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EQ2Wire is providing a Liveblog of the 2014 SOE Live Welcome Reception on August 14, 2014. This reception is also being broadcast on Twitch:


5 minutes late…

Lights being dimmed…

Showing intro…

Host Mark Tuttle coming to the stage…

Talking about the All Access debacle.

Talking about Twitch.

Talking about the SOE Live Mobile App for iOS. Joking about Blackberry.  ABSOLUTELY no mention of our Android & Windows schedule webapp which lets you do a custom schedule.

Still warming up the audience…

Going through the Keynote and Tournament schedules…

Bringing up what people want most to experience at SOE Live this year. They’re all hilarious.

Editor’s Note: Every game has a scheduled keynote tomorrow, so realize that tonight’s game coverage may be quite brief.

More “What people want to experience at SOE Live”…

Ok we’re moving on…

Silly video sequence asking people on the street who pictures represent. First Bill Clinton. Then John Smedley. Some girl is like “he made a movie, right?” Just silly stuff dancing out front of Planet Hollywood.

Calling Linda “Brasse” Carlson to the stage. She seems to have an assistant. “Have you played Landmark? You need a mule to carry all your crap!”

Showing the Dwarven Ale and Ogre Swill from Riley’s Brewing Co. Available to get with SOE Live Drink Tickets, Friday Night Only at either of the 3 events. 22 oz bottles.

They’re going to have a text message or tweet poll tomorrow as people try out the 2 beers to see which one is best. The Battle of the Beers.

Bringing Rick Reynolds to the stage. He’s the manager of Player Studio.

Player Studio

Giving 4 awards tonight:

  • Highest Earning Creator – BeastBuster. With over $25,000 in royalties received to date.
  • Most Prolific Creator – Rollen – 107 EQ completed submissions, 22 EQ2 completed submissions
  • Most Improved Creator – Jerry “Rawl” Dechant – STarting from the beginning with no experience. Now a top seller, helping others. Showing some of his early and later items.
  • Most Inspirational – Neko Zero – success through difficult times, player sudio helped, beautiful designs. Showing some of his items. Lions Head Pub Set.

They’ll receive a reward.

SOE Player Direct

  • SOE features player-made videos on YouTube. Supports players who use in-game music. Gets permission from players to feature their videos on SOE Live. Winners this year will earn $100 StationCash cards.
  • Going to show brief sections of the winning entries. Full versions on the website.
  • EQ – A Journey Through Time by TheQxx
  • EQ2 – The Othmirs of Velious (Subtitled) by TommyDaGreatest
  • Landmark – Leyspring Landmarks of Landmark Submissions
  • Planetside 2 – Fire From Your Nightmares by Mitch Salls who won Player Made Talent last year.
  • DCUO – Arrow Meets Flesh, What Really Happened by Frank Zarjaz
  • Dragon’s Prophet – Let’s Play – Dragon’s Prophet Part 1 by Cletus Rambler
  • Best Use of Music – Original EverQuest Theme by Paul Hertenstein
  • Best Drama – Extended – Planetside 2 Time Warp by Tasty Movies
  • Best Action – Amazon Fury Trailer (Unofficial) DCUO  by Frank Zarjaz
  • Best Tribute – Into the Sun by Andoran TaVaine
  • Best Guide – Starter / Beginner Guide by The Obzzarvatory
  • Best Use of Humor – Adventures of Axeman by ZinwrathProductions

Mark Tuttle back to the stage. Bringing back the Randomizer.

  • Yaviel of EQ2 – JINX shirt
  • Elvyssa of EQ – not here
  • Tanya (Eygwene) of EQ – not here — so he’s giving it to Sore. ROFL
  • Sunglare of Landmark – gaming glasses from Gunnar Optical
  • Mirzna of EQ – not here
  • Blackmist220 of Landmark – nVidia Shield

Calling SOE President John Smedley to the stage.

He’s pulling out a piece of paper with a list of words on it that he’s supposed to use.

Talking about Twitch and the number of people streaming. Featuring some Twitch stars who are here tonight.

Talking Planetside 2, DCUO, and H1Z1 for Playstation 4.

Talking about Player Studio, Player Direct, and Roadmap (which never came to EQ2 and is being used less in PS2).

Revealing a new program called Play it Fwd.

Talking about helping players. Giving back. Giving Blood and Platelets. Working with pet adoption agencies. Autism programs. Team Challenge. Habitat for Humanity. Cat Rescue service. MilitaryGamers.

Smed “It sounds like a buzzword, but we’re going to make it a part of people’s lives. You’ll see it everywhere.”

Ok almost time for the previews of all of SOE’s online games.

Still reading silly words off the card. Now for the game producers.

Game Producers

H1Z1 – Hype of the game has been almost entirely word-of-mouth, showing the game to players on Twitch. I’m personally a fan of this vs. traditional Marketing.

DCUO – Talking about panels and the DCUO tournament.

Planetside 2 – Update on features added last year. Objectives. New continent. Talking Panels, Tournaments, Giveaways. Valkyrie — a futuristic 6 person helicopter. Update on PlayStation 4 development. PS2 on PS4 is pre-Alpha.

(Editor’s Note — the natives are getting restless. Lots of chattering and talking in the audience. I guess the SOE team should “Show Not Tell”)

Dragon’s Prophet – Lady Vox is the new dragon you get to tame. Talking about new zones. Housing introduced this year. Guild PvP. PvP with dragons. Dragon evolution system. Other new content which were added this year.

EverQuest – 15th anniversary! First player-designed mission panel tomorrow. Tomorrow at the EQ Keynote is when they will unveil everything about the upcoming expansion. Talking about all the panels this weekend. Next week they’re adding a new PlayerStudio category. Not being revealed tonight — see you at the keynote. New Looting system — revealed tomorrow. EverQuest: The Darkened Sea is the expansion.

EverQuest II – 10th anniversary! Holly “Windstalker” Longdale. A “ton” of stuff this year. Showing the expansion logo for Altar of Malice. Listing off the panel times and Keynote.

LandmarkDave “SmokeJumper” Georgeson talking about panels this weekend, including Combat which will be new.

EverQuest Next – Terry Michaels talking about what we can expect in the panels. Show our progress on EQN. Just showed a teaser of 5 combat arts by humans and dark elf characters.

Brasse wants to know where the Dwarf is in the EQN teaser.

Terry Michaels is saying “maybe if you got all your dwarf friends to vote.”

Brasse “About 5% of EQ and EQ2 are dwarves. Yet get 48% of the vote every time. THere are a lot of closet dwarves out there.”

Showing the Player Direct video by Jethal Silverwing as a tribute to RibbitRibbit. Article about RibbitRibbit. Dedicated to John Hoover.


Thought we were done, but now it’s “Let’s Make a Steal”. Must have found a Fippy cutout laying on the ground. As part of “Play it Forward”, you have to find someone at another table who you do not know and bring them up to the stage. Looks like they’re going to give away Fippy Darkpaw plushies. Looks like 10 pairs of people. Mark has 10 envelopes of awesome stuff. Brasse has 10 envelopes of useless junk. The good stuff is things like $75 Cash or a Razor Black Widow gaming keyboard. The other prizes are gag gifts. Each player has to pick whether to take Mark’s envelope or Brasse’s envelope.

Closing out the event. Thank you all who logged in to read this. If you liked this liveblog, please post a comment!


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