


  • R. Bassett Jr.


    RadarX edited the following out of my reply to the main thread,


    Well, unless you can outsource it and believe they’ll have the same quality as making it yourself.

    I suppose it was a dig, but at the same time it’s just the strange truth of it all – I don’t “get it” when it comes to this deal, because Sony is this huge world wide company with networks and services of their own. Why would they need to do something like this? How does it help Sony connect with their customers to be set one step back from them through a third party?

    If anything, why wouldn’t SOE roll all of us into the Playstation Network world wide rather than sub out (and divide the customers in the process) a large portion of their MMO customers? Folding everyone into the Playstation Network would make sense for Sony / SOE / SCE, because it would encourage platform agnostic community development, while at the same time encouraging the use of all Sony products and services. But what do I know, I’m just a level 20 Froglock Beastlord alt.

    – Flyfighter / Tatwi, Crafter’s Union, Freeport, Everquest II.


  • Zerigo


    Just for Lols, here is one of Smokejumpers finest moments…

    “Sometimes things go right. And then because of that, they keep going right because that becomes normal. This is a good time for SOE.”


  • Starlakay


    we were nine in our guild and two were banned so the rest of us just stopped playing any sony games.
    Maybe D3 will be better; for they could not be any worse


  • Calloused


    Personally, I find it quite amusing that Sony, a company that had to deal with massive fallout from when they were hacked, outsourced to a company that is known for low security and being hacked, as well as breaking both german and european privacy laws by posting real names. But not as amusing or time consuming as looking for european players who are staying…

    But starlakay, dont hold out too much hope, the people looking forward to D3 have already been told to lower their expectations, but hey, as long as it doesnt involve a company of such infamy as ProSieben, it cant be as bad.


  • guildleader


    am in europe and playing on us servers, the main reason i still play eq2 is my guildfriends, so if they remove me from us server i will not play an soe game again….


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