GU60: Battlegrounds Disabled, AA XP Display, Other Known Issues

Written by Feldon on . Posted in PvP/BG/Proving Grounds

Battlegrounds Disabled, Characters Stuck in Lobby

From the in-game EQ2 MOTD:

The Battlegrounds are temporarily unavailable. Attempting to zone into the BG lobby will cause your character to become stuck. Please refrain from going to Champion’s Respite until the battlegrounds are available once again! If you are currently stuck, please petition a GM. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Battlegrounds Tokens 2g on PvP

Players are reporting a bug that made it to the PvP servers (Nagafen and Vox) from Test causing Battlegrounds tokens to cost just 2 gold pieces on PvP servers. Who knows how many players will transfer to Nagafen for the nearly-free gear.

AA XP Display Bug

Players are reporting receiving the message “You convert 1 experience into AA experience!” with their AA slider set to 100%. This would seem to be a display error as I personally tested killing a few mobs and received the normal amount of AA XP (about 1/3% for a group of 3 mobs in Velious).

New Adornments System

So far, the new Adornments display is receiving mixed reviews.

New Public Quest in Eastern Wastes Postponed

During Destiny of Velious beta, there was a third Public Quest in Eastern Wastes. As it did not appear today with Game Update 60, we must assume that it has been delayed further.


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Comments (4)

  • Kaddy


    I have a toon stuck in North Freeport on the extended server. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but I’d avoid the area for now. When trying to log into that toon I get the information that the zone is temporarily unavailable. I’ve been getting this message for over an hour.


  • isest


    Well Gninja posted this “There is no current plans to add another PQ with GU60”

    So I guess were not getting another pq any time soon what gives. left hand not talking to the right or did they just forget it.


  • Steve


    They are still working out all the bugs in the current PQs. They seem to find a new one every couple of weeks.


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