Update Notes: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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From the EQ2 Forums:

Veteran Merchant

  • Added new items to both Veteran merchants; including several items that require gold membership to purchase.

Vesspyr Isles

  • Zaszea’s Armor Exchange will now correctly return a Cryptic Bracers Token when used on Cryptic Hive Aggressor’s Chain Bracers.
  • Cryptic Hammer Slammer Gauntlets now correctly require Cryptic Glove Token’s to purchase.


  • Completing Cleansing the Good (Level 90) will now correctly update the quest Learning the Path.


  • Recipes from Advanced Armorer Volume 90 should now accept refined primary components.
  • Summon Artisan’s Gathering Goblin should no longer revert to a 12 hours recast time if you zone while the buff is active on your character.


  • Increased Focus now properly reduces the failure rate of Channel Essence.


  • Spiritbreaker [Fabled] has had a slight increase in effectiveness.
  • Channeler mythical spells have been moved to the quest The Red Shadow’s Long Fingers and added to the Shady Erudite if you have already completed that quest.
  • House items for Spiritbreaker and Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll’s Folly have been added to the Shady Erudite.
  • Unchecked Aggression has had its effects doubled.
  • Shared Glory now only requires 2% damage to be inflicted.
  • Camaraderie now properly maintains through death and zoning.
  • Starving Souleater now properly maintains through death and zoning.
  • Sacred Rites now triggers properly.

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  • Sareahna


    Veteran Rewards… Those of you who got into EQ at launch, then out, then back during Shadow Oddesey, then out, then back….

    You missed some really great Expansion “freebies”. The low level Buff statues, the Mystical teleport to Velious paintings, and a number of other great items. Now with loyalty tokens, you can buy them back ala carte. Good stuff. Now to find that Lavastorm residence. The cold snap has me looking for a summer home.


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