EQ2 Art & Animation Panel Notes

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More of a quick summary of this panel…

Lots of clips of Othmir. Videos of enemies and friendlies.

Showed bump maps and texture maps of Othmir.

With the rewrite of mounts, they no longer have to make 42 animations of each mount. Now a mount can be done in 3-5 weeks. First saw this on the prowler. Part of this was to prevent tails going through mounts and fix problems with capes.

For example when Tom added Othmir on a t-Rex as a demo he didn’t have to make animation of how the othmir moves on the mount. It just worked.

Hats automatically equals bald. Can’t really fix it at this point because it would add a shader.

Still taking feedback on spell animations on Test. It’s not just “here it is”. He has been making a lot of changes from player feedback.

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