Velious: A Continent Divided by Faction

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When Velious was announced, lots of folks asked for Faction to matter. Wish granted! 🙂

Faction must be acquired with the Othmir, Snowfang Gnolls, Thurgadin, and Ry’Gorr to buy their adornments (unique to each faction) and gear, and it can be rather slow-going!

The Othmir, Snowfang Gnolls, and Ry’Gorr all have daily (18 hour repeatable) quests to kill overland mobs and gain faction. Crabs for the Othmir quests occasionally drop an item which provides an additional faction boost. Alas, Thurgadin faction must be gained by running dungeons.

A variety of rewards become available once faction milestones of 10,000, 20,000, and 40,000 are reached. After completing all of the solo quests in Velious, most folks will end up with at or above 7,000 faction with each so the first items should be available in just a few days, with the better rewards taking a couple of weeks to earn.

Public Quests drop Cloudy Velium Jewels which can be sold to any of the 4 factions for +500 faction. Also, mobs inside the contested Kael Drakkel can be killed for a small amount of faction gain as well. If you’ve only done the Othmir quests at the arrival point in Velious (Great Divide), you’ve only gotten half the story (and are missing a good chunk of faction). Head to the Eastern Wastes once you’re done.

Thurgadin also has their own crafting faction, the Forgemasters of Thurgadin and you’ll want to befriend them if you are interested in acquiring the Coldain Prayer Shawl. And there are plenty of opportunities to work on Far Seas Supply Division faction, as well as Order of Rime faction if you are one of those people. 😉

UPDATE: This article has received a substantial rewrite since its original publication and is now part of a series of articles about Faction in Velious.

After the jump, we talk more about what else you can get for your hard-earned faction in Velious…

Velious Generic Yellow/Red Adornments

The four factions of Velious offer a variety of Yellow Adornments.

Where do you acquire armor with Yellow adornment slots? You could go back and group up in Sentinel’s Fate dungeons. You could make your local neighbor armorer a happy guy (or gal) and spring for a set of level 82 Mastercrafted Brellium armor.  Or you could join the rush and take advantage of Public Quests starting on alternating hours at the Ring War and Storm Gorge. The higher quality armor rewarded from Public Quests has yellow adornment slots.

Public Quests also have a rare chance to give you your choice of a selection of Yellow or Red Adornments appropriate for your archetype.

If you still have some Marks of Manaar left over from Sentinel’s Fate, then they still have Yellow Adornments in Paineel and Moonfield Hamlet, but this article is about Velious!

In order to buy any of the Yellow Adornments in Velious (which are level 80+ LEGENDARY), you’ll need 5 plat and 5 Primal Velium Shards which can only be obtained by running Destiny of Velious dungeons. Red Adornments cost a bit more (10 plat) and you’ll need Pure Primal Velium Shards which drop in Destiny of Velious raid zones.

These are the vendors that sell general Yellow and Red Adornments.

  • Pipkin <Othmir of Velious> {-1354, -533, -2137} near Fina’s Retreat in the Great Divide
  • Griggin <Snowfang Gnolls> {-904, -522, -2082} at the Snowfang Gnoll camp in the Great Divide
  • Grilda <City of Thurgadin> {1356, -540, 506} on the Thurgadin Docks in the Great Divide
  • Dregnot <Clan Ry’Gorr> {-681, -341, 2756 } at the Ry’Gorr Keep in the Eastern Wastes
  • Momo <Cultural Rune Trader> {1334, -540, 494} on the Thurgadin Docks in the Great Divide

Who’s Momo? Momo is an upwardly mobile Gnoll who has made deals with all the factions so you can do your one-stop shopping with him.

Velious Class-Specific Red Adornments

The vendors above do not carry class-specific red adornments. You’ll wabt to head to Eastern Wastes to talk to Kriktik to browse the whole array of class-specific Red Adornments!

  • Kriktik <Clan Ry’Gorr> {-696, -340, 2782} at the Ry’Gorr Keep in the Eastern Wastes

If you don’t have Ry’Gorr Faction yet, a choice of 4 mid-range Red Adornments are available in the City of Thurgadin once oyu complete the quest The Fallen Swords: Here, There Be Giants. If you have done this quest and have a primary or secondary weapon or a ranged weapon with a red slot, seek out Maayla.

  • Maayla A’nadir <Deepwater Circle> {477, -212, 240} in the Temple of Brell inside Thurgadin

Velious Heroic (Legendary) Armor Vendor

After you’ve acquired your Velious starting gear, either by running the Othmir quest lines, or by running Public Quests for a day or two, you’ll probably be looking for the next major upgrade. Although dungeons drop a variety of items, Velious brings back sets of class-specific gear. Once you can safely travel to the Eastern Wastes, no doubt you’ll want to peek into the Ry’Gorr Keep (should be non-agro even without earning faction with them) and see what the plethora of vendors there have to tantalise you with.

The aforementioned Ry’Gorr Group/Legendary armor runs 70 Primal Velium Shards, plus 10-12 plat per piece. Each slot also requires a gem which drops in Velious dungeons. Finally, you’ll need to have earned 20,000 faction with Ry’Gorr. Once you’ve earned 40,000 faction with the Ry’Gorr Clan, they may tempt you with a few class-appropriate items such as a belt or weapon for 300 shards each.

  • Cramnon <Clan Ry’Gorr> {-681, -340, 2753} at the Ry’Gorr Keep in the Eastern Wastes

Velious War Runes (Red Adornments)

In past articles, we have talked a bit about War Runes. These are essentially the 38 most popular Item Procs and Effects from the last 3 expansions. They’ve been made available here for Primary, Secondary, Ranged, or Charm red slots. These are sold by a tricky-to-reach vendor down in the contested Kael Drakkel. With a recent update, once you have earned access to this area, a means of transportation is unlocked to come back here.

War Runes are raid drops and once a character has received one, they are “unlocked” and can be purchased without needing them to drop again.

  • Emma Stormeyes {-967 , 76, -991} in Kael Drakkel near the Hypogeum (revive point is Ragebourne Outpost), hidden behind a tapestry.

Although it’s in French, we would be remiss in not mentioning EQ2Artisans who had a full accounting of the adornments the moment Velious NDA lifted.

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Comments (10)

  • Jartal


    Ry’gorr quest is incredibly frustrating having to deal with all those mobs that spawn after you cure an orc.


  • Samous


    talk to the other orc to get a different quest.


  • Mr_Skyfish


    I do have to say that this exp. is proving to be very challenging to say the least! I myself have gotten my faction up high but not as high as I’d like. Although I do like the challenge it just sometimes seems to be frustrating at times only receiving 200 faction for each quest. Last I looked I believe I had the following however some people tell me they’ve passed 35k with all.

    Othmir: 32k
    Ry’Gorr: 25k
    Snowfang: 27k
    Thurgadin: 15k

    Whatever the case it’s proving to be a long haul!


  • azzlan


    The challenge is excellent. I also applaud SOE for trying to make this expansion last longer than one month even if that is at my own expense (faction quests every day on 3 toons :/). However the repeatable faction quests still give AA!


  • Lathain


    What i dislike they almost never give several path to get to same goal. Befor we used to get choice, grinding or questing for get faction, but since sometime already they removed us this choice. Like with daily quest, since they add it, they removed all other way. Pretty sad.


  • David


    Public Quests should give +100 faction for Thurg since we are saving them from their enemies.


  • joseph


    yah i think we should be able to get more than 4 jewels a pq also or give us faction dedicated people some way to get more faction than just every 18 hours


  • Lathain


    i really dislike the 18 hour waiting, we have to wait for almost everything. Always waiting, instead of playing.
    Waiting for PQ, waiting for quest, waiting for a zone, waiting for griffin, waiting for… waiting. Where is the game ?


  • Iaoth


    Sky- how did you get your faction up so fast, just farming lots of PQs?


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