Raid Lockout Timer Solution on Thursday?

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From Akil “Lyndro” Hooper on the EQ2 Forums:

I have an update! The actual fix is going to be riskier than we expected, and we want to take more time to make sure nothing explodes, so we’re going to roll back the zones to the way they were until we can get the fix to live. We are aiming to have the zones back the way they were on Thursday.

Since I know it’ll be the next question, the fix is going to function outwardly the same way things do right now. There are going to be a couple extra edge cases where you may get conflicting 30 minute lockout timers if you reset your old instances after the raid you want to join starts up their new instance. To combat those, we’ll also be adding the ability to reset the 30 minute timers, as long as you haven’t been locked to the zone (Which means it isn’t a 30 minute timer anymore anyway).

Until the fix is in please don’t exploit… Actually, even after the fix is in please don’t exploit.


and from Kander:

So we probably should have explained this better. It was a quick band-aid to stop a major exploit.

This is a temporary fix, that is giving code the time to fix it correctly. We will have this changed as soon as possible, as soon as we can get it tested properly.

Shouldn’t be too long.

Thanks for being patient and understanding.

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Comments (6)

  • Avianna


    Now this is the way it should be. the dev coming on saying we have this exploit here it is this is how you can abuse it please don’t do it we are aware of it and working on a fix but in the mean time don’t take advantage of this exploit. and trusting the players to be responsible not to abuse it. my 2c is well done, very well done.

    With that said I think that anyone who does exploit this after such a kind gesture should have all their toons (whether logged in or not)locked in stockades in the cities for the duration of their ban (which should be huge if not permanent)so that the player can log on but not able to do anything other than sit in the stockade while other players can walk up and “grab a stack of tomatoes” (similar to how the snowball works except target must be stockaded) and launch tomatoes at the exploiting *%&@&*#!!!!


  • Lempo of Everfrost



    The whole lot of them.


  • Daalilama

    | basically they thought they could skip town for vegas and no one would be bitching too much until they were gone…so what do they do…roll back in essence like the community said since their fix didnt do **** for the exploit


  • Daalilama


    P.S. 2 more of my posts from forum threads were removed lulz…I guess I dont toe the soe party line much anymore shucks.


  • Madcat


    I like well the dont exploit part, i dont like exploit like most people, but when in 12 years your not listened when you petition some, sometime you end using some of them thinking they are not so exploit since they dont care enough to fix them. It’s great to see a true exploit 😛

    At last for now we dont have any reset problem. I havnt found the exploit part of this time… it’s more this zone will expire in 0 second bug and kicking everyone or just me from the zone preventing me from enter. It’s nice when you pay someone for zone in for a quest… It’s great if we r ride of this bug.

    Why not lowered the time to one day instead of 2day20h, all group zone timer got lowered a lot. So Raiding guild/alliance could play like they want without having to save instance for run it 2 times… And/or only apply the 2day 20h lock if the last boss is killed (a full success)?


  • Landiin


    Yea it sucked last nite to be stuck with a 2d20h lockout because I camped out in the zone after raids the last time we was there. >.<


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