EQ2 International Forums Gone But Not Forgotten

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SOE’s on-again-off-again with it’s international community seems to be on the skids again, at least as far as for EverQuest II customers. After 2012’s disastrous forced migration of its French, German, and other European customers to ProSiebenSat.1/Alaplaya, it was an open question how many players would come back.

After two years of drama, SOE relented and brought its remaining European customers back into the fold. SOE resurrected EQ2 support forums in French, German, and Spanish and hired staff to maintain them. However it seems the damage had been done and the daily traffic was insufficient to continue translating notes and monitoring the forums in four languages.  Late Wednesday night, it was announced on the French, German, and Spanish forums that they were being shut down just 48 hours later (today).

I would have missed this news entirely had a player not brought it to my attention that the forums were being shuttered. So I leaped into action and spent all day today harvesting this forum data and adding  it into our growing EQ2Wire Forum Archives. I finished just in time as moments later, the international forums were hidden from direct access, the first step in their eventual permanent removal.

Are you missing some of EverQuest II’s history and lore?

EQ2Wire has salvaged over 211,000 discussions with over 2.3 million posts in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese, including the Chains of Eternity and Altar of Malice betas. Why? Because we try harder!

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Comments (9)

  • nethunter


    they should just offer eq2 players to run there own servers.paid subs are really not getting there money worth server side support or game fixes


  • Betony


    Excellent Feldon!!!

    Hmmm, Reddit has nothing to do with SOE, right? Or am I missing something?


  • Arcos


    Great work – I’d just love to know now whether you’ll be able to save the game files and run it as “EQ2 the Wired version” when SOE decides to shut EQ2 down?


    • Feldon


      I wish.


  • Armageddoux


    Thank you Feldon for having saved our datas on your servers we are grateful for that too.

    http://www.guerrier-celeste.fr had from the beginning of his recent life, translated in French the most important SOE letters and news for French players who were not always aware of the beauty ( 🙂 ) of the English language.
    We stopped translation of the updates notes as it was nicely done on the French EQ2 forum, we have already begun to translate it again.
    The 01/29/2015 update notes, French translated are already available at http://www.guerrier-celeste.fr/notes-mise-a-jour/2015/notes-du-29-janvier-2015.html
    The next ones will be available ASAP, I mean I soon as I could translate 🙂


  • Sub


    If only they would learn to listen to their customers instead of their accountants.

    It’s not gonna happen though. They will continue to spin their bad decisions as if they are of benefit to us until the last customer leaves.


    • Noctew


      Well, to be fair, the international forums were underutilized. The German Forum had Eovania’s official announcements (patch notes etc.) and a few players’ discussions – most German players I know just started using the English forum when the forums first went away and never came back.

      The French and Spanish forums had even less. If they have to cut costs, it’s best to do it where players are least affected.


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