EverQuest II, EverQuest Next Teams Looking for Coders!

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From Nandy “Zoltaroth” Szots on the EQ2 Forums:

Hey guys! Good news! We are going to be hiring more programmers for EQII. We have already made a hire from the community and having people that are passionate about our game working on it is good for everyone!

Below you will find links to the job posting on SOE’s webpage. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Even if you have not programmed C++ in some time but have a programming background and are passionate about EQII you should apply!

Also please include a cover letter that clearly states that you play this game and a little bit about your play style.

Here are the links for the EQII positions:

Client/Graphics Programmer:

Senior Generalist Engineer:

Generalist Engineer:

Alas, I didn’t see any positions for a Scripter/Toolmaker/User Interface Consultant who knows just enough PHP to be dangerous.

The EverQuest Next positions, as well as positions in Platform (probably the most well-suited for my skillset) can be found on SOE’s Job Board.

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Comments (5)

  • Dedith


    Too bad they’re all in San Diego..


  • Kwill


    Not only are they in San Diego, SOE is strict about office face time, I believe. At least they used to be, not too much working off site in the past.


  • Dethdlr


    Hey, I’ve got a shirt like that.


  • Kruzzen


    SOE also seems to release people on a cycle, so it would be a great job till it launches, and then poof, no more job.


  • Feldon


    SOE also seems to release people on a cycle, so it would be a great job till it launches, and then poof, no more job.

    That may be the dumbest chit I’ve read in the comments on EQ2Wire in a long time, and you’ve got competition.

    This is not Electronic Arts. Most people coding at SOE have been there 5-10 years. EverQuest II has gained developers over the years, not lost them. And as needed, devs do get moved around. For example, Rothgar moved to head up EQNext. Josh “Autenil” K. hopped over to Clone Wars Adventure to help launch it. Now he’s chipping in on EQNext. Zoltaroth who is current lead dev of EQ2 has been with the company for 7 years. Two of the other devs on EQ2 have been there 8 and 12 years respectively.

    If you have no idea what you’re talking about, feel free to ask for someone to clarify for you. It’s one thing to bitch endlessly. It’s another to make up your own facts which are easily disproven by Linkedin searches or, you know, just looking at the game credits.


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