Game Update 60 Goes Live Today

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Today, arguably the largest Game Update we’ve seen in years hits the live servers. Game Update 60 adds 4 new dungeons, 4 new raid zones, more crafting, more quests from a solo shard quest to a Heritage Quest, major changes to PvP from gear to itemization to mechanics, not only a new Battlegrounds lobby, but a 4th Battleground 18 vs. 18.

We are still waiting for the full list of Game Update Notes, but in the meantime, here’s just a quick bullet point list of what we can expect:

New Level 90 Dungeons and Raid Zones

The Crystal Caverns will naturally be familiar to those who adventured through Velious in EQ1.

The Fortress of Drunder consists of 3 new group dungeons, 3 new x4 raid zones with both regular and challenge modes, a new x2 raid zone, as well as a crafting zone. Drunder zones are only accessible via flying mount.

  • Drunder: Spire of Rage (group)
  • Drunder: Strategist’s Stronghold (group)
  • Drunder: Tower of Tactics (group)
  • Drunder: Citadel of V’uul (x2 raid)
  • Drunder: Sullon’s Spire (x4 raid)
  • Drunder: Tallon’s Stronghold (x4 raid)
  • Drunder: Vallon’s Tower (x4 raid)

New Quests and Content

  • Solo Shard Quest — Unlike past solo quests to earn shards for Legendary gear, the Velious solo shard is a bit more lively and interesting. You’ll need to sneak through a version of Iceshard Keep and accomplish your goals without being seen. [Preview @ EQ2 ZAM]
  • New Othmir Tradeskill Quests — Players may have noticed that the tradeskill quest timelines for the Othmir end prior to reaching 40,000 faction. New quests have been added in Eastern Wastes to remedy this situation.
  • Tradeskill Writs at level 15 — Now that we are forced to level entirely by questing, Tradeskill Writs/Work Orders have been added at level 15. Removing the Pristine Bonus was unpopular during Velious beta and continues to be a point of contention on the EQ2 forums.
  • Tangled Roots of Growth” Heritage Quest
  • Harvesting Speed/Tools — Harvesting speed has been shortened from 5 seconds base to 3 seconds, and the benefit of crafting tools, buffs, etc. have all been correspondingly reduced. The 5 harvest tools have been replaced with a single Harvesting Kit to save bag space. Also first-time harvesters will receive an in-game mail advising them about the Gathering Obsession quest, so that they can get their updates in the course of leveling their character, instead of after reaching a high level.
  • Major PvP Mechanics Changes — Itemization has been split into PvP versions of all blue stats. PvP Crit Chance, PvP Crit Bonus, PvP Multi Attack, and PvP Spell Attack have been added and only affect PvP targets, while the regular versions of these stats no longer affect PvP targets. Fame has returned and a huge number of changes have been made. There are no new tokens, instead players must earn faction with a new group to acquire the new armor. [PvP Changes for GU60]
  • Ranged Weapons for Rogues. Heroic dungeons in Velious completely neglected ranged weapons except Bows. Gninja reports that it will be available either for shards from the merchant, or dropping in Drunder or Crystal Caverns. And it will have Multi-attack, not the useless DPS stat. 🙂
  • Scout Roundshields — Another category of items completely omitted are round shields appropriate for scouts. This will be remedied in GU60. Read more on the EQ2 Forums
  • Berserker Changes — Major changes have been made to Berserkers to bring them more in line with other fighter classes. [Link to the Berserker Forums]
  • Max Health Debuff — Currently, some classes can reduce the Stamina or Health of an enemy. These have had inconsistent results depending on how the mob was designed. Xelgad is merging this all to a Max Health Debuff system to streamline AAs. [Read More]

Previews of Game Update 60 Around the Web

Crafting Preview @ EQ2Traders

Velious Solo Velium Shard Quest @ EQ2 Zam

Eastern Wastes Tradeskill Quests @ EQ2 Zam

New Prestige Homes @ EQ2 Zam

“Frozen Tundra” 18 vs. 18 Battleground Preview @ EQ2 Zam

Was it Tested?

It will be interesting to see how well the new content works. Although the testing window of ~2 1/2 weeks was about what had been planned originally, the Double XP week led to many players creating new toons and leveling them up, gaining AAs, epic weapon runs, as well as working on guild XP and running the Moonlight Enchantments and City Festival events. Really, there was only 1 week of undistracted testing. The dearth of comments on the In Testing Feedback area of the EQ2 forums is particularly alarming. The new Battleground got tested, but as far as we know, there were no scheduled tests of the new group or raid content.

Did you test Drunder group or raid zones, Crystal Caverns, the new PvP or Battlegrounds, or any of the new quest content?


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Comments (6)

  • Claviarm


    Still missing battle priest itemization, but at least they’re fixing some of the similar omissions. Maybe they’ll get around to us next.


  • Lathain


    A huge lot of … nothing


  • zerigo


    Wow is all i can say. This new adornment system makes little sense, and dose not tell you the name of the adornment that is already on there. Maybe i need to update my UI, but at first glance, what a step backwards.


  • Ebofu


    The new adornment system is a bit screwy atm mostly on the UI side but it was implemented for a reason, for anyone who bothered reading to the bottom of update notes, new gear can now have multiple adornment slots of the same colour


  • Whilhelmina


    I tested the solo shard mission (had to grind faction first) on an ungeared Conjuror, tested the BG system in the new crafted BG armor (recipe in Thurg) and the tradeskill content.
    I noted that the Drunder crafted 2 handed weapons using the “Aspect of War” dropped component have 2 white and 2 yellow adorn slots. The new adorn system can be usefull for that, as pointed above.


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