Pool Party, Dave Georgeson, and a few Silly Pictures

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Friday night was the big Pool Party. We took up the entire Bally’s outdoor swimming pool area. There was live music, bars dispensing refreshing beverages at every corner, water misters, and crystal blue swimming pools.

Dave Georgeson was making the rounds all night talking to anyone and everyone who wanted to give him the business about the EQ2 Extended service, and the long-term effects on the EQ2 servers. Say what you will, but he puts himself out there and communicates with the players. He is self-assured that this will work, and quotes his 20 year history of successful games.

Calthine of EQ2 ZAM and I questioned him mercilessly for about 30 minutes and I have to say he is very charismatic and understands the concerns. He wanted to reiterate that this is an experiment, that it’s not even beta yet, that many things can change, and that if they start to see a huge shift from EQ2 to EQ2X, they will add more incentives to the EQ2 subscription side. They want to use EQ2X to attract new players who aren’t currently staying in EQ2 after their 14-day trials end, not to siphon players off the live servers.

I joked with Calthine if I posted a picture with me arm-and-arm with Georgeson, I’d lose my reputation, so we compromised…

and now for something completely different…

(top to bottom) Morgan Feldon (EQ2Wire), Fyreflyte, Winter (Winwin), Kaitheel

More Pool Party Photos

I actually did not get to the Pool Party until after 10pm. I was having dinner with Jaye and Ferrel and a bunch of their guildies. You’ll recall that I recorded a podcast for their joint production A View From the Top. It was a lot of fun and I thank them for inviting me.

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    That chick looks loosey goosey


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    That chick…isn’t.


  • Emlar


    Any chance we could know about your questions and Dave’s anwers ? 8)


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