SOE Live 2013 EQ2 Q&A Audio Recording

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When Kander told me that Sunday’s EverQuest II: Q&A panel from SOE Live 2013 had some good questions raised, I despaired that nobody had recorded it. That was, until I found a post on the EQ2 forums from Zictor (who I got to meet at SOE Live!) who had recorded the audio from this panel!

Download the SOE Live 2013 – EverQuest II Q&A panel Audio

Read Zictor‘s transcript of the SOE Live 2013 — EverQuest II Q&A panel

I provide a backup of Zictor‘s transcript of the Q&A panel after the jump…

CAUTION: As with all transcripts, please realize that a transcript does not translate inflection, humor, or subtlety well. All statements are subject to change. Errors of translation should not apply to EQ2 team members.

Please don’t quote specific questions or answers and say “an EQ2 dev promised X!”. Instead listen to the recording and draw your own conclusion.

SOELive 2013 EQ2 Q&A
Link to full audio:

Q: Reforging: old stats not visible when reforging? Only way to see is to unreforge?
A: Annoys the devs also, so it will looked at.

Q: “Call to guild hall” amenity, can it come with the guild hall?
A: devs will look at it, discuss

Q: Deities spells, miracles update.
A: On the long list of things the devs want to look at it. someday soon(tm)

Q: obscure message in raid. then you die…. can we fix?
A: moving away instant-fail.. new direction ability to succeed if you fail. more a cascading of failures will lead to fail..

Q: more items in “Maintained spell” window?
A: on the long list of things the devs want to look at it..

Q: Signature quest line. long quest line final reward cannot trade. do we have to do it again on alts?
A: The signature quest in cobalt scar GU66&67 was one long signature quest.
Q: (followup): is this going to continue?
A: special case in GU66&67
signature questline in new expansion will be spread out across the zone due to entire zone is same level
no quests required to get into dungeons

Q: Shared banks as an exile? hot keys to open banks fails?
A: hot keys to open banks while exile, is a bug. and will be examined.
not having shared banks is a punishment as being exiles, exile was intended to be a bridge from one side to another.

Q: old signature quests/heritage quest spawns, some quick, some slow?
A: will be looked at.
Q: should players feedback bug issues?
A: all /feedback and /bug are read everyday

Q: tradeskill question, dyes?
A: dyes in EQ should not be done, real technical answer is that graphics issues will be extremely difficult.

Q: deposit in guild depot record? maybe just to chat box?
A: chat box is ok?

Q: Access to housing. list of many long gone player houses appear in list. any way to filter?
A: remove/delete may be ugly. filter might be good

Q: old HQ items are stats are not good. not usable at level of item.
A: re-itemization of lower level gear might have missed some HQ items.

Q: solo player, gear not good enough to invite to group? greater spirits / obol trade?
A: no obol -> greater spirits. new expansion, solo instances gear will be better. new Dungeon Finder will see that the gear is good enough to do first group zones. Daily Objective gear is very good. Purple adornments in new expansion will not be attached

Q: tradeskill questline in cobalt scar, too many deaths for low level adventurers/high level crafters?
A: around the forge area in Othmir camp. will be examined

Q: Erollisi Marr as a diety? Prexus?
A: update to the diety system. some meaningful / consistent

Q: transport to Lesser Feydark?
A: this will be discussed, some issues with instant travel everywhere.

Q: change chat channel colors if you have over 20 channels? after 20 channels only default color is available
A: oh.. will be looked at. how many channels? 40? lol

Q: transport horse armor appearance?
A: discussed will be cool, just not happening now.. devs will look?

Q: heroic opportunities?
A: devs want to make it better, on the list of things devs want to do, just no really good ideas yet.
hoping for something great. . not just a tweak.

Q: crafting writs 20-24-29-30-34-39 etc..
A: looks easy.. extremely hard really. devs will look into it. harder and more time consuming

Q: chatty pets? slider, frequency or volume?
A: volume more likely, frequency is tied to animation.

Q: Heroic Characters level 85. Free-to-play will need to buy unlockers to new items.
A: Devs will look into gear in th starter area to not require unlockers

Q: Housing Layouts. Loading Layout doesnot seem to load everything?
A: Loading a layout, seems to add. not remove items.

Q: Depot. log of adding / removing?
A: database issue. need to figure out how to record

Q: re-spec character adventure class?
A: almost impossible to track down everything in character to reset adventure level.

Q: Conjuror / Necro Pet appearances? can we choose?
A: Devs think this will be cool also, but not sure what requirements. maybe a spare time task.

Q: summoner spells show everything on hot bar? pick the wrong one, try to find right one is extremely hard icon identical.
A: devs ran into same problem. may not be simple but will attempt to fix

Q: server chat channel?
A: Level 1-9 does that already?
Q: some people leave 1-9 after level 10?
A: replicating Level 1-9, but it will be discussed

Q: Adv Adventure Writ in guild hall, can it cover more than level 80+
A: possible, not set up do that. ‘Hail Handler’ is very complex. may not be possible.

Q: Raid Alliance support? chat channel moderator issues?
A: Voice chat and text chat.. when everyone goes away.. moderator reset. devs will discuss.
Raid alliance support is thought about but nothing specific.

Q: Zone-in for housing, can we move?
A: done in dungeon maker. might be doable?

Q: Collections rare drops?
A: /feedback those.

Q: After Golden Path? Which zone to go into next?
A: Devs will look at methods to help direct people to appropriate zone

Q: Petamorph wands. any creature becoming petamorph wands
A: /feedback, some npcs have wrong animations for pet.

Q: Moving items between houses. maybe just Moving Crate?
A: maybe Moving Crate.. how. not sure.. maybe difficult. devs will look at.

Developer Philosophy of “Lots of things they want us to do”:
Players have “Lots of things they want us to do”, everyone on the forums have “Lots of things they want us to do”, SOE have “Lots of things they want us to do” and devs have “Lots of things they want us to do”. But everything must be in a realistic schedule and have priorities. Not enough time for awesome stuff. We can’t do everything. May not be what you want or things top of list.. some may be easy or more difficult than they should be.. the Devs will look into this stuff.. if you don’t see in 6months. does not mean they didnot like it. often it is complicated.

Q: Writs in Kelethin, single faction single quest. higher level writs cover all factions in single quest.
A: designed to associate with each faction, and Devs will look into it. Smaller faction for combined.

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  • Striinger


    My bad on this one. I started recording it on my Galaxy S4, and Dedith started recording (but stopped when he saw me). I ‘recorded’ the full 60 minutes….then my phone froze and it was all gone…unless someone can figure out where large video files are cached.

    I was bummed out. 🙁

    I’m glad someone at least got the audio.

    Note for future: 60 minute continuous HD recording on the GS4…not recommended.


    • Feldon


      Aw man that’s the suck. 🙁

      Kander told me it was a really good panel. At least we got audio.


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