Live: EverQuest II Q&A Panel #2

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Apologies for any typos. They jacked up the AC in here!! Remember folks, lots of EQ2 t shirts, hoodies, and polos.

Some minor updates since this panel was published.

Q: can outfitters make more valuable items?
A: in velious crafters are part of making powerful items with components for dungeons. Patterns, etc.

Q: can’t get enough utility classes for raids. 4-5 bards 4-5 chanters 8-9 healers
A: some guilds go with 4 utility classes some use 8. We don’t want you to need 5 bards.

Q: necro pet appearances
A: possibly make a choice of pet appearance it’s a possibility not set in stone.

Q: raid wide bard buffs?
A: not at this time.

Q: (dev of roster master). Can we get XML data from eq2players?
A: we are working on a data feed system with an API to get items, spells and other info to anyone who wants it.

Q: raid leader able to invite into empty slots in any group. Raid recommend that everyone resets a zone and dialog prompt. (applause)
A: that would be epic. Its on the list.

Q: flying horses? Pegasus?
A: (tentative) probably?

Q: necro dumb fire pets die too fast. make dumb fire pets a dot with a graphic?

Q: mentoring unbalanced. Level 90 mentoring a level 1 is overpowered.
A: a lot of people like it like that. (huge applause). We know some folks low level are competing against high levels for content. We may do something.

Q: can guilds show up on guild recruitment list even if no player is online?
A: we steer players toward active guilds and based on level. We have a lot of logic here. Guild size is not the only factor.

Q: abandoned cities
A: city festivals helps with this. New Halas is popular because everything is close like Druid ring. We will do more to put things in cities that you want.

Q: group across servers?
A: we would like to do it.

Q: anything else we can hear about the future besides flying mounts, etc.
Georgeson: until we are really secure that our ideas are committed to be done. The notes for future game updates only contain what is committed. We don’t like to peonies things that we don’t do.

Q: fighter gear with wisdom. why?
A: there is a max amount of STR we will put on items based on item level. We overflow into WIS, etc.

Q: once you get to 90 and 250 some other way of measuring leveling your guild or helping players.
A: it sounds a bit like the achievement system.
Q: yes but some kind of reward.

Q: characters earn rewards for the guild. Guild accomplishments. (applause)
A: guild achievements?
Q: titles or other rewards for guilds.
A: we can look at that. But there is an issue with grandfathering and people leaving guilds. We wanted to do guild-based achievements, but there are issues.

Q: loot chests stay up longer?
A: talked in a earlier panel. Heirloom partly addressed the problem of looting items for alts. We can look at extending the time loot chests stay open before they despawn.

Q: Anashti Sul gives STR and INT. As an assassin I need AGI.
A: we will discuss when we get back

Q: can earned guild status on a level 90 guild roll over into escrow?
A: we have talked about is before. Your guild is earning a percentage. When you are at max adventure level, you don’t bank levels. If we did this for level 90 guilds, it would make status trivial. We will talk about it but probably not.

Q: how to meet players from your server here at fan faire?
A: will bring it up. there was a fan faire feedback panel (which conflicted with mechanics panel!)

Q: guild heraldry on carpets and drapes?
A: we talked about this way back with the intro of guild halls. This programming is done. We need to put this in QA.

Q: switch to alphabetized contents of bags?
A: one thing we want to do in our UI changes is make finding stuff easier. Such as bags for all your mount whistles.

Q: guild hall amenity for chronomage?
A: we will talk about it. Right now it draws players to the cities.

Q: moving crate counts the same as the house item count.
A: Since Dave did the house layout feature, one idea is house item limit and moving crate have separate identical limits. A 500 item limit house could let you put 500 items in moving crate.

Q: more statues for guild halls
A: sure

Q: speeding up raid looting. Add a new item flag “guild bank only”?
A: exploits are an issue. inviting someone to build, giving them the item, then booting them.

Crabbok: nunchucks?
A: how much station cash would you be willing to pay for those?
Crabbok: I’ll give you a private show with my leather pants.
A: not a chance

Q: diety miracles and blessings upgrade to tier 9.
A: no current plans but can discuss it.

Q: can hate, agro, transfers, the order of these calculations be explained further?
A: we really need to go back and look at millions of code for this.

Q: voice chat bugginess. Dropped and can’t come back. When it was first implemented it worked great but it has gotten progressively worse. Recently: error message “you cannot invite this person, password incorrect.”
A: we will write this down and look into this.

Q: bard spells from master at one tier to apprentice of the next tier is not an upgrade. (audience: all classes!)
A: we will take a look at this.

Q: gong from the live event before echoes of faydwer. Can we get these?
A: we can talk about creating similar items.

Q: rain caller bow upgrade?
Eq2wire: ranger epic is a direct upgrade
Q: I’m a zerker.

(eq2wire embarrassed moment 😉 )

Q: guild broker?
A: we would need to do something here not to kill performance. (further: if they added intraguild broker right now, it would add those items to the world broker, and then be hidden, so it would add a ton more items to the broker and kill performance).

Q: can we toggle off the bracket from banners?
A: we can talk about this or alternate versions of items

Q: splitting coin among raids?
A: we can look at /split

Q: server merges (mistmoore)
Georgeson: we are looking at whether we can get new hardware to do mergers. We want to do mergers.

Q: statless trash loot (not treasured) can it be flagged NO BROKER? It takes up pages of the broker.
A: we can look at some solution here.

Q: click to cure?
Rothgar: we don’t want to fold in every third party feature but this is a good idea.

Q: 0 copper items not buyable. If I try to buy it I get locked out of the broker.
A: we can try to get this fixed.

Q: no bones, fertilizer, waters for plants and burynai in tier 9.
Domino: this was an oversight. We can look at this.

Q: linkdead is very frustrating and ugly. You almost never rejoin the raid.
Rothgar: are LDs worse since battlegrounds?
(audience: yes!!)
Rothgar: we can look at backing out some LD code we put in. Might be able to reserve a raid slot for LDs.

Q: can guildhalls bell go to the cities?
A: can look at it.

Q: mirror tiles for housing? Chain link fence from roehn theer?
A: there is a crafted mirror tile with a thin border, can talk about the chain link if it doesn’t break anything art wise.

Q: bag sorting?
A: we can look into it.

Q: banks are cluttered up with keys, crystals, etc. And we carry a ton of items to access zones. Keyring?
A: we are going to be talking about how to do something like this.

Q: if you put click to cure can you make sure it works for more just healers? Or make it click-to-macro? Other classes can do some cures. Also for buffs to just click a button under someone’s name. (update: for instance support classes doing short term buffs but don’t want to make 30-40 macros).

Q: can we drag multiple items to sacrifice to deities?
A: is is your sacrifice to go one at a time! (chuckles)

Q: Avatar loot from other mobs?
A: No.

Q: pocket AA mirror? (applause)
A: as you can tell we clearly need to talk about this.


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Comments (9)

  • Xalmat


    No one has asked about the bone headed decision to remove Qeynos and Freeport as starting cities?


  • Sadres


    Probably because no one cares.


  • Steve


    People care. They probably have just been at Fan Faire long enough to see that SOE is not really going to answer any question with any really meaningful information or response.


  • Shai


    I sort of have the feeling that most people are thinking its like beating a dead horse 🙁

    They won’t change it, and even if it were asked? The panel people would change subject quickly. They know people are not happy but they have repeatedly said this is how its going to be 🙁

    I do wish however they would make it optional to go to the newbie isles/Freeport/Qeynos etc upon starting a new character so we could choose rather than be pigeonholed into the new areas.


  • Joe


    They’ll talk about it .


  • Justin


    IT figures, sony still has no idea what it is doing in this game

    there are too many classes, some of which still dont have a role 6 years almost into the game

    Necros have been broken since day one.

    they did a blanket nerf to crusaders just because they cant go back and actually look at the abilities and say gee why is healing for these none healing classes so awesome?

    this game is turning into a joke.

    6 years old and these fan far devs are just corporate drones that dont know how the game actually works, just look at the comments in previous panels about changing bard and enchanter buffs for raids.

    These people have no clue.

    i swear, eq2 will be reconized as a failure because of incompetent developers.

    Gamers speak with thier wallets thats why this game is limping along at 250,000 people (yeah right) and here Free Realms has a ton more people

    Pathetic responses, why dont they just hand the players a shovel and a casket.


  • Justin


    This Devs keep digging bigger graves, they dont have any clue what they are doing do they

    6 years into the game classes are still broken

    Necros have been broken since day 1

    brawlers still dont have a real role

    somehow its ok to nerf crusaders on the account that some well geared ones can beat some stupid zone like library big deal

    but when was the last time meeelee dps got nerfed? never

    oh wait, that proc nerf last expansion that effected everyone.

    these devs are just corporate drones

    eq2 players speak with thier wallets if this game was growing why doesnt it look like it. Clearly if the game was growing we wouldnt need F2P

    I basically paid 15 dollars a month for 6 years to beta test this game


  • Neiloch


    Nerf crusaders? SK’s are easily the most OP’d class in the game and paladins aren’t exactly hurting. Stop whining.


  • Crabbok


    Ummm, I’m the only person to be singled out due to my question? I mean that could have been ANYONE asking about nunchucks.


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