Login / Launchpad Issues Affecting Daybreak Games, EverQuest II

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Update Mon Feb 6th @ 4:00pm PST: According to a new tweet on @DaybreakGames, the login issues continue.

Update Mon Feb 6th @ 7:38am PST: Login problems continue for some Daybreak customers. Now, some players are reporting that their accounts, protected with Two-Factor Authentication that requires a code from a mobile phone or other device to login, are unable to login at all.

As players have been reporting in several threads:

and according to several twitter posts by Daybreak Games, the company is having issues with its Login Servers. This issue has been ongoing for at least two days, with some players having issues prior to that.

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  • Mermut


    The Launchpad has been having issues, on and off, for nearly a week now, not just this weekend. It’s just been WORSE during the weekend.


  • Quidam


    You should add to the article the procedure to start the game directly from the game client instead of the launch pad for those who updated the game last thursday…


  • Theabell


    My guess is being the weekend no one is there to help with this issue. Maybe when the servers go down for their usual updates they will be ready for a fix too. I sure hope so. I do miss my game.


  • Mysstie


    Maybe I’ve just been lucky but I haven’t encountered any problems. Wonder if it’s one of the upstream providers and it just depends on the tracert?


    • inire


      In terms of upstream providers.

      I have 3 different ways to get to the internet on three different providers (VPN to work provider with all routes sent over VPN, home provider, over a Verizon hotspot).

      Two of my accounts have not been able to log in at all this weekend over any connection.

      One of my accounts could log in via the back door method (i.e. launching everquest2.exe from the directory) but could NOT log in via launch pad.

      The other accounts had intermittent issues with all methods/all connections.

      Tested multiple times on multiple different connections. Used PingPlotter and Multi-Trace on the connections, the only common paths are once I reach DBG.

      Basically, no. this appears to be an issue with their login system.

      Also, not that it’s happening across the entire set of DBG systems, not just EQ2. H1Z1 had a major twitch sponsoring this weekend, and the folks on those streams were complaining non-stop about not getting in. A few friends I still have on DCUO were also complaining about not being able to log in.


  • Anti Johnny


    I had this issue as well. I was able to get on by launching everquest2.exe.
    It’s probably a coincidence, but once I launched the launchpad as administrator the issue went away and I haven’t had it since. This was the case for my laptop and desktop.


  • Blakey


    Yesterday I couldn’t log in until I had changed my password as the game insisted I had the wrong password even though it was correct – as it allowed me into my account section with the “wrong” password in order to change it!
    Today though, Nothing.. I get the There was an error completing your request. Please try again. error on the launcher, backdoor method doesn’t work either which I suspect may be because i am using the authenticator to log in with and I can’t get into my account either as apparently I’ve got the wrong username/password.

    Back in the days of SoE they had a phone support line, this seems to have vanished with DBG, and I can’t send a ticket anyway as I can’t log in and I get the feeling its pointless anyway doing that as they know there are login issues….

    Not happy as it’s my last day off work that I can play and now I can’t 🙁


  • Kruzzen


    The only way I have beeen able to get in is via the everquest exe file. As long as they don’t patch something this will work.


  • Ohnix


    This affects players in game as well. Each time you change characters you are re-validated and if there are issues with the log-in server unable to validate your account then you are bounced to a screen asking you to RE-ENTER the password you entered in the first place for the account you were so happily using mere moments ago. I suspect that this also affects folks switching zones as friends and I have lost the game client when zoning.

    Seems to me that the log-in / authorization methods in place need serious reevaluation.


  • Fiahla


    I was logged in last night fine, but today was having issues. Launching the .exe didn’t work for me. I finally just uninstalled and reinstalled the game and that worked, but I lost all of my character settings. Frustrating to say the least!


  • Archangel


    This problem is happening across the Daybreak Games game library. Check the DbG forums and Steam forums. The Steam (H1Z1) posts are not pretty.

    However Daybreak did recognize the problem

    Daybreak Games ‏@DaybreakGames Jan 23
    Looking for a new career opportunity? We’re hiring across the company!

    and a fix is underway.


    Technical Operations:

    NOC Engineer <— Network Operations Center
    "Daybreak Operations is responsible for the monitoring, support, and troubleshooting of hardware and network components; participates in implementation and on-going support of technologies used within the Daybreak framework. It also provides a single point of contact for all game service trouble requests and performs day-to-day operations; coordinates change activities; provides centralized second tier support, 7 x 24 coverage. Daybreak Operations interfaces with multiple game studios, provides proactive monitoring of network and server components, resolves problems and restores service in a timely manner."

    Systems Administrator
    "Daybreak Games is looking for a Systems Administrator to join the Technology team to administer and maintain all or select networks at the company, which include voicemail and email systems. They will configure and maintain personal computer systems and networks including hardware and system software. Candidate will be responsible for off-site event support and required to travel to the off-site locations."

    Condolences to the dudes being replaced/canned, Not.


    "A NOC engineer has several duties in order to ensure the smooth running of the network. They deal with things such as DDoS Attacks, power outages, network failures, and routing black-holes." … "NOC engineers also have to ensure the core network is stable.


    • Feldon


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